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Comment Re:Ruining it for everyone (Score 0) 305

I fly in my back yard all of time time. I'm well within shotgun range of 4 neighbors. Does that mean I'm automatically an asshole and automatically trying to get a peek at my neighbors daughters? Or is the possibility that I'm learning how to fly, in MY backyard, during reasonable hours? Why should I need to go get permission from my neighbor to fly a quad in my back yard?

What's wrong with the criminal process as it is today? If the neighbor thinks I am taking pictures of his daughter (whether from a quad, or from my deck using a camera with a nice zoom on it) he can call the police, and they can do their job. If I'm disturbing their peace (by flying my quad, using a chainsaw, or playing loud music) there are legal avenues for that too.

None of these situations need to involve shotguns or willful destruction of property. People taking the law into their hands is never a good thing.

Where in the thread is anyone saying you can't fly over your own property? If you fly your drone over their property and within a few tens of feet of people and dwelling windows yes your drone deserves a shotgun blast because you are being an asshole. No one is saying you can't do what you want on your own property as your straw man arguments suggest.

Comment Ruining it for everyone (Score 5, Insightful) 305

I'm not sure how you can argue it was not invading privacy when it was downed with a shotgun. The maximum effective range is around 75 yards and you can pretty much shoot at people 300 yards away and pose no danger (do not do this obviously). If the wreckage was examined you could know roughly how close it was to the shotgun without resorting to any telemetry from the drone captured prior to it being downed.

While the law may be somewhat incomplete, you are an asshole if you fly a drone close people or their dwelling on their property. Get permission from the property owner first, it seems to be the ease of use of drones and the entitled attitudes some few people have ruined it for everyone and make new laws necessary.

Comment Re:7.5 million views? (Score 4, Insightful) 201

You'd think that, that many views would tell apple that people would like the headphone jack to remain. But I know they don't care. Hopefully other manufacturers will realize this and not remove it too. Regardless, I have no plans to get a new phone until my currently 2 generation old phone dies.

Yep just like how the non-removable battery didn't catch on. I mean how could a non-removable battery be a safety issue or cost a company billions in lost stock value?

Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 218

Statistically insignificant. Tesla stats will only matter when tens of thousands, if not millions, of trips have been made under autopilot. Then compare accident rates. If Tesla turns out to be safer, it won't be because of AI, because we have no idea how humans drive in the first place. It will be because of image processing and predictive algorithms, combined with pre-ordained decision trees. And there may well be major unforeseen consequences, such as cascading failures and catastrophic feedback loop interactions between vehicles.

Apples to oranges - almost no one uses autopilot in the most adverse conditions where many If not most driving fatalities occur such as icy roads.

Comment Future review (Score 1) 192

Instead, this is a research exercise. Uber wants to learn and refine how self driving cars act in the real world. That includes how the cars react to passengers -- and how passengers react to them. "How do drivers in cars next to us react to us? How do passengers who get into the backseat who are experiencing our hardware and software fully experience it for the first time, and what does that really mean?" said Raffi Krikorian, director of Uber ATC.

From an actual customare review later this year:
Well the autonomous driver is pretty bad at giving people the traditional driving hand gestures, but actually quite good at recieving them. I wasn't sure how safe I was or who was actually driving with one guy huddled over the controls like a nervous wreck, but it did seem like whoever was driving was just learning the rules of the road so that, at least, felt familiar.

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