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Comment Abundant fuel, energy is not unlimited (Score 1) 333

There are about 10^15 tons of deturium in seawater, making each gallon of it as energetic as roughly 300 gallons of gasoline. Big questions are how efficient can we make this process, and at what price as well as if we can breed enough tritium from li6 from slow neutrons or 7 from fast ones if it's not a pure deturium reaction.

Comment Re: Soldering batteries (Score 1) 76

Newer iPhones don't have a soldered in battery, though removal and replacement does require working knowledge of how to work with small electronic parts. I've replaced the battery on 4,4s,5,5s, and 6 phones all from eBay for around $4-6 each no soldering. While the quality can vary it's actually not that hard, the hardest part is pulling the tabs to correctly remove it like a command strip for hanging objects. You may be thinking of the iPod touch devices, those do have soldered in batteries.
I'm not defending the practice of a no user serviceable battery, I personally think it's stupid and hope companies learn from the billion dollar Samsung fiasco.

Comment Re:Too much, too fast (Score 1) 273

3D Printing is hardware, not software, you can't just re-write and make it better for everyone instantly at virtually no cost. As soon as you produce a better piece of hardware you have to distribute it, make it sound good enough to people that bought your last hardware, make it sound better to those who haven't bought it yet.

Nonsense. I just download the newer schematics and hit the print button. In no time at all I've got the latest hardware model, cheap to free to make and distributed to everyone instantly for free. Thats how it's supposed to work right?

Comment Re:let's be honest here (Score 1) 150

The real "gateway" drug where I got high as fuck and started to be interested in other drugs was given to me by my mom when I was about 6. Got what felt like a 64 ounce cup of Coke (was probably 16) and proceeded to drink it all at once. If you have never had caffeine and weigh about 40 pounds I guarentee you will get quite high.

Comment Recount overturning decision completely a strawman (Score 1) 623

No one believes that the recount will overturn anything unlike bush gore which was so unbelievably close it was if the presidency in a country of 300 million was split evenly down to 500 votes.

I am a firm believer in full hand recounts done every election any time anyone will either pay for it or there is any question at all it may not be very nearly exactly correct. Getting sloppy with election counts when it is so unbelievably important to find any problems, even if they don't affect that outcome, is a disaster waiting to happen. Dosent matter who wins or by how much.

Even worse than fake news is the recent uptick on all sides of throwing dead cats on the table to get everyone talking about the stupid irrelevant dead animals instead of the actual policies, facts or important issues.

Submission + - Soil carbon poised to release a petagram of CO2 per degree temperature rise 3

burtosis writes: From a Yale led study published in nature, researchers believe vast amounts of CO2 unaccounted for in current models will be released into the atmosphere. Yale news reports:
For decades scientists have speculated that rising global temperatures might alter the ability of soils to store carbon, potentially releasing huge amounts of carbon into the atmosphere and triggering runaway climate change. Yet thousands of studies worldwide have produced mixed signals on whether this storage capacity will actually decrease — or even increase — as the planet warms.

Comment Re:Still not ready for cities (Score 2) 178

Since the self driving tech for trucks is at least an order of magnitude or two simpler for fair weather freeway driving than real city driving it's likely it will be implemented there first. You could probably cut the workforce in half or even more by employing drivers only at depots located next to freeways to ferry them the last mile or two within the city.

The government isn't going to let fully automated trucks run around with nobody to watch them any time soon, but they will slip these features into trucks to reduce driver fatigue. The driver is there to watch the truck, and the truck will also watch the driver and wake them up if they're passing out — but also not let them cream anyone. When the trucks can manage a good safety record with babysitters, then they'll be allowed to run around on their own.

You may be thinking too sanely. If the incoming administration is as hell bent on bottom lines and profit as any good CEO is this will be a reality in 4 years.

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