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Comment Re: Great strides (Score 1) 129

The cost of additional fuel is so far down the list of various costs that it's essentially measurement noise. The recovery and refurb costs are already less than having to manufacture a whole new stage. That's all you need to make reuse economically viable. Even 10% savings is all it'd take to make it viable. As it stands, their recovery flow cost is much better than that. Think a couple times better than 10% saving. Alas, since nobody has ever done booster recovery, they are of course working on streamlining their reuse operations flow. It has literally never been done before by anyone else, you can't just hire someone with direct experience. SpaceX are the trailblazers here in the true sense of the word. And your arguments are just pathetic. I'm a tax payer too, and I'd gladly have my money go to SpX over ULA.

Comment Re:Why "I" shouldn't trust Geek Squad? (Score 1) 389

You show an appalling lack of understanding of how modern web browsers work. They download quite a lot of content without you ever demanding any of said content to be downloaded. If you watch perfectly legal porn on your computer, your browser is very likely to prefetch some seriously bad stuff - it's just trying to be helpful, after all.

Comment Re:This is a surprise? (Score 1) 483

The system of education in India works, at the lowest level, to install rote learning. There's no room for imagination or real problem solving of any sort in that system. In fact, stepping "out of line" is dealt with swiftly. And trying to think of the bigger picture is very much stepping out of line in their educational system. That's the source of the problem. It is, in effect, an insurmountable cultural gap. It's the same thing that Feynman observed in Brazil.

Comment Re:Missile vs Rocket design (Score 1) 107

A ballistic missile doesn't have a problem with excessive velocity as long as it can survive the aerodynamic pressure and heating. Trajectories can be designed to mitigate the fixed burn time of the motor. So a solid-motor ballistic missile isn't a big deal. Even if you didn't have any way to throttle it down. Alas, solid motors can certainly be throttled down by blowing some of the exhaust sideways, and even turned off by blowing out the flames - as long as you design that capability in.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 376

I'm considering the propensity of non-iOS devices to catch malware or get misconfigured. For putting together presentations and small documents, you need an external keyboard and mouse. Bluetooth or USB will work. I've been using an iPad to write up technical documentation that way, while doing some work away from the office in the middle of nowhere (a "workcation" if you will). Windows 10 is a wonderful experience compared to previous versions, but it's really hard to beat iOS in terms of resiliency and the "it just works" factor.

Comment Re:My first thought... (Score 1) 368

Uh, it doesn't work that way. The thieves didn't get "locked in". The car was remotely disabled. If they chose to stay inside, that's because they were dumb. There is a safety feature mandated by law in most western countries where there must be a mechanical override available from inside to unlatch any door locks and the trunk lock. The summary is stupid or the article is written by someone without any understanding of how cars really work.

TL;DR: It's patently false.

Comment Re:hello? dock? (Score 1) 347

Are you serious? Just buy the fine USB-C to lightning cable and call it day. No need for docks, dongles, or anything.

As for gigabit ethernet: I dig why they don't want to put that on the laptop. The laptop is too thin to fit the jack, other vendors resort to ugly hacks like the movable-jaw RJ-45 receptacles that Apple will have nothing to do with - rightly so IMHO. A USB-C/Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter is $30. Plug your patch cord - that you have to have anyway - into it, and call the complete assembly a "cable". You can heatshrink them together if you think it'll make it cooler somehow.

I think you're making up imaginary problems.

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