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Comment Re:They do charge for the modem... (Score 1) 65

While I was stuck with Comcast for a few years, I decided to buy my own modem and avoid their rental fee, which I think was $6 a month.

It was a great plan until they changed which docsis standard they were using and my modem was rendered useless, and along with it any savings I might have realized over the next few years.

Comment Re:Gimme Wireless charging as well (Score 5, Insightful) 217

Yes, while having a headphone jack, home button, and a charging port are all convenient - you can use any headphones in the world. the headphones don't run out of batteries, you don't need to carry a dongle around, the home button gives you a tactile button to wake the phone or check the screen or determine orientation when you can't look at it, and the charging port allows much faster charging than wireless - who wants everything to work as well as it could?

Yes, we should eliminate all those things which are working great, so there are no ports, because... reasons

Comment Re:So what? (Score 3, Insightful) 273

I am no fan of Facebook and their communist leanings, but do people really think it's Zuckerberg sitting at his desk clicking a "nix" button on these things? It's some hipster making 15 bucks an hour reading through a word document that tells them how and what to do.

Comment Re:DRM ahoy :( (Score 1) 551

The new iPhone having a 12 MP camera is a significant upgrade over the prior 8 MP camera.

An entry level DSLR cameras would likely be a 12MP camera. Of course, they come up to 24 MP (last time I checked them, and perhaps beyond), but 12MP is realistically more than anyone needs unless you plan to make very large prints.

DSLR is not "meaningless marketing", as someone above has said. Apple is saying the resolution is similar to what is offered by DSLR cameras, which is true for what today is an entry level DSLR camera.

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