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Comment Re:Why does anyone update? (Score 1) 111

NOT (quite) CORRECT. You can defer updates in the PRO version. Settings-->Update & Security-->Windows Update--> Advanced options-->Defer Upgrades

Thank you.

Why they don't offer Defer Upgrades in the Home version is... I don't know. Cockiness. Force features on the Home-version Plebes.

This is the sort of reason I replicate my work across three operating systems as best as is possible. This means I stick as close to possible as using Open Source even where the OS is not.

Comment Re:Why does anyone update? (Score 2) 111

I saw all the "You don't have a choice with Win 10!". I have the option "Update and Restart". I guess because I dropped a couple extra $$ on pro? It's not exactly freedom but comparatively speaking. Anyway, if you want to jump through the computer nerd hoops it is possible to deactivate Windows 10 while keeping it functional (unless you really need to change your wallpaper) sit things out then reactivate and update.

A bit offtopic: yes that show is tragically exploitative.

Comment I've done similar (Score 3, Insightful) 165

A few months ago I powered down my phone. I don't know what spurred me but I left it off for a week (vacation). At first being disconnected was painful. After the first couple of days I felt liberated and did not want to turn it back at the point when I felt I had no choice. I still had email, but the people I know are more modern in the sense they don't really use it socially and never have such that there is a disconnect for them. For me this made personal contact less intrusive and less invasive. People suddenly no longer felt the need to text me every little errant thought and selfies of them not looking at where they are going.

It was nice.

Comment Re:Here in KC (Score 0) 99

I am going to reply to myself one time and one time only. Under one ID or another I have been on here since day one. I remember when this sprouted from Malda's Chips and Dips. Why under one ID or another? Because of the bullshit majority that I see responding to this. Fuck you and fuck you. I had a three digit ID? Why not still? Because fuck you and fuck you. I remember when Rusty had the right idea. Too bad that went the way it did... Otherwise I might be having this conversation with at least half-way intellectual people who understand grand-scope notions of government and authority. And I support Johnson! Fuck you and fuck you all the way up to 964164. And fuck you for modding this instead of saying something smart or smart ass!

Comment Here in KC (Score 0) 99

I have found this system useful. Although it is painful to hear that emergency signal go off minutes before the sirens go off, it may yet save my life. Also, I can attest that it has returned at least a couple small kids to their rightful guardian over the years. One of these was not a relative but an outright pedophile. To the detractors who say, "But it cannot be disabled!"... I cite my second experience over the first of my own life and say so fucking what? Are you going to complain about the TV you no longer watch and the radio you no longer listen to? Fuck off and I hope you never have kids in a situation that makes you oh so personally give a shit. Now find some flawed grammar and call it out.

Submission + - [IMPORTANT] Introducing G Suite, formerly Google Apps

wjcofkc writes: I just received the following email from Google. When I saw the title, my first thought was that there was malware lying at the end, further inspection proved it to be real. Is the the dumbest name change in the history of name changes? Google of all companies does not have to try so hard.

Hello Google Apps Customer,

We created Google Apps to help people everywhere work and innovate together, so that your organization can move faster and achieve more. Today, we're introducing a new name that better reflects this mission: G Suite. Over the coming weeks, you'll see our new name and logo appear in familiar places, including the Admin console, Help Center, and on your invoice. G Suite is still the same all-in-one solution that you use every day, with the same powerful tools—Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Calendar. Thanks for being part of the journey that led us to G Suite. We're always improving our technology so it learns and grows with your team.

Visit our official blog post to learn more.

Comment Remember AOL? You just had to to say it. (Score 1) 42

Never heard of this. Although I do remember AOL from back in the days when it was exclusively a walled garden, and almost everyone subscribed to one or more of a variety of walled gardens. CompuServe, *Prodigy, etc... I was late in the game when it came to the likes of enjoying Archie, Veronica, WAIS, and so on... I remember waiting for the upcoming, world conquering Xanadu that was going to knock the block of this web thing.

*I remember having fondness for Prodigy in all of it's 320x240 glory over anything else. Unless you wanted to cyber. That was AOL and I can't believe I just said that.

Comment I'm actually about to buy a feature\flip phone (Score 4, Interesting) 57

I am business customer with T-Mobile. Like most carriers they no longer advertise feature\flip phones on their website, but they still have them. Beginning soon and through Easter or so, I will be needing a single phone for CS calls. I need voice and voice only and only for a few hours a day. Sure, I could resurrect a no longer used smartphone or BlackBerry, but why pay for a full plan when I need just a few hours of voice a day? This type of phone is just what I need and the dirt cheap plan is just what I need.

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