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Submission + - PETITION: Conservatives and Liberals United Against the War (whitehouse.gov)

tjstork writes: I'm normally a political troll, but in my trolling I've noticed that, despite our vast political differences, there are a great many hard to the right conservatives and libertarians, and hard to the left liberals and greens, that are basically united against the United States picking a war with Syria. So I've created a petition for like minded political foes to come together on one issue and that is, let's not have this war? I'd much rather argue over all the stuff we conservatives and liberals do, in peace, than in war. Please sign.

Submission + - Linux, First Successful Drive Transplant 4

tjstork writes: "I think my new Linux box must be among the proud recipient of one of the first successful total hard drive transplants in the modern world. By hard drive transplant, I mean, you take an old computer,rip out the old hard drive, and drop it into the new computer, and boot with that same transplanted hard drive.

The donor computer consisted of two dual core Opteron 270s based machine running on a Tyan S2885 motherboard. The recipient computer consisted of a single Intel Xeon 5520 on a dual socket Asus Z8PE-D12. There was some trouble going from the old GeForce 6200 AGP card to the new GeForce GT250 PCI-Express board but even that was resolved within a few minutes.

Sure, I might have gotten lucky, but it seems to me that being able to transplant hard drives is a huge, huge feature win for Linux if it could be made workable on a consistent basis. This sort of thing just breaks Windows model altogether. I can't say how many hours being able to plop a drive in and have a working system saved me, and I just dread doing the same thing for Windows, even Windows 7. Within a few minutes of a new system build, I'm up and rolling with Linux, I'd still have stuff to do."
United States

Submission + - Iraqi Shoe Thrower Gets THREE YEARS (nytimes.com)

tjstork writes: "It's pretty simple. The enraged reporter that through a shoe at President Bush was just sentenced to three years in prison for the crime of "assaulting a visiting head of state." Now, I'm one of the 20% that still has a soft spot for the old W, but even his fiercest critics have to concede that on that day he was at least a good flying shoe ducker. I would think we would all agree: no harm, no foul. Right or wrong, the whole point of the Iraq invasion and occupation was to instill American Democracy into that country, and among our most deeply cherished values is the right of free speech. It just seems wrong that this guy is in jail. Americans of all political stripes should demand that the shoe thrower be released. The guy is a hero to half the country, and proves the worthiness of democracy in Iraq to the other."
United States

Submission + - House Kills Nuclear Power (house.gov)

tjstork writes: "Buried in the latest 410 billion dollar bill to pass the House of Representatives is an item that zeros out funding for reprocessing spent nuclear rods for re-use. This dramatically increases the amount of nuclear waste that must be stored, and undermines the ability of the country to develop nuclear power plants. So essentially, Democrats are taking the first steps for the United States to bail on nuclear power."
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Submission + - I think I just modded myself up. (slashdot.com) 1

tjstork writes: "There seems to be some kind of a bug or something in slashdot where I was able to mod up my own thread. When I log into "my page" to marvel at my bad karma, I can mod my own articles up, and I swear I even got a karma boost for modding up a rejected submission. Can you please fix this and bring back the old page? I worked hard to get my bad karma, and I didn't mean to screw it up so capriciously."
United States

Submission + - US Government Wants Your Fingerprints, Again (openmarket.org) 2

tjstork writes: "Never put it past the government to use any crisis to try and get more power. Just like the previously conjured crises of the Red Scare, Civil Rights Protests, the War on Drugs, the Environment, the War on Terror, the first signs are coming that the US Mortgage crisis is being used as another way to smash the rights of the people of the people be secure in their freedom. The US Senate has just passed through committee a provision which would require everyone connected with the housing industry to be fingerprinted.

Read the article here

Spare your political thunder — this is a bipartisan move. The introduced law passed nearly unanimously. America has to be safe from evil people in the housing market, at any price, and your friends in the government are going to protect you from everyone, just as much as it will protect everyone from you!"


Submission + - Senators introduce legislation to drill ANWR (anwr.org) 1

tjstork writes: "If the price of oil hits $125 a barrel and stays there for 5 days, then ANWR would be opened up for additional drilling under legislation sponsored by Sens Ted Stevens and Diane Murkowski. With a total estimated value of well over a trillion dollars, drilling ANWR, under various proposals floated, would bring in nearly 250 billion dollars of tax revenue to a cash strapped government and would create a powerful shot in the arm with the addition of almost 100,000 jobs. Tax revenues from ANWR leases would be used to fund heating assistance programs and develop alternative energy technologies needed to help the United States be more fuel efficient.

So, the country is broke and teetering on financial collapse, and we have a trillion dollars in the "Bank of Alaska". Let's go get it!"

Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Steam Tech! (rochester.edu)

tjstork writes: "What has increased in power 10,000 times within the lifetime of its inventor. Today, you might be talking about CPUs, but, 100 years ago, one of the technological revolutions in place was the use of steam turbines! The Parson's steam turbine was invented in 1888, but, the steam turbine transformed the world. On land, increased power output and efficiency would lead to more electrical generating stations. At sea, ships were not only more efficient and faster, but, more reliable as well...militaries in pursuit of speed, were quick to adopt the new technology. Suddenly, a steamer could make 20+ knots. Parson's 1911 article is thus an interesting glimpse into a technical revolution that mirrors some of our own, from a leader of it. As the article points out, steam turbines gained rapidly in power in Parson's own lifetime, as much as CPUS gained in power in ours. But what's also different is an overall transformation to a science based industry. Its evident that calculus based engineering really took root with the steam turbine. Parsons, in his paper, isn't just describing the design of a steam turbine with rote examples, he's discussing the viscosity of water as steam or water, includes, early pictures of screw cavitation, and more. Of special note is the plug about how his new steam turbine will be fitted out into a new monster ships, the Titanic."

Submission + - Bush Officially Biggest Spender (mcclatchydc.com)

tjstork writes: "Take that you Democrats that talk about Bush being some tight fisted demon! Take that you, Republicans that bash the supposed free spending ways of the Democrats! Bush is the biggest spender since LBJ! And, depending on how you look at it, no one has expanded the government MORE THAN GEORGE W BUSH. Let's talk about THAT! The only stereotype that remains, it seems, is, if you want fiscally responsible government, don't elect anyone from Texas!"

Submission + - FastCGI + CGICC for Visual Studio 2005 (storkyak.com)

tjstork writes: "A few days ago, there was a story about Microsoft making a driver for IIS for FastCGI. They did it to get php rolling, but, I took a look at this and fell in love with the technology immediately. I really like C++, but, didn't like that there wasn't a good universal API for server side stuff that was simple and common to both IIS and Apache. FastCGI fits the bill perfectly. So, now, with FastCGI, I could amuse myself with the heady though of writing my own kinds of database servers, game servers, map servers, whatever will keep me writing code until my hands rot off. I had to do something in FastCGI in C++. Now, what to do? C++ for Windows has been abandoned by Microsoft for the most part and I do want to ultimately have my servers ported to Linux. I went and grabbed a copy of the FastCGI API, and a copy of the CGICC. I found though, that from a Windows perspective, getting both together is a bit of a pain, and so, I went and grabbed both, stripped out a bunch of stuff, and put it into a Windows Visual Studio 2005 project. All of the porting work had already been done. The one thing I did was to put fastcgi and cgicc into the same project, making it easy to build off, and also, change it from producing a DLL to producing a static library. I tend to like to avoid introducing new DLLs on Windows... You can get it from my blog. http://www.storkyak.com./ Or, if I'm slashdotted, I'd be happy to email it to you."

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