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Submission + - John Podesta's Email Hacked by Phishing

PvtVoid writes: CBS is reporting that John Podesta's email hack was accomplished by a phishing attack pretending to be an email from Google. The Clinton campaign help desk confirmed the fake email as a genuine email from Google:

“This is a legitimate email,” Charles Delevan at the HFA help desk wrote to Podesta’s chief of staff, Sara Latham. “John needs to change his password immediately, and ensure that two-factor authentication is turned on his account.”

Submission + - Family sues Amazon after counterfeit hoverboard catches fire, destroys home (usatoday.com)

tripleevenfall writes: A Nashville family whose $1 million home was destroyed earlier this year in a fire caused by a hoverboard toy is suing Amazon saying the retail giant knowingly sold a dangerous product.

The lawsuit says the seller of the hoverboard listed online, "W-Deals," is a sham organization that is registered to an apartment in New York City that has not responded to requests from lawyers in the case. It alleges the family was sold a counterfeit product from China instead of a brand with a Samsung lithium ion battery they believed they were buying from Amazon.

Comment Re:Saw this coming years ago. (Score 2) 202

It's not only the possibility of profit. Before any undertaking a business also has to account for the risk of the endeavor as a whole, and if it's worth allocating the capital on that project versus any other project they could be working on.

A lot of people think if they stand to make $1 on a $1 zillion project they should do it, but the real world doesn't work that way.

Comment Re:Apple is the Trump Towers of computing. (Score 1) 230

I think most consumers do feel Apple has the best quality, or at least quality equal to any competitors in design and quality. (neckbeards may not, but the 99% do)

The phone market is going where the PC market did. The smartphone market is mature. The tech has exceeded for the moment our ability and the networks' ability to utilize it.

There are few reasons to upgrade your phone year to year, as there once were.

(One wonders if the thinner/lighter trend and the trend of putting slick curved edges on these dainty phones isn't intended to create more replacement buyers...)

(along with the "you can't replace your battery so you have to buy a new phone when the battery life deteriorates" trend)

In any case, compelling new features are few and far between. I used to replace every 2 years or so consistently, but I don't see any reason to replace mine soon as long as the battery holds up.


Samsung is Hoping To Rekindle Note Brand Name Next Year (techcrunch.com) 85

Samsung is stepping up its brand damage limitation efforts in the wake of the flaming battery disaster of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone by offering owners of the recalled device in South Korea the ability to upgrade to a Galaxy S8 or Note 8 device next year if they trade in their Note 7 for a Galaxy S7 now. TechCrunch adds:The offer implies Samsung is not in fact intending to retire the Note brand name for good, despite it now being associated with smoldering batteries and exploding smartphones. A cause for the battery overheating problem, which affected some replacement Note 7 devices as well as a number of original devices, has yet to be conclusively identified by the company. Users in its home country who opt for the upgrade program will only need to pay half the price of a Galaxy S7 in order to exchange to an S8 or Note 8 next year -- so they're being offered next year's flagship Samsung phablet at around half price. The company is presumably hoping brand loyalty to the Note can begin at home, although it's possible it might extent the offer to other markets.

Comment Re: Why even have elections? (Score 5, Insightful) 430

I am voting third party, even though I have always voted Republican in the presidential election.

I wish people would revolt. Everyone likes to pretend that we wouldn't vote for the worst person in the world just because they bear our favored party's lablel. Well, this time around both sides get to prove it. To prove that honest government is more important than my desire for my side to dominate.

If not now, when?

Comment Re: Why even have elections? (Score 5, Insightful) 430

I don't think even the lowliest serf is ignorant anymore that every media outlet and talking head is campaigning for Hillary.

I wonder, though, if this won't backfire. People don't like being lied to, deceived, having information kept from them, or being talked down to like the media is doing. The average voter might lean right or left, but they want the process to be fair, and the media to be fair, and for the ballots to fall where they may.

This growing perception that the media will never relay the truth about Hillary or honestly investigate her scandals, that all the corporate interests (including Google and Facebook now) are manipulating public opinion for her - people aren't going to like this nonsense. I wonder if it won't cost her more votes than it nets her.

Comment Re:Take my money, please! (Score 1) 21

I'm not sure there are 3 people like that.

I for one welcome our personal information cataloging, you-are-the-product, electronic payment processing overlords. I'd like to remind them that as an unremarkable Slashdot poster, I could be helpful in astroturfing others into toiling in their transaction fee caves!

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 580

Why isn't there a similar push to get men into kindergarten education or nursing?

Men in nursing has been increasing for a while, although the figures are still pretty small. The return on educational investment can't be matched in any other field that I'm aware of, and it also allows flexible scheduling, generous benefits, etc.

It's an attractive job. When you have an attractive job, you don't need to do anything to stimulate interest in it. The market will take care of it.

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