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Comment The biggest unknown to date? (Score 2) 61

So the goals of the technology have been outlined. However, I don't think the totality of how this will be used can be guessed at outside of a flying leap. I suspect the outcome will be stranger than it's stated goals. Here is my flying leap, brains for hire:

Imagine shifts running around the clock where all you do is come in and be rendered unconscious so your brain can be linked with thousands of others to perform massive computational tasks. After being revived you go about your business until your next shift.

Philosophical problem: Can you be sure you ever actually woke up, or are you still sitting there in a dream that your are awake while your brain is still crunching numbers?

Comment I see it everyday... (Score 2) 343

Everyday during rush hour traffic, I see many vehicles over the course of the trip gently swerving out of their lane only to suddenly jerk back over and over again. When I see that - sometimes dodge that - and other indications that someone is on their phone while driving, I inevitably catch the act out of the corner of my eye. Just a couple weeks ago several people were killed when an SUV came barreling past a red light and into and intersection. This was just up the street for me. The cause? Talking on the phone while driving. I could have easily been the victim there.

There is no excuse for willingly driving distracted. Although, at one time I was in that crowd. Fortunately I saw enough consequences of this dumbfuckery to wise up. I don't even use hands free calling anymore. And if after programming my GPS then my GPS goes nuts and tries to steer me into infinite u-turns? I either ignore it and try to find the destination on my own, or I find a safe place to pull over and reset it.

Comment Re:AMD? (Score 3, Insightful) 72

The very first sentence in the article talks about AMD Ryzen taking advantage of DDR4 on the AM4 chipset platform. The only reference to the i5 is a statement that an i5 platform was used to overclock the memory to 4500Mhz. At the end of the article the question is posed as to how much this type of kit will cost while also referring again the 4500Mhz overlocking.

So it's basically awkwardly written article with a summary that is trying its best.

I just wonder why they used an i5 setup for the overclocking and not an i7 (or Ryzen). I suppose there must be some super special i5 only motherboard out there that makes it possible? This should have be explained in the article.

Comment Resume material (Score 2) 257

I am debating as to whether or not this would look good on a resume, namely cyber crime\penetration testing type stuff. I would at least find it intriguing. Some of the crimes they committed indicate they were expecting to be released at least in the next few years. I suppose that will no longer be the case.

Comment And then there is Logo (Score 1) 300

I worked for a software company who's flagship application, which was medical related, was written entirely in Logo. Apparently, early on someone slapped together some prototyping to show management. Management being management proceeded to dictate that the entire application actually be written in Logo. I could not believe it, yet there it was.

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