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Comment Re:Same with most electronics (Score 4, Informative) 190

There's a huge problem on Amazon - most listings for Apple chargers, headphones, etc claim to be genuine and very few of them actually are. Amazon doesn't seem to be doing anything to police it.

There's a wonderful solution though - buy the AmazonBasics version. You get something that you know works and it's a lot cheaper to boot.

(Funny how that all works out...)

Comment Re:pixel (Score 1) 212

My question was primarily this - what are the 70% of Note users who are not switching to the iPhone 7 doing? People buy a Note because they want a phablet. They aren't going to downgrade to a smaller phone, most likely.

I know it will be pooh-poohed on Slashdot, but losing 30% of the users of your flagship product is NOT trivial.

Comment Re:pixel (Score 1) 212

That goes without saying. Anyone who really understood how the market would behave wouldn't be blabbing about it for free on the internet. Instead they'd be keeping their mouth shut and buying and selling stocks and getting progressively more wealthy.

I don't think it's much of a secret that when there are two main competitors in a market and one of them has a spectacular fail, the competition will primarily gain from it.

Comment Re:And people will still spend money there... (Score 1, Insightful) 50

The people who work for them are at-will employees and can leave anytime they like. Temp workers are probably grateful for the extra holiday hours as well, or I'm guessing they'd not be accepting temp work.

I stand ready to defect to a more altruistic company as soon as someone builds a better moustrap.

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