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Poll inspired by another users journal

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  • which means I see a lot of stuff I could have done without wasting the time to read (either some slashdotters never mature, or there's a new crop of 13 year olds added to the body of slashdot posters every year), but sometimes there's stuff I'm glad I didn't miss seeing.

    Speaking of age, I wonder how many former Slashdotters are now deceased.

    • -1 here too. I'm thinking of moving to 2, and also giving "Funny" a negative modifier. The SNR is too damn low.
  • [X] 0. Sometimes Anonymous cowards are insightful. And too often the funny comments are just not modded up. -1 is generally some really stupid stuff, though, and is never worth slogging through the copypasta or racist nonsense.

    • Once in a while, I'll take a look at the '-1' comments, but I almost always regret it.

      A '0' usually means an Anonymous Coward or a new account, with a comment no one noticed. A '-1' means someone actively voted a comment down. A comment that is genuinely controversial -- as in, they actually make a point that people will argue about -- usually attracts more upvotes than downvotes.

  • From Day One...

  • Usually I'm at 3 - it takes more than a 'me too!' mod or mere karma bonus to get my attention. But when I find myself with mod points (rather frequently this year and last), I browse at -1 and slog through dreck, looking for pearls to elevate. Once in a while I'll blast down a flamebait or astroturfer post. As soon as I'm done, I set my threshold back to 3, secure in the knowledge I have done my part to keep /. awesome.
  • I did a short jag, quite a few years back, playing around with it higher but I dropped it back down pretty quickly.

    I miss the troll that posted about eating muppets - that was genius. I'll need to dig that one up.

  • Since obviously my sensibilities are opposite of the Slashdot hive mind, usually the worthwhile stuff to me is modded low and the predictable drek high. I wish there was a setting that reversed the conditional, so that I could set the threshold at a midpoint value and filter everything above it instead of below it.

    "But BD, if you got that wish then, how would you avoid missing out on comments modded up for occasionally other reasons than seemingly just faithfully adhering to the groupthink?" Well, the same

  • It's the only way to fly. :-)

  • If there's only one or two stories I'm interested in, I'm at 0 or -1. If I want to catch up with a few days worth, I stick around 3-4. The Java based on the fly changes make it trivial to shift on the fly.

  • Subject says it all.
  • I get most /. thru the rss or twitter feed and if the headline is worth opening I will read the summary, maybe the article and sometimes the discussion.

    If I see something of interest then I will open that read all the way and either learn something or throw mod points at it if I have some.

    Even occasionally comment.

    Once upon a time I had time to read at -1. I don't have a reddit account because when it was newish i saw what an enormous time sink it could be. I think I chose /. over reddit because /. was cl

    • That's an excellent question. I didn't know, so I launched Arora, and it shows non-logged-in users see comments at +3, and can click to show comments at zero. Of course, since I use the old nested comments interface, looking at it brings up the "gee, why would anyone want to waste their time clicking so much instead of just quickly scanning the whole thing?"

      Setting both to -1 gives almost the same behaviour as the old D1 interface.

  • by Stargoat ( 658863 ) *

    I love the trolls on Slashdot. Without them, it removes a good deal of the vibrancy of the community. The Natalie Portman Grits, the GNAA, even the asinine conservatives.

This is clearly another case of too many mad scientists, and not enough hunchbacks.