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Comment Re: Guardian?! (Score 1) 259

Theresa May does not have the strong hand in this game.

The banks can lean on Theresa as much as they want, she will get what the EU commission wants. And they are pissed off.

The French are already pushing to move some UK operations to Paris, as they want to strengthen their financial sector. So do the Germans. And right now the Franco-German axis have way more say in the EU than the Brits.

Comment Who cares (Score -1, Flamebait) 111

I downloaded one of the live ISO's installed it on a VM on my Mac, played with it for 5 minutes, laughed at the horror of it all and went back to work on my Mac, where all the programs I need actually runs. And worked with a stable Unix system doing development with a proper text editor in a Unix environment just pretty much same as Linux the whole day long. Except I used Illustrator, Word and Photoshop do do some quick fixes on something.

That reminds me, I need to delete the ISO.

Comment Re:Or they offer too little (Score 1) 496

Sadly, the same goes for intelligence and security services, like the CIA

Two outcomes:

a) Terrorist bomb goes off
b) Terrorist bomb does not go off

Two sorts of person

a) Terrorist
b) Innocent

By the same logic the cloak-and-dagger types eliminates anything that might be a terrorist, even if it is occasionally innocent. But when a bomb does go off everyone whines that the Security Services are incompetent and heads roll.

We should give them more credit for the invisible outcome of foiled plots because this really does happen far more often than the real thing.

Comment Re:movie theaters (Score 1) 482

Christ, don't go there. Here in Germany when the first year of school starts all the kids from town go on a stage to be greeted by the teacher and blessed by the local religious figure. It is an old and ancient tradition, called einschulung. I could not see my daughter cause of all the frikking parents crowding the stage with their cellphones to film THEIR little honeys. The rest of the parents, grandmas, grandpas and friends in the hall had nothing except the asses of cellphone-wielding parents.

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