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What I like about the new slashdot

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  • ... of the time when I was student and we invented (admittedly quite drunken)


    as a supplement of Wittgenstein's Tractatus.

    • slashdot is proof that proposition 7 is nonsense :-)

      and anyone who's ever read the original story about the million monkeys (one with a stuck key) knows that order can arise out of random "noise." In fact, our brains are constructed in such a way that (example) w wll recognze ideas evn whn the linguistic rep z corruptd.

      Or even when there IS no pattern.

      Was that, perchance, your 8?

      • by foobsr ( 693224 )
        Or even when there IS no pattern.

        That would be '8.' along the lines of sensory deprivation (though it is probably hard to assess that there is no pattern); interesting, though then we were also deep in the discussion about a definition of 'nonentity/nothingness' and this '8.' was one of the results along the way.

  • What I like about the new /.:

    It's pretty.

    What I dislike about it:

    * Too much whitespace
    * No more italics
    * The threshold slider is conveniently located at the top of the page rather than
    * Journal page layouts - see this page for example
    * Functionality is now unavailable or hidden
    * The site is completely unusable in MSIE (I just tried it in MSIE and it is completely broken - but then again, I would also argue this is a feature)

  • ... finally, an "upgrade" so hideous as to truly kill off the traffic to the site. Hardly any front page stories have pulled more than 100 comments since the new version roll-out. Journal submissions are down as well. Meanwhile half the front page is devoted to irrelevant facebook crap; I should see if there is a way to just ditch all the articles tagged 'facebook' since they aren't worth their own weight in rat shit anyways.

    I think this is Taco's last-ditch effort to sell the site to facebook itself.
    • It makes me feel better to believe that people might be leaving because the front page "stories" are almost all copy/paste binspam now with links to ad partners. Advertising is getting downright aggressive. I guess they figure if you block the popups, they'll just turn the article into a promotional fluff piece, or political/religious trolling with product placement.

      Now for something really important: Is there no longer a way to adjust the filtering on the firehose? I can't see all the submissions

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