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Comment Re: "the kernel is called Magenta." (Score 1) 129

And society as well! Aptly named license! We will share all our knowledge but we'll also throw a bunch of little tiny seeds in there that will grow one day to believe that the economic system we live in now is the best, America is the best place on earth, and that we have always been at war with the bad guys! (We've almost always been at war.)

It's the subtle little seedlings that do the heaving lifting. You just gotta give it time!

Comment Re: uhuh sure (Score 1) 179

This is the same 'US intel' which missed the collapse of the USSR, 9/11, the Boston Bombers, and were totally sure Saddam Hussein had WMDs, right, not another 'US intel' that's actually competent?

As for original comment, intercepting calls is vastly easier when they go to a central server and they have direct access to the decrypted data than when they go peer to peer with encryption.

Perhaps they used existing plans and (lack of) action to further an agenda that we're seeing swing into blatent in-your-face action right now? Ever think of that?


Submission + - Russian eBookseller LitRes Gets Competing eBook Apps Booted from Google Play (

Nate the greatest writes: The developer of the popular Android app Moon+ Reader was surprised to discover this weekend that he is a filthy stinking pirate. Google informed him via an automated email that Moon+ Reader had been removed from Google Play because the app had switched to using pirate sites as the main sources of ebooks. Or at least, that's what LitRes claims, but when they complained to Google LitRes didn't tell the whole truth. What was really happening is that users of the app are enabling piracy, not the app itself. Thanks to the way Moon+ Reader is designed to let users share links to ebook sources some of the sources are indeed pirate sites (less than your average Google Search). In reality the app was no more a source of pirated content than your average web browser. What do you say when an ebook distributor's anti-piracy plan involves going after app developers rather than pirate sites? Something printable, IMO.

Comment Re:I actually tried, but I can't RTFA (Score 1) 165

Nexus 7 at my side does the same thing.
Back to that article about designing for mobile vs. just designing in general.

Some shitty formatted information on a smaller screen is better than a nice ornate pile of ... 'nothing' because you happen to be using a mobile device at the time you go to an address...

Keep this in mind!

Comment Re:Just Think (Score 1) 342

If you had the same fuel prices as we do in the UK, your "obesity epidemic" would be over,

($8.50 to $9 per US gallon depending on where you live)

And if you had the same LAND MASS TO COVER, with the (understandable in many many many areas of the country) lack of public transportation as we generally do in the good ole' USA, you'd have a bunch of absolutely broke Europeans paying the $9/ a gallon because , in fact, there WAS NO OTHER WAY to get to work.

Why do many Europeans never take the area to cover into consideration when it comes to the gas price / travel another way debate? I WELCOME you to come to any rural part of the US and support yourself/rent/mortgage/general life by any means possible, as long as you do not use or own a private vehicle. You will NOT be able to make ends meet in many places in the country. Period. Now factor $9 a gallon gasoline into the equation vs our ~ $4 a gallon average, and you'd find yourself.... Paying another $5 a gallon, to put in the car that you literally HAD to obtain, in order to survive in the modern world, in such 'rural' areas.

The sad point is, having a car in many rural parts of the USA is necessary to live.

Comment $20k, wow (Score 1) 137

With the right person doing it, $20k can 'buy you' a lot of life experiences that you'll never forget. Or it can buy you a 'super high def' television set.

I always thought I was a technology fan, but as I find myself becoming older, I keep thinking: "This is insane.".

Who would honestly consider spending $20k on a television?

Comment Re:Or he could... you know... (Score 1) 234

There is a large difference that I am seeing:

A website is a GET request.
An App allows for PUSH'ed content.

GETTING the information at your whim, if you even remember that you HAVE the website 'bookmarked'/'shortcutted' is a COMPLETELY different mental stimulus than having the updated drone attack (who are we kidding,(?) I am using attack because it absolutely fits the bill) pop-up on screen when you're looking at or on the phone with your Mom.

99% of the impact is LOST if it were to be all handled via GET; The PUSH is what makes it politically notable.

Comment app vs act(uality ) (Score 5, Insightful) 234

If the 'app' is rated as objectionable and 'crude'', what does that make the actions themselves? Are we all so content as a society to hide our heads under our pillows, all the while chanting 'freedom in the USA!'?

I think the guy had a valid point -- If the app exists or doesn't exist, it doesn't change the data points that are being created (Monthly/Weekly/Daily?) nor the map itself.

Correlation is not causation - Apple should know this.

Comment Re:Actually, it's now been passed with amendments (Score 1) 182

Shit, left the quote on:

Two points:

Just curious your thoughts on all the state lotteries, both 'instant win scratch tickets' and those drawn via numbers. There is NO cap on how many tickets people buy, and we've all seen people in the gas stations dropping $60 on tickets and $10 of gas for their truck. If you talk to the workers, some of them are regulars on intervals as frequent as every morning, some just once a week, and some, well, just once. To me, having someone invest in (this company, whatever it is) in order to hopefully create a profit for themselves is a) more rewarding for society as a whole (perhaps not the state budgets...) b) More rewarding to the person doing the 'investing' (the prior scratch ticket winner), as it requires thought and far more interest than pure monetarily expectations.

Secondly, Why should one exclude 'the poor' (you're pretty-much referring to myself, but I am NOT calling myself poor... ) from taking action into a company or companies that they feel have great/good/marketable ideas? My of my friends are in the same financial 'boat' as I am, give / take, and they often have smart ideas that could be worth investing in....


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