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Comment Re: no thanks (Score 1) 240

We have way bigger problems than suicide bombers. If you want to go after suicide killers, ban smoking.

What? Smokers are suicide killers. They kill themselves and others who happen to stand nearby. Why is one ok and the other one scares you shitless?

Maybe if we put warning labels on bombs you're less afraid?

"Detonating this can endanger your life and the life of those around you"

Feeling better already?

Comment Wake me when it's done (Score 1) 66

Microsoft, of all the companies out there, has a long, long history of vaporware, promising time and again a product they either never really planned to deliver or they delivered so late that you'd have been better off buying the competing model. Which is essentially what they want to keep you from doing: Don't buy Brand X now, because MS has the same product out Really Soon Now (tm).

If they ever delivered, then usually by buying out Brand X as soon as they were on the verge of bankruptcy because people waited for MS to deliver.

Sorry, MS, I don't care anymore what you announce. Put up or shut up.

Comment Re: We need communism now! (Score 1) 144

Yes, but oddly there's a lot of people who want to give me everything and their soul for those oddly colored rectangular pieces of paper. And as long as they do, it has a value.

Money is a commodity like any other. Its value is not what you attribute to it but what someone else is willing to give you for it.

Comment Re: We need communism now! (Score 1) 144

The idea was to oversimplify the problem to get the 5 second attention span millennials to actually listen for a change...

The problem of the communist model wasn't wellfare. It was basically what you said: No matter how hard you worked, it didn't matter. So people didn't. They took the GDR party slogan "We have to squeeze everything from our factories" to the heart and did exactly that. The consideration for the average worker was no longer how to produce more but how to get more out of it for himself. Since that wasn't possible by working more, and working less was not really punished either, people simply put up some work spectacle. Twice so when they noticed that due to the usual shortages working quickly when raw materials arrived meant not having to work at all at the end of the month when there were no raw materials left to work with.

That was, by the way, similar when the East Bloc fell and the workers were taken over by West companies. The companies were delighted to see their new workforce work with incredible zeal, which plummeted instantly once they noticed that burning through the raw materials by the 5th didn't mean slacking for the rest of the month but instead getting a new stack of raw material...

So don't worry. I know both systems. Quite intimately.

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