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Comment Re:So many flaws.... (Score 1) 327

You could make it an octagon shape where four segments (wind permitting) can be used simultaneously. Access and egress tunnels aren't that expensive to build. In fact most large airports already have them along with shuttle trains to move people between terminals, et cetera. I'm not saying that this is actually the ideal solution, but airports are not very efficient in terms of overhead. It often takes more time to get to the airport and board than it does to actually fly.

Comment Re: More =/= better (Score 1) 327

A fifteen minute taxi via the plane would actually be wonderful if it means that the terminal is close to the city center. You may have come up with a brilliant solution. Instead of dedicated train tracks to the cities which is how it's done now, why not just put the airline terminal where the train station is and taxi the whole length of the tracks!

Comment Re:"Shows Why We Can't Have Nice Things For Cheap" (Score 1) 261

I would presume, however, that when *testing* a golf ball, you would use a machine that swings in a very well-defined way. Not the same way every time, but maybe one perfect shot, a slight hook, a slight slice, large pull, et cetera. This gives a controlled test that can provide quantitative metrics for different ball designs.

Comment Re:They are concerned about lost tax revenue? (Score 1) 365

Cash is terribly inconvenient. Unless the price is an exact multiple of US$20 (here in the US), you have to fuss with making change and coins. I use cash to save small businesses the discount points for Visa/AmEx purchases, but if there were a low-cost electronic cash alternative, I'd use it exclusively.

Comment Re:Maybe stop using dropdowns for numbers? (Score 1) 207

This is an insightful comment in terms of user psychology. Fortunately, there is a technical solution for this. For security reasons, you have to always validate server-side. Validating client-side does improve user experience. But the way you satisfy both camps is you make sure that your site still works even with JavaScript disabled. That way both of your sets of constituents can use your application with joy.

Comment Re:He means "How they are SUPPOSED to work" (Score 1) 519

The fact that WaPo is a reputable source isn't based on them being infallible in their reporting. Everybody makes mistakes. It's based on the fact that they put accuracy above an agenda rather than the other way around. One way to tell real news from fake news is what happens when they make a mistake. WaPo printed a correction. They're not trying to defend the originally wrong story. Using your standard, any news source that ever made an honest mistake would be in the same league as the celebrity gossip tabloids. This is nonsense.

Comment Re:Misleading Title (Score 1) 519

I'm not sure how we got from the wiretapping allegations to this post. Even if there were wiretaps (which seem to be nothing more than the ravings of a lunatic), there is not even a shred of evidence that information obtained was used to influence a campaign. If anything, this shows the great level of restraint of the Obama administration. If there were an active investigation of an opposing-party candidate and information surfaces (such as maybe campaign strategy), there would be a strong temptation to provide this to allies. But there has not even been an allegation of any such thing. So the only thing to learn here is that the Obama administration is an example of good governance.

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