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Submission + - QArea at Mobile Professional Days Conference (

Qarea writes: "19 November 2011, QArea has become a sponsor and an active participant of the Mobile Professional Days Conference that took place in Kharkiv National University of Radio and Electronics, Ukraine. The event was fully dedicated to the issues of creating mobile applications for iOS, Android, Bada and WP7 mobile platforms. The conference was initiated and organized for the first time by the ITGinger company, specialized in mobile application development.

QArea was a sole sponsor of the event that gathered over 200 participants — mobile application developers, designers, QA and usability experts as well as students and lecturers of the KHNURE university that is famous for preparing highly qualified programmers who are employed by some of the leading Ukrainian IT companies and abroad. The conference featured a lot of outstanding speakers from a number of Ukrainian and Russian IT companies. Presentations covered a variety of topics regarding peculiarities of iPhone, Android, WP7 and Bada mobile platforms, mobile app development, design, usability & testing issues, ways of mobile apps promotion and monetization.

QArea presented its own speaker Leonid Yurchenko, Head of iOS mobile development department. His presentation named 'Sales inside of mobile applications' described:
  • the ways of mobile applications monetization and the role of InAppPurchase/ InAppBilling in it;
  • what to sell in mobile game applications to keep users happy;
  • what to sell in non-game applications;
  • programming basics for iOS using InAppPurchase;
  • prospects of sales inside of applications.

During the conference our representatives had an opportunity to listen to exciting presentations from the leading IT experts, participate in interactive discussions, interact with colleagues and broaden their experience and knowledge in various aspects of the mobile application development industry. We hope that the conference will become a regular event and will be held at least annually."


Submission + - A 3D display you can touch (

mikejuk writes: Are we getting closer to really effective volumetric 3D display technology? A new display, designed in Russia, uses cold fog and a laser projector to create a volumetric 3D image that you can touch. A tracking device, and no it's not a Kinect, is used to detect the users hand and moves the virtual objects in response.
There have been cold fog 3D displays before this but this one has a reasonable resolution and looks near to being a finished product that could be on sale soon. Estimated price? Between $4000 and $30,000.

United States

Submission + - US Government Wants Your Fingerprints, Again ( 2

tjstork writes: "Never put it past the government to use any crisis to try and get more power. Just like the previously conjured crises of the Red Scare, Civil Rights Protests, the War on Drugs, the Environment, the War on Terror, the first signs are coming that the US Mortgage crisis is being used as another way to smash the rights of the people of the people be secure in their freedom. The US Senate has just passed through committee a provision which would require everyone connected with the housing industry to be fingerprinted.

Read the article here

Spare your political thunder — this is a bipartisan move. The introduced law passed nearly unanimously. America has to be safe from evil people in the housing market, at any price, and your friends in the government are going to protect you from everyone, just as much as it will protect everyone from you!"

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