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Submission + - Valve reduces noise on Steam Greenlight service while raising money for charity (

trunicated writes: Since it's launch last week, Steam Greenlight has been plagued by submissions ranging from games people don't own the rights to, such as Modern Warfare 3; to straight up jokes, like the amazingly well conceived "Tits". Valve has taken a step towards rectifying that today by requiring all new submissions be accompanied by a $100 bill. Valve, not wanting to profit from games at stages of development that are appropriate for Greenlight, are donating the proceeds from the $100 transaction to Child's Play. A win/win for all involved.

Comment Re:Are you serious? (Score 3, Insightful) 357

Day 1 DLC is generally worked on in the months between going gold and certification. Would it be better for them to add an arbitrary delay so that the DLC, which is completed in time for day 1, is instead delivered on day 30 or 60? Granted, this is generally the reason with Console games, but then again most day 1 DLC is for consoles (and their PC versions).

Comment Is this actually due to more indecents of autism? (Score 5, Interesting) 398

Or are we changing how we mesure it? How we define "autism"? Maybe it's because autism is more acceptable, and doesn't require someone to be locked in a basement until a group of 1980s teens decide that they need to find a treasure in order to save their housing development.

All kidding aside, I'd be interested to know how much the autism scale has changed over the years. I realize that highly functioning people with autism still count as having autism, but was that always the case?

Comment It's never been about network performance (Score 2) 138

If it had been, people would have noticed significant slowdown. I'm afraid that people confuse "spotty service in dense areas" and "too much bandwidth being used". They don't realize that in a lot of cases, they wouldn't be able to use their phone to talk when they're running into data problems. AT&T has been capitalizing on this, and making quite the pretty penny.

I don't know why anyone wouldn't expect this out of them. It's basically free money, and it panders to an uneducated user base through letting them think that they'll save money, and that they'll still be able to blame others when there's a problem.

Comment I just... (Score 5, Insightful) 332

There's just so much wrong with this... it's amazing...

  • They're locking users out of game they have paid for
  • They're unable to move a set of servers without preventing downtime for customer facing attributes
  • They're completely oblivious to the reasons why these are bad things

It just leaves me completely flabbergasted. I can't imagine this entire process coming to this point without someone, somewhere in the decision process saying "Who gives a shit what they think? Just do whatever's cheapest right now"


Submission + - Megaupload shut down, founders charged with piracy (

trunicated writes: Just a day after Megaupload blacked out their site alongside other heavyweights of the internet in protest of PIPA and SOPA, it seems as though the removal has been made more permanent. While details are light at the moment, the website is currently unresponsive, and there are reports of charges on the federal level related to piracy. It seems as though the very laws that Megaupload was protesting weren't needed to shut them down.

Comment Congresspeople doing favors for donors (Score 5, Insightful) 237

Color me shocked.

This will never change until lobbying and donations on a corporate scale are either severely limited or outright made illegal and enforced with harsh punishment. However, since it would be Congress that would need to change those laws, it's never going to happen.

Who watches the watchers, fox guard the henhouse, etc.


Submission + - Google Takes Own Medicine (

trunicated writes: Google has taken the steps to lower Chrome's search rating after news broke showing that paid blogs for Chrome were popping up. These blogs and links to Chrome's website up it's search rank for various terms, and thus improve the position of the link in search results. A Third party marketing firm-- which Google was using to set up video and other media ads-- stated that Google had not authorized the use of paid blogs, and that the mistake reseted solely with the firm.

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