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Comment Article is not even correct (Score 1) 183

As far as do it yourself electric dragster type vehicles that have been called "street legal" there are motorcycles that can do the 1/4 mile in the 6 second range. Really you can make any impractical vehicle "street legal" at least in the US as the requirements are fairly minimal. Also a fast 1/4 mile time dosent mean it really is the fastest on the streets or even is a good single measure of a performance vehicle.

Comment Primitive today (Score 1) 33

Pneumatic actuators may be lighter in some respects but that's simply because they are missing the power source. Throw that in and all the tubing routing and it gets to be anything but skin tight or have far less bulk than other options.

However, for quite some years now, I've wondered about the future of such systems. A full powered armored suit would make anyone trained (or perhaps even not so well trained) quite formidable both in terms of work they can do but also damage. Will we have to deal with armored people on a day to day basis? Will these systems get a ban hammer thrown at them after the first few irresponsible people go amok? Interesting times ahead.

Comment Failed expectations and common sense (Score 1) 329

The main problem with autonomous systems in cars is the mistakes they do make are often blatently obvious to humans, even if overall they are much better at avoiding them in general. Take a look at Watson on jeopardy for example, it kicked ass until it messed up the context or some other aspect and gave an answer a typical 6 year old would realize was horribly wrong.

This will be a huge hurdle to overcome, if it can be at all, because no one will want to die in an obviously avoidable situation even if the autonomous system is much safer overall.

Comment Re:Hilarious (Score 1) 387

From our observation it APPEARS that our universe is flat. We could be completely wrong about that but it is what the evidence supports.

not many physicists believe the universe is perfectly flat, which is not possible to verify through experiment as you would need infinite precision. Several different measurements have put the flatness within 0.1% which leads to the conclusion that the observable universe is a tiny speck of the actual universe, the curvature is thought to have been stretched by inflation

I liken our understanding of physics to be a massive model where we don't exactly know what the whole entirety looks like, we don't really know what the pieces look like even when we find them and it isn't always obvious what pieces fit together properly and where they go in the complete model.

our data will never be proven wrong, only interpretation of the fringe cases. Newtonian physics is just as valid today as it was 250 years ago, relativity simplifies to Newtonian physics at everyday scales and speeds

Take for instances, special relativity, it has worked out experimentally but for all we know, it could be our instruments giving bad readings due to the differing amount of gravity/speed (you have to remember that with the right reference frame, we are moving at extremely high speeds due to the movement of our planet and solar system). We generally accept that the speed of light in a vacuum is the maximum speed limit according to the evidence that we have but we have yet to prove that you cannot go any faster (last I heard, the fastest we have made anything go is around 97% of the speed of light).

particle accelerators routinely accelerate particles to 99.9999% of light speed. light speed is just the speed any field changes can propagate through space, it is not limited to light and that is why it is a fundamental limit.

Assuming that we don't wipe ourselves out first, one day someone somewhere will have a "oooooohhhhh, I see now" moment and put all (or at least most) of the pieces together properly. But, until then, we are going to be trying to put together and describe the model in ways which make our descendants cringe...

They may cringe but it is completely rational. Again at everyday energies and scales Newtonian physics is 99.999999% correct and always will be a very valid description of this time in our universe. Quantum mechanics and special relativity are add ons to Newtonian physics that are irrelevant to the corecorrectness and mathematical elegance it provides. Any future theory will simply be an add on to existing theory, existing theory will never be found incorrect for the energies and scales it describes.

Comment Hilarious (Score 1) 387

The crisis in physics is due to people refusing to believe what instruments and physical measurements reveal. Thinking the universe is what we see and conforms to human intuition when we can't even perceive 0.01% of the spectrum of light, not to mention all of the fields and 99.9999% of the particles around is the problem. We know space is so flat that the actual universe is 1000 times larger than what we can observe.

The universe is far more strange than everyday human observation. Insanely bizzare fundamental basics of reality is nearly a given. Deal with it.

Comment Bats aren't good at Echo locating on thin lines (Score 2) 115

I've been out fishing many times at night where they bump and hit my line. Dosent seem to matter if it's monofilament or stranded or the test weight. I've never had one get in my hair but have been suprised how easy it was to net them when some got in my house. I was able to release both and they seemed unharmed.

Comment Re:#BlackLivesMatter (Score 1) 983

In Canada, the BLM movement unfortunately chose to demonstrate during the pride parade in Toronto and felt justified to delay someone else's cause for 30 minutes. I think the hashtag should be #BlackLivesMatterMOST.

Agreed. You know what the sadest outcome of that movement is? Native lives matter. Pretty much any metric of your choosing, natives have had it worse than any group - including police deaths per capita. Black lives matter throws every other repressed group under the bus with a me first attitude. The result being divisiveness between groups like blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans, among others, which ultimately makes it even easier to walk over their rights and injustices than if everyone banded together in unity.

Comment Antilock brakes (Score 1) 440

I almost got in an accident with a 2003 Subaru WRX some time ago. The antilock brakes, which you can't disable without some trivial modifications to the car, become activated by hitting even a single pothole (not even a deep one) on a clean dry road, then stay activated for around 2 seconds. This had always bothered me as you then were only able to brake at about 60% of normal and happened often. One day I hit a pothole as the car in front of me quickly slowed down on a turn ramp for no apparent reason. I went to apply the brakes and couldn't because of the ABS. I didn't hit them but it pissed me off enough to install a switch that disabled ABS so I didn't have to use it again unless it actually was slippery out.

Smart systems need to be well designed and not just the least featured semi functional system. In the case above a simple sensor on the suspension could detect if the "slippage" was due to an actual difference in road length between the wheels or was due to slippage. They already take steering into account so this should have been no big deal and I'm pretty certain there is a good chance that craptastic ABS system has actually contributed to some accidents.

Comment Quit it already! (Score 3, Insightful) 470

Facts schmacts, evidence be damned. 95% of the GMO bashing dosent involve facts, evidence, critical reasoning or any type of actual science outside of social. Just like vaccines, more "scientists" decrying the naysayers won't help. Now if 109 music, movie and sports stars came forward we may be talking some actual change in perception.

Comment Re:Galactic North... (Score 1) 268

You can tell if you are moving with respect to the universe, it is trivially simple to detect redshift/blueshift in the CMB. You are moving toward the blueshift hemisphere and away from the red, CMB measurements had to remove things like our orbit around the galactic center. You may always perceive yourself at the center (I suppose each eye at a slightly different one) but determining if you are moving through space in absolute terms is easy.

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