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Comment Re:Num pads on laptops (Score 1) 115

I won't buy a laptop that doesn't have a numeric keypad.

Why should I (a) have to move my hand well away from the keyboard to type in long numbers (e.g. 8-digit bug numbers) and (b) cart around an extra peripheral that eats up a USB port for no good reason?

And did I mention that I'm left-handed?


Comment Re:Big and Ugly (Score 1) 115

Relevant questions in this situation are, "Will it handle my workload?", "How much does it cost?", "What kind of warranty does it come with?", and "Will it fit in my laptop bag?"

Do my employers pay me to make a fashion statement? No, they do not. So gives a rat's ass what it looks like?

Comment Re:Shade, eh? (Score 1) 115

I'd just like if web and app devs would not assume that everybody runs every program fullscreen and size *everything* according to the screen res instead of the program window's actual dimensions. C'mon, it's not like the browser and OS make this information difficult to obtain.

Yes, I'm looking at you, Slashdot. (Among many, many others.)

The Courts

Your Personal Facebook Live Videos Can Legally End Up on TV ( 138

Kitty Knowles, reporting for the Memo: Think you control what happens to your personal videos? Think again. One father who live-streamed his partner's labour on Facebook last May, has found out the hard way: he saw the birth of his son replayed on Good Morning America and numerous other media outlets. This week, he lost a high-profile court battle against the broadcasters. If you don't want this to happen to you, don't make the same mistakes. It's one thing wanting to share a life-changing moment with friends and family. But most would understand why Kali Kanongataa didn't want his child's birth aired for all to see. That hasn't however, stopped a US judge throwing out Kanongataa's copyright infringement case against the likes of the ABC, Yahoo, and Rodale, the company that publishes Women's Health. Apparently, the father-to-be realised his film was streaming publicly on social media about 30 minutes into recording, but decided to leave it that way. Media outlets broadcasting the clips have defended doing so on the terms of "fair use." Legally, "fair use" means that when pictures or videos are the focus of a major news story, selected footage can be used.Heads up, Facebook will soon release a video app for set-top boxes by Apple and Amazon to broadcast Live videos on the big screen.

Comment Re:What does this mean, exactly? (Score 1) 211

Who are you trying to kid? A lot of the extensions I liked *already* quit working ages ago. Likewise themes.

And the default UI has become progressively shittier over time, with fewer and fewer options remaining for making it sensible again. Nuking the status bar. Moving the tabs *above* the menu bar. And all the other senseless UXtard horseshit.

Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 353

Actually, the correct headline would be "Tech *Hype* is Bullshit".

And Stalin did in fact have nukes. The USSR tested its first A-bomb in 1949.

And your analysis of the Arab Spring as being nothing more than the child of social media is shallow at best. I'm not a huge fan of social media, either--but I don't go around looking for instances of $random_event to blame on it.

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