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Comment Re: Stick a fork in it (Score 1, Insightful) 157

I'm with you. Windows Phone is not bad, and the UI is better than iOS and way better than the confusing mess that is Android. Windows 10 that is,Windows 8 phone was a bit spartan.

I do a lot of mobile websites and UI work, so I like to keep track of what the frontiers of design is. Which is why I carry a iOS,Android and Win Phone device with me and sometimes swap out the SIM card to use the other ones as my main phone. I really like Windows phone but as a day to day phone I still use my iPhone. Why? a) Apps. b) Build quality. c) The windows phone always has finger smudges on the screen. It is little details like that that distinguishes Apple from Microsoft.

Before anywone accuses me of being a MS fanboy, I puse a Macbook day to day and an iPad. I very seldomly use Windows, except to test Websites with Edge (which is quite nice). I really do not like Microsoft on the desktop.

But for general handling of a mobile UI?? Microsoft all the way.

Comment Re:as if. (Score 1) 403

Hah. Just last week, a buddy of mine asked me to solve a problem they had with PHP on IIS. Some stupid thing about a temp file, wasted 8 hours finding it. I have not often worked with PHP, and never with IIS. I showed him and his employer how this works with Unix (MacOS/X in that case) and PHP. He almost got fired (new on the job). I got a nice check for consulting. The will run Unix now.

Comment Re:Wrong issue...take off the blinders. (Score 1) 403

The one that annoys me the most by far is the time when you switch off your machine and it wants to install a 30 minute update first. "Please do not switchoff the computer".Goddammit, if I want it off, I want it off.

Usually I have Windows 10 in a VM on a 14-core Xeon Linux box in it. That thing is a power hog. If I want to go to sleep, I want the VM Off, NOW so I can switch off the VM that runs it in the first place. If the VM is not off, I cant't switch off the machine.

Ditto when I grab my laptop to go to work, or want to reboot for some reason (which is way more common than on MacOS/X). Apple always asks you about the occasional update where you have to restart the machine and give you the option to plan it.

I am an Apple freak, and use my MacBook, but Apple is going off the rails a bit and it is worrying me.

Comment Re: No (Score 1) 278

Yes. My mother-in-law has a small vineyard and all the other farmers around her use grape oucking machines. She is a luddite and does it all by hand.

The grape picking machine works ok but the juice is more watery and fetches less at market (they are paid by grape sugar content). As some above said, nature is unpredictable, my m-i-l does not pick grapes after a rainstorm because of the water-fetches-less reason

Comment Re: layout == replacement? (Score 1) 191

You are driving a 55 inch screen with a smartphone? I call BS, unless you are running the thing at HD (not Full HD) resolution, which kind of defeats the point. I can also plug my Commodore 64 into my 24 Inch Dell (Really, I can!) and it would work, but...

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