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Comment Perhaps it's time to give it a spin (Score 1) 45

Over two and half decades I have used every *nix out there, both open and commercial. That is except for NetBSD. Perhaps it's time I give it a couple months attention. I have not had a serious nerd fix in awhile. Maybe I will find a good reason to put it to persistent use. Any NetBSD users out there that want to give me a heads up on the low down, I would be much obliged. If any such people wonder what I might use it for, consider anything and everything. I'm universal like that.

Comment I've still got a Priv (Score 2) 92

I am still rocking the Priv and love it for the slide out keyboard. The phone still manages to be thin with great battery life. The two things I do not like about it are that the keyboard does not have the raised bumps, nor does it have the tool belt which I insist they could have integrated, albeit in a miniature fashion.

The KeyOne interests me greatly, but again no tool belt. I realize the tool belt makes most sense with a BB10 phone, but they should be able to put some software together to give it meaningful and similar functionality. The absolute deal breaker for me on that phone is the fixed keyboard which means VR is out of the question. We will see how the other phones look. The bottom line is that if you are looking for a BB phone with a keyboard, the tool belt is an essential component. Otherwise it's just not the same. A pity this was not understood.

Comment Re:Emails (Score 1) 895

Yes, I also remember almost every comment critical of Trump, including mine, being systematically modded into oblivion. It did not matter that many added to the conversation in a level-headed way. It was the first time I ever found myself surprised by the readership here, and that says a lot. Perhaps I will see you in the land of trolls over this even now.

Comment Porteus Linux (Score 1) 145

I am a long time Slackware lover. I first installed it in 1994 on a 486 DX50, had no real idea what Linux was yet and after finally getting X to startx, TWM loaded and I gave a up for a couple months. Anyway, if you are a Slackware fan, give Porteus a try. It's a lightweight Slack derivate meant for portability via USB stick buts it's easy to lay down on an SSD. It works really well.

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