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Comment Re:Lini batteries (Score 1) 71

Still need to work out a few problems with the Plutonium-Lithium battery I'm developing. Those pesky laws about who can buy the raw materials is making development difficult. And I suing Duncan-Heinz, that box of yellow cake I bought didn't have any fissile materials in it at all!

You must be from 1984.

Comment Re:No Gut no Glory (Score 1) 67

SpaceX isn't doing the rocket business the way other rocket builders do... SpaceX cut corners by not testing each and every component, accepting the risk of a failure rather than spending time and money on eliminating a one in a million possibility. This is something the older rocket builders do as a matter of course with the customer paying for it in the launch pricetag.

This becomes a problem as the number of components approaches a million.

Comment Re:Thank you LG! (Score 1) 376

Like they haven't thought of that.

It will come with instructions that point out that it will be crippled unless you can get it hooked up to the Internet.

For reference, see this:

Worse it will come with a lifetime cellular network connection and you cannot opt out, even by not connecting it to a router.

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