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Comment Re:DUH! (Score 3) 67

If there isn't a free streaming option, most people will either (a) Pay, (b) wait for Netflix or whatever, (c) make appointment to watch live or use DVR, or (d) decide they don't want to pay and don't watch. Probably in that order. Very few average people will know how to pirate or make an effort to do so.

It's hard to see how a meager amount of revenue from streaming advertising could ever make up for the loss of people who choose options A, B, or C. Therefore, not having a streaming option makes the most sense.

You could use it for promotional purposes, like only having select episodes online, but they still have to get paid.

Comment Re:Wait until they find out (Score 1) 113

I don't see this as a big deal... the rate PC sales are declining has slowed a bit, although it's still steadily declining. There are always going to be some places where you can't get around having a box, where it's more convenient to have one, or where it's cheaper to have one.

I think when mobile matures to the point of being fully functional as a PC replacement you'll see the bottom of the PC market fall out all at once.

As soon as we aren't deciding between a box or a virtual PC to run that LCD, but the LCD runs itself through an app and doesn't need to be wired to anything but power, then the PC will go the way of the dodo. We're not quite there yet for enterprise.

Comment Re: Fake News? (Score 1, Insightful) 624

The problem with this article is that Snopes itself has a pretty strong left-wing bias. They might be useful in debunking urban legends, but it's not a useful outlet for fact checking anything that politics may enter into.

All these fact checking websites have biases, but people for some reason do not believe they do.

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