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Comment That Walmart Bit... (Score 1) 940

I would say that Walmart is subsidizing the welfare system more than the other way around. People that are on welfare and work at Walmart wouldn't have any job, most likely, if Walmart didn't exist. After all, who actually has the scale that allows the formation of a job of a greeter that waves when you walk in. Only a big store can do that and carry a profit. Speaking of which, Walmart actually doesn't make a great profit margin. It just has lots of big stores.

Comment I vote for Gridlock! (Score 1) 819

The very thing needed for a democracy to genuinely work at a national level is for people to be of one mind. That is obviously not the case in the United States and hasn't been since, well, ever. Even the American Revolution was driven by the minority of the population, as was, quite frankly, the Civil War. Today, the country is pretty sharply polarized, and no group really trusts each other and nor should they. We have liberals and other statists (including neoconservatives), evangelicals, libertarians, anarchists, all of them who have an idealized life that is completely different. Add to the mix of wide political outlooks that include continual race and gender based politics and political argument, and you've basically a country that can't help but be in a continual state of gridlock.

My ideal case is to deconstruct anything about the government. I resent that the courts have so much power over my family that they have soured my ability to trust any kind of governmental power whatsoever and my only answer is to vote to shut it down. This libertarian idea is impossible to reach, so the best bet is to let the powers that be bash each other, so, I always vote for divided government. Shut it all down, I say, at the Federal Level, then break up the states next!

Comment Calibration matters? (Score 1) 425

Well let's say there's some degree of error between the calorie in general and the calorie for you. I would think that, it's some multiplier, and that, you should be able to adjust it by monitoring your diet and the consistency with what you eat. Like, if you gain 1 lb a week, and eat 10000 calories during that time, then regardless of what the measure is, you need to either adjust your intake down, or increase your burn rate, or both. I hate to be barbaric about it, but you never see fat people in gulags and concentration camps. Sooner or later, calories DO matter.

Comment Re:Hold system is ridiculous (Score 1) 88

Your kid cannot wait 3 days for some stupid steam item?

I mean, he *could*, but it's unnecessary in my situation. It worked perfectly fine for me for years.

And people wonder why suckers are getting scammed, see the perfect example of a spoiled impatient user above.

Fuck you, dude. I'm not spoiled. I'm a grown-ass adult who takes security seriously and has never had a problem with Steam item trading. I've never had an online gaming account of any kind taken over. Ever. This is overkill, at least in my case.

because email is EASY TO COMPROMISE dumbass, its a HELL of a lot harder to snatch your phone throug the Internet.

Yes, I am aware that it's much harder to spoof 2-factor auth. But if I submit a trade offer, I *instantly* get an email after pressing the submit button. I then use that email to confirm the trade. Even if someone else was simultaneously accessing my gmail account, I'd still see the email. And of course the zillion alerts from Google that my account is being logged into from Ukraine or wherever...

Fine, put a 10 minute wait timer on it if you want to. But 3 fucking days? Insanity. At least let me take responsibility for myself and opt out if I want to.

And please, tell me how my gmail account, with multiple back-up email addresses and recovery options, a frequently-changing password, and takeover alerts out the wazoo, is "easy to compromise". I've only had it for 10+ years and never had an issue...

Comment Re:Multiple accounts per phone (Score 2) 88

Besides, Team Fortress 2 is rated M. It's not intended for 11-year-olds. Nor is online play intended for anyone under 13 anyway because of COPPA.

It's really easy to turn off blood/gibs using a few commands on launch, as well as muting incoming voice chat. Once you're past that you have a cartoon-y FPS that really isn't bad. He isn't allowed anywhere near realistic FPS games (CoD, or L4D, etc).

In any case, the FAQ states that you can put multiple accounts on one phone. The one downside to putting your son's TF2 account on your phone is that it links the identity associated with your Steam account to his.

Cool, thanks!!

Then opt out of Team Fortress 2 in the first place.

Come on, you can do better than that.

Comment Hold system is ridiculous (Score 3, Informative) 88

My son plays TF2 and doesn't have a cellphone yet (11 years old).

If I want to send him something from my account, it takes THREE DAYS because we "haven't been friends for a year" yet. Even if we had been friends for that long, it would take a full 24 hours because he doesn't have the "mobile authenticator". Every time. He doesn't even have a phone, you jackasses!

And now *I* have to have the stupid authenticator turned on if I want to trade with randoms on the internet. Dude, my account is secure! I get email notifications of trades, which show up instantly on my phone.

It's way way way overkill, with no way to opt out. Sucks.

Comment Re:The Science In a SciFi movie... (Score 1) 163

I'll admit I haven't seen the move or read the book, but where in hell does he get the seeds and fertilizer to grow plants in Martian soil? From what I gather from the trailers, this wasn't a colonization mission, so why, if they sent seeds and fertilizer, did they send seeds and fertilizer?


They DIDN'T send seeds or fertilizer.

The protagonist has to make due with what they have, which is his and the other astronauts freeze-dried shit/urine and a small number of potatoes that were brought with for food, not farming.

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