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Comment Re:Here's an idea (Score 1) 216

The labels also invest in talent they hope will make it, spending huge sums on teaching them to play in sync, variations on playing styles, introducing them to different instruments and sounds, fitting songs to bands, practice studios, recording studios, sound engineers, etc etc etc etc. That too all costs money, and most recorded artists probably never make it really worth while, but without that support the real gems are even less likely to make it.

The problem is that from the anecdotal stories that I've heard about the music business, the RIAA and the major labels don't actually do any of that stuff. What I've heard is that most of that is done by the actual artists on their own time and their own dime. That doesn't mean that no label associated with the RIAA ever does that, it's just that none of the stories I've heard mention anything like that. In fact, most go into excruciating detail about how the labels are loathe to give anything at all away. The general story seems to be that they are billed by the music label for anything the label does for them and sometimes for anything the label could have done, even if it didn't. In particular, I remember one band complaining that they were charged a hefty fee because they didn't use the label's recording studio, and that was in addition to the fees they paid to the recording studio of their choice.

Maybe that's standard practice and I have just never heard anyone ever mention it, but I'd like some evidence that it's common for anything other than label organized boy bands.

Comment Re:Here's an idea (Score 3, Insightful) 216

Labels affiliated with RIAA are already finding your "favorite" bands for you. If I go through your music collection, 99% of it will be music from RIAA affiliated labels (or whatever IFPI affiliated marketing/promotion entity is in your part of the planet).

I think the point was that, while most of our current favourite bands might have be found by the RIAA, we'd still have favourite bands if the RIAA and it's affiliated labels didn't exist. In fact, there are arguments that can be made that we might actually have better music if the RIAA affiliated labels weren't picking our favourite bands for us. They have been accused many times of producing cookie-cutter music and drowning out diversity with conservative musical picks.

Comment Re:Michael Flynn Jr believes it (Score 1) 773

The fact that Congress is so reviled yet stable indicates we're no longer a functioning democracy. We're a plutocracy, where elections are determined by overwhelming advantages in fundraising.

That's the wrong lesson. Most congressional elections are determined by gerrymandering. The point of gerrymandering is to generate certain victories and subvert the will of voters. If you want to control congress, you have to control the state legislatures.

Comment Re:-1 Overrated (Score 2) 283

The engineers pointed out something that is well-known in the industry, but that was evidently ignored by Samsung: batteries need room to expand.

It doesn't matter if this fact is pointed out by hardware engineers, software engineers, or used-car salesmen. It doesn't matter what degrees or professional certifications they hold or don't hold. It's a consequence of fundamental physical laws, and it's very likely to be the root cause of the problem. Your arguments, on the other hand, amount to puzzlingly-irrelevant ad-hominem rants.

(The interesting question, by the way, isn't the fact that a few phones caught on fire. The interesting question is, "Why did Samsung see no alternative but to kill the entire product, bulldoze the factory, and seed the ground with salt?" That's really what the Instrumental engineers set out to answer, and I believe their conclusion is probably correct.)

Comment Re:treating the symptoms (Score 2) 359

Trump was supposed to learn the job and start acting presidential during the primary. He didn't.
Trump was supposed to learn the job and start acting presidential during the general. He didn't.
Trump was supposed to learn the job and start acting presidential once he became President-elect. He hasn't.

FYI, according to Trump's campaign manager, Kelly-Ann Conway, since Trump is now president elect whatever he does is now "presidential".

When is the right going to stop being in denial and realize there's no brilliant statesman hiding under the hair extensions.

So don't hold you breath. They'll be in denial until at least 2026.

Comment Re: Which media company would refuse to stir up sh (Score 1) 588

Will you help when Elizabeth Warren asks you to join the death squads to kill bourgeoisie fat cats?

Of course, somebody is going to have to help her fight the Kzinti. After all, that seems like the most likely scenario where that might actually happen...

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