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Comment Just don't pay - simple (Score 0) 122

A hacker or group of hackers calling themselves the "Turkish Crime Family" claim they have access to at least 300 million iCloud accounts, and will delete the alleged cache of data if Apple pays a ransom by early next month. Motherboard is reporting that the hackers are demanding "$75,000 in Bitcoin or Ethereum, another increasingly popular crypto-currency, or $100,000 worth of iTunes gift cards in exchange for deleting the alleged cache of data." From the report:

If Apple pays the data gets deleted - simple solution is to not pay. A far more complex solution is editing summaries at a 5th grade level or above.

Comment FFS the summary goes against method (Score 3, Interesting) 412

Science does not, nor has ever, "proven" anything. The article linked demonstrates a fundamental lack of understanding as well. The scientific method entails formulating a hypothesis and failing to disprove it, only becoming useful as a theory when it leads to new discovery and understanding.

There isn't even a need for each particle to have a specific value, a simulation isn't limited to a binary operation in this universe much less any conceivable one. Nor is computational complexity a way to explain it away as there would be no way to tell how much time flows on this side of the simulation with respect to the other from our perspective. All that could ever be accomplished is to show that the simulation would need to be at least of complexity/size X and run for Y operations which at this point would likely correlate with the surface area of the visible universe. Further this would have to come with a caveat that it's only basic rule based and not sentient based as it would be trivial to then overwrite peoples minds/data or start it from any point at which point it generates no useful information, even if correct.

Tldr pseudoscience

Comment It's about time all americans got healthcare (Score 1) 283

Americans pay far more for worse outcomes and care than any other nation. Socialization is not only stigmatized (ewww giving a shit about others) but the cost is presented in the most psychologically unacceptable way with forced manual opt ins. Far more money is spent on government wastebut there is little outrage because it's hidden in your taxes. If Americans were forced to send in a manual payment or get fined for overpriced barely functioning millitary hardware for billions of dollars there would be mobs in the streets with flaming cars and looting.

Comment Re:Just as fossil fuels have a terrible externalit (Score 1) 392

In order to compensate for this effect I think we need to support people both with a BHI, but also with creative empowerment. We need to put automation into the hands of the many, and empower them to build a new world where they are not dependent on the state but instead own their own automation stack.

Good luck with that. It will be locked down with drm, patents, and be about as transparent as carbon black. Trying to automate anything, with any contemporary technology will be dealt with swiftly and severely unless it's paid for appropriately. Unlike in sci-fi it's not possible for some prodigious teenager to create this kind of tech on their own, it's a product of tens of thousands of people working for years. It's already following this model.

Comment New job opportunities (Score 1) 392

Given the rise of AI, automation, and cheap energy, it's only a matter of time before humans are not needed in the loop. From mining to manufacturing to warfare, there really isn't a limit and it seems inevitable. The few ultra wealthy people left will face the serious problem of what to do when their vast empires no longer have citizens wealthy enough to pay for goods, but luckily the robots and AI keep chugging away. Thank god it's not like in centuries past where those filthy poor can rise up, the light and heavy assault robots and drones make small arms fire resistance useless and efficiently put down those unlawful combatants. But I'm sure the new handful of world overlords will be kind to us still living but not lucky enough to be nubile teens or in a few key positions of servitude, offering us poor free showers after being overflowingly stuffed into concentrated camps. The invisible hand demands it so it's a moral imperative it happen.

Comment Overseas lmafo (Score 2) 236

One of the biggest concerns for the federal government is if WikiLeaks publishes critical computer code on how operations are conducted, other hackers could take that code and cause havoc overseas.

Criminals that get ahold of this will loot AMERICA. This is exactly what every single security expert has warned against, pretty much since the internet existed.

Comment Last time I checked (Score 2) 244

Salt, sugar, water, and the various other chemical additives don't have DNA. The article is about % DNA. So it's actually worse than one might think. Brine + chicken would come out as 100% chicken. Decent chicken should be 90% even when seasoned and that's close to what a few of the manufacturers actually had. The 43.5% on subway strips should be criminal.

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