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Comment Re:Big news (Score 1) 214

Just because you think some tax is "extortionistic" doesn't mean it is, and if you don't like the taxes you pay, then convince enough of your fellow citizens to elect a different government.


But quit pretending that your personal objections are universal or that you have some special right not taxes beyond your fellow citizens. It's "no taxation without representation", not simply "no taxation".

I'm going to keep telling people that it's wrong to want to spend money on yourself that other people earned. Thanks for the advice though.

Comment Re:Big news (Score 1) 214

Free people voluntarily choose to establish a government because it serves their interests. They want a street, or a fire department or a police force, but it actually makes the most sense to pool resources and create these things in common rather than for individuals or small groups to try to go it alone. So governments that are voluntarily established by free people actually serve those people.

The governments we have now serve special interests. Infrastructure projects aren't chosen based on the maximum public good for the minimum cost. Propose an infrastructure project that serves the people paying for it and is constructed to minimize costs rather than to pay off contractors and union workers and I'll support it. But that's illegal in the US when the Feds provide any of the money.

Civilization wouldn't exist ...

Stop stealing from people in the name of "civilization". We can have civilization without paying extra extortion money to special interests.

Comment Re:Big news (Score 3, Interesting) 214

Yes it is. You can make the case that it isn't (very) bad if it nets out positive for almost everyone. But you haven't made that case.

There's always a huge infrastucture wish list. Someone will always point to a supposed benefit for someone. All the projects seem great if you forget that you took the money from the people who earned it so you could spend it on yourself/your priorities.

Comment Re:Mainstream media DOES invent news (Score 1) 531

The "news" featured on that page:
- Speculation about something that might have happened.
- Opinion about something that could happen someday
- Innuendo about someone who might get appointed to a position someday
- Some people have opinions about something that happened
- Someone who might do something might have some trouble
- The thing that everyone is buzzing about is like something else from somewhere else
- Tides happen because of climate change

Finally, below that, a couple of actual factual stories.

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