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Comment And nobody will be punished... (Score 5, Insightful) 62

Assuming this is true...

What should happen is that the "genius" who thought this up should be convicted and sent to prison for 30 years (or whatever they threatened Aaron Swartz with), for breaking the CFAA.

What actually will happen is that $BIGCORP will get a trivial slap-on-the-wrist fine.

Comment Re:"It's the content, stupid" (Score 1) 450

That is a bullshit comparison. Most of those films are available for RENTAL or PURCHASE on Amazon, not as a part Prime video. You might as well compare Netflix to Amazon's DVD/Blu-Ray selection while you're at it.

We may be talking past each other. Here's my line of thinking:

"Hmm, $(MOVIE) sounds like it might be pretty good. I'll give it a try. Bummer, not available on Netflix. Bummer, not available for free on Amazon. But they'll let me watch it for 48 hours for $3.99. Fine, whatever."

Here's yours, which is apparently shared with quite a few other people in this thread:

"Hmm, $(MOVIE) sounds like it might be pretty good. I'll give it a try. Bummer, not available on Netflix. Bummer, not available for free on Amazon. Wait, OMGWTFBBQ WHAT IS THIS BULLSHIT? $3.99 FOR A DRM-INFECTED STREAM THAT PROBABLY WON'T PLAY ON THE OVERCLOCKED PDP-11 I BOUGHT ON EBAY AND INSTALLED LUNIX ON? FUCK YOU JEFF BEZOS I'M TELLING RICHARD STALLMAN ON YOU"

One of us gets to watch the movie. The other gets admitted to the ER ahead of the guy with the broken collarbone and the lady whose kids have the flu, because hey, it's not every day they see a 260/195 blood pressure reading

Comment Re:"It's the content, stupid" (Score 1) 450

(Shrug) I'm a Prime subscriber. I don't make a distinction between "Amazon" and "Amazon Prime," so that may be causing some confusion.

Are you suggesting that Netflix should offer the movies that Amazon offer for payment as inclusive in their all-you-can-eat plan or are you suggesting they introduce a mixed model where there are some premium movies on netflix?

The latter. They should offer 48-hour rentals of movies that aren't available for free streaming.

Basically I'm saying Amazon's model is more useful to me than Netflix's.

I don't expect something for nothing, and I don't expect everything for $12/month. But I when I want to watch something and am willing to pay for it, it would be nice if someone other than the Pirate Bay would make it available. Currently Amazon does the best job at this, and Netflix isn't even trying.

Comment Re:"It's the content, stupid" (Score 1) 450

I'm not seeing that. In the top 20 films only one is available on both Netflix and Amazon Prime (Pulp Fiction) and then one is only netflix (Hoop Dreams) and one is only Amazon Prime (Apocalypse Now).

What are you not seeing? The list is composed of well-regarded films that are available on one or more of the popular streaming services, and it turns out that for all practical purposes, "one or more services" means Amazon and not Netflix.

If Netflix's management doesn't see that as a catastrophic risk to their business, then it's time for their board of directors to step in.

Comment Re:The price hike is minimal... (Score 3, Insightful) 450

Their selection is really terrible, and if there's something good then chances are you may have to pay extra for it above and beyond the subscription.

No, their selection is most definitely not "really terrible."

But yes, you typically have to pay a couple of bucks to rent access to A-list movies for 48 hours. But at least you have that option with Amazon.

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