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Comment Re:OpenSimulator (Score 1) 237

It supports everything sl supports and more you just have to add them from third parties if its not there by default. Its sorta like you have to do with content management systems. there are add ons that people in the community make. and did i mention its all free. Another thing to consider is how many 3d apps are multi user and can be shared in a geographically dispersed way? There is a reason several major collages and universities use this tech right now to do what the OP was looking for.

XBox (Games)

Early Kinect Games Kill Buyers' Access To Xbox Live 111

Stoobalou writes "Microsoft's Kinect motion controller isn't due to ship until November 4th, but one retailer has jumped the gun, leaving a number of gamers with a bit of a quandary. The un-named distributor has sent what Microsoft describes as 'a very small number' of Kinect systems to lucky buyers who might not consider themselves quite so lucky if they try to use the device and its bundled games. Installing the games will require a firmware upgrade, which is nothing out of the ordinary, but in this case the upgrade hasn't yet been released. Attempting to install the non-existent update seems to fool the console into thinking you are trying to play a pirated game and locks the user out of Microsoft's Xbox Live on-line service."

Submission + - Dell debuts Ubuntu Moblin Remix on Mini 10 (

dcherryholmes writes: "Today Dell made available The Ubuntu Moblin Remix on the Dell Mini 10. The release of the Ubuntu Moblin Remix is good news for those of us who liked the speed and UI of Moblin, but found the size of the repos and, perhaps, the rpm package management to be less desirable."

Submission + - Shuttleworth: Don't Give Up the Linux Desktop and (

darthcamaro writes: "No surprise but Ubuntu's Mark Shuttleworth has come out swinging in favor of the Linux desktop. Speaking at Linuxcon yesterday he detailed the things that he thinks Linux requires in order to win the desktop wars. Those include: co-ordinated software releases, better quality and design,some user experience testing and oh yeah, a dose of 'shut the f*uck up' too.During his keynote, he extended an invitation to any open source application to submit their software for testing by user-experience experts. The sessions would be recorded for posterity, and the developer would not be able to interact with the user.

"If the developer is in the room, they have to say nothing. It's the shut the f--- up protocol," Shuttleworth said. "You sit and watch someone struggle with the software that you've so lovingly produced."


Submission + - Did Cooking Make Us Human? ( 1

SpaceGhost writes: "Anthropologist Richard Wrangham, author of "Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human" suggests that the discovery of cooked food led to evolutionary changes resulting in a smaller and different digestive system based on a higher quality diet, mainly relying on cooked meat. In an interview on NPR's Science Friday (text and audio) Professor Wrangham explores concepts such as the digestive costs of food, the benefits (or lack thereof) of raw diets, and a distinct preference in Great Apes for cooked food over raw."

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