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Submission + - This Paris bookstore has no books it can sell you ( 1

Nate the greatest writes: A French publisher has opened a new bookstore in Paris, only it's not carrying any books in stock. Instead, the shop has a limited selection of books on display as well as an Espresso Book Machine. All of the books sold to customers are printed at the time of purchase. That usually takes around 4 to 7 minutes per paperback book.

Submission + - Amazon is now sending postcards to remind Kindle owners to update their devices ( 1

Nate the greatest writes: Amazon's getting serious about a recent required firmware update. Last month Amazon sent out emails, asking everyone to update, and this week they stepped up their game. Several Kindle owners say they've received postcards from Amazon with reminders to update their Kindles. Sure, this is an important update which adds security certificates, but don't you think this is overkill?

Comment Re:Tell me... (Score 4, Informative) 172

Given that the new terms are voluntary and limited to just KU, this will likely be fine for everyone. What the above summary missed was that the new payment terms only apply to the books authors put into Kindle unlimited, and not to the entire Kindle Store. Amazon made the change to encourage authors to submit longer works to KU. The old terms were based on per ebook read, not page. That favored short works over longer works.

Submission + - How to set up a Pirate eBook Store in Google Play Books (

Nate the greatest writes: Most ebook pirates simply upload ebooks to a one of many pirate sites, but the entrepreneurial ones have opened storefronts in Google Play Books. They invent an author's name, and then upload dozens if not hundreds of pirated ebooks under that name, The names can range from Devad Akbak to Ispanyolca, but the really clever pirates choose a legit sounding name like Bestsellers — Books USA Press or Fort Press and then start selling ebooks.

Thanks to Google's indifference, the pirates can continue to sell ebooks no matter how many times copyright holders might complain. If Google takes a pirated ebook down in response to a DMCA notice, the pirates simply upload another copy of the same title.

Submission + - Amazon's Manhattan Retail Store is Actually an Office, Not a Store (

Nate the greatest writes: It looks like all that talk last month of Amazon opening a brick and mortar store in New York City may be coming to naught. A new report reveals that Amazon is renting 470,000 sq. ft of office space in Manhattan at 7 West 34th St. That's a huge amount of space which will take up the entirety of the 12-story building. That's far more space than Amazon would need for a store (it's 3 times the size of a Walmart store), so it looks like those rumors about Amazon opening a brick and mortar store are still rumors.

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