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Comment Talk about distracted driving (Score 1) 35

Over the past few days I have been in three situations where I was a passenger in a moving vehicle, sometimes a fast moving vehicle, only for the driver to pull out their phone and start playing. Talk about scary, I would rather be in a car with a drunk driver. So phones have these handy little things called accelerometers. Should not one of the first thoughts have been "how can we prevent people from playing while driving?" I call that wreckless.

Ask them to please show some decency and stop playing while I am a passenger? Nope. "I'm just fine driving like this." -- as they start to drift off the road -- plus they gotta level up or whatever. I'm left with making a list of who not to get into a moving vehicle with if they are driving and hoping this whole things blows over.

Comment Re:Score: +99 Leeeeeeeenux! (Score 1) 88

You assume we all want a full DE. You can find me in Open Box or awesome running a few terminal emulator sessions, and whatever ever else. Let's talk shells, terminal emulators and everything under the hood.

DISCLAIMER 1: The way I prefer to operate a computer is my preference. I do not possess any malice or arrogance against those who prefer other things but in this case I am standing up for myself.

DISCLAIMER 2: I do sometimes like to run Bungie with Tint2, it stays out of the way.

Comment Awesome and so... (Score 1) 179

Slackware was the first distro I ever installed. Back in 1996 I managed to install it on a 486 DX 50. I had no clue what I was getting into and when I was finally able to startx, I ended up in TWM. I was like "huh?" I temporarily ditched Slackware and pursued other distros while immersing myself in research and learning. After flirtations with Turbo Linux and SUSE (YAST really got my attention), I had learned a lot and went back to Slackware. It was my go to distro for a very long time. On the one hand, I still call it my favorite distro. On the other hand, I haven't seriously used it in a very long time after it became cumbersome relative to all the newcomers that followed. Perhaps I will give this a spin.

As far as SystemD goes, I don't care one way or another. With SystemD (I know I will get down modded for this, but I'm still not posting AC) I can use every last utility I have ever used to scour init, and I don't mind parallel initialization. In fact I think it's pretty cool. So whatever. But yeah, Slackware is awesome.

Comment Going to let this one simmer (Score 0) 99

The person who reported this story is a known AMD shill. Don't get me wrong, I am actually a big AMD fan and am excited about their upcoming new CPU architecture, but this should be taken with a grain of salt. Let the real reviews come in. Maybe the card really will be this great, but I am not going to consider one based on this biased review.

Comment One issue (Score 1) 296

Okay so let's say that overall this concept makes sense. What are you to do if you have several people, who just happen to have different brains, all needing to process different parts at different speeds? You could argue that it's all good if your watching alone, but that could then become maddening when watching TV with other people, who may only be able to watch at normal speed anyway.

Comment Their biggest failure with Android. (Score 3, Insightful) 92

As a Classic owner, I don't get BlackBerry releasing the Priv without a keyboard that has the distinct BB textured keyboard and the all mighty tool belt. Granted, for the toolbelt they would need to bring more BB10 features over to Android then just the hub (which is cool). These things should have their top driving motivations. If you are going make it or break it, you don't make a device that is the same old same old, slap a substandard keyboard on, and then try to sell it for way too fucking much. They had the chance to build an innovative phone based with a launcher taking heavily from BB10 without totally ignoring the Google Now launcher interface. It could have been awesome.

People who see me with a Classic ask why I don't just get Priv or any other Android phone. They just don't get my kind of nerd. I have no allegiance to the BlackBerry brand past BB10. It's one of the greatest operating systems\interface I have ever had the pleasure of using.

I get that their **dying, but I will use my Classic until it is no longer supported.

**Still buying their cheap ass stock just in case : )

Comment Awfully strong wording, and another comment (Score 1) 95

"Solarin is pioneering new, uncompromising privacy measures to provide customers with greater confidence and the reassurance necessary to handle business-critical information."

Selling a secure phone (whatever that even means) but with such weeping, drooling, confident marketing speak... Well, they are just begging to be a target. This is assuming they have written their own super-duper security software version 1.0. Either this is total bullshit or they will end up with egg on their via courtesy of their hubris. Hell, if I can bypass the lock screen on an encrypted BlackBerry...

Second comment

A fool and his money are soon parted.

Comment I used to be into Macs (Score 3, Interesting) 209

Ten or so years ago I could not have imagined that someday I would not be a Mac user. OS X was part of my holy trinity of favorite operating systems. Linux had long since established it's mainstay, while FreeBSD was and is just plain fantastic as a server os.

People argue that Apple's whole lineup was and continues to grow stale. This is true, but I personally have no allegiance to brands that put out an OS, I have allegiance to the operating systems. As the first few years of my fling with Apple OS, X seemed to be getting better and better. Minor UI tweaks, smaller and smaller OS. I'm going to get to into because I'm not here to give a review but there was a point for me personally where I felt they just kinda fucked up the whole gui. I was out.

I am very particular of operating systems. I recently got a BlackBerry Classic (and yes I get maid fun of ) Everyone has asked why I didn't get the Priv. Then they are confused since I "Like BlackBerry" yet tell them if I was going to get an Android it would be a Samsung. I try to explain how it all about the os and what that means, but I only receive blank stares.

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