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Comment Re:Apple Tv is for suckers (Score 1) 107

Yeah, but that would mean having to run Android. Sorry, I've experienced the fragmented culture all you suckers love and I'll pass. I want to watch TV, not tinker with a unit like it was a pet project.

disclaimer: I'm not the OP.

No tinkering and an added bonus is that the Android device handles streaming off of network storage and handles more video formats than Apple TV.

Comment Re:Lay them all off! (Score 1) 224

why are you paying them?

Some hopefully would have been working on new models so not vital to production any time time in the next few months. Maintaining stuff - probably won't need those guys this week. With zero plans for the future it's amazing how many people seagull managers can do without so long as they are quick packing their bags to leave for the next gig before it's suddenly found that all the people who used to deal with various problems that crop up have been fired.

Sometimes it's not management's fault.

The problem in this case is that spinning drives are losing ground to flash and are a declining business. The "Performance drives" part of the drive market is already losing money for pretty much everyone leaving only the bulk storage part of the market still making money. I suspect that over the next while, we will see fewer updates on the performance drives while the drive makers concentrate on the larger/slower "NAS" drives until at some point, there aren't enough drives being sold to justify manufacturing them at all.

Meanwhile, the managers get to chose between firing some people now and delaying how long it takes before they need to close the business, or trying to keep everyone until they run out of money and have to fire everyone.

The stockholder's on the other hand, are idiots. No one in their right mind should be investing in spinning drives.

Comment Re:HOW OFTEN (Score 1) 331

I wish I lived in your world. I have watched products fail because people kept replacing the software foundation (language database). I've seen programmers change technologies on 2.0/3.0 releases. I've watched programmers run into trouble and then try replacing the language as the means of fixing the issue(it rarely works). Some programmers and their managers are addicted to shiny. At a previous employer one programmer went crying to my boss because I wouldn't let him replace perfectly working C with Erlang.

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