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Comment There is no evidence whatsoever... (Score 1) 236

... that any representatives of the Trump campaign organization cooperated with, colluded with, or otherwise worked with any Rus--

Oh, wait, sorry, wrong account. Ahem.

There is no evidence whatsoever that Firefox, Chrome, or any other browser is even remotely competitive with the superior battery life and rendering performance available from Microsoft(r) Edge(tm). I just installed the Windows(r) 10 Creators Update(tm) last night, in fact, and was delighted with all aspects of the newly-enhanced customer experience. My laptop's battery life is the envy of everyone from the Energizer Bunny to Elon Musk. Luddites and dead-enders still running Linux or Windows 7 don't know what they're missing! I was skeptical, don't get me wrong, but I decided to embrace change instead of fighting it. Give it a try, tovarisch, I'm sure you'll agree!

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 4, Interesting) 177

I've heard dumber ideas. When you need supplies, you'll get them from the store you're already in. Ditto with coffee.

These stores are stuck with floor space, retail employees, and other forms of overhead that competitors like Amazon don't have to worry about. It may be time to consider wacky ideas like creating a 20,000-square-foot Starbucks.

Comment Re:Ugly legal implications of "circumventing DRM" (Score 1) 126

The problem comes in when Cleanflicks sells the resulting copy of the movie under its original title. It's not The Big Lebowski anymore if they edit out all of the F-words. It's something else. Something Cleanflicks didn't have the right to distribute for commercial purposes, or to attribute to the original copyright owner in any way. It's a derivative work, in other words. They're taking 99.9% of someone else's work, bowdlerizing it to create a new product, and selling it under the original title. That's more or less a literal abuse of the "right" to make and sell "copies."

You can argue that this right shouldn't exist, and maybe it shouldn't... but it's a Constitutional mandate in the US, so you've got a long fight ahead of you.

Comment Re:Ugly legal implications of "circumventing DRM" (Score 1) 126

What does "freedom to tinker" have to do with the Cleanflicks case? If we're going to have a copyright system at all, in any form whatsoever, then prohibiting the creation of unauthorized derivative works for commercial gain has got to be the #1 item on its agenda.

I support freedom to tinker with things you own, but you don't own the copyright to the movies you watch. Don't like the content? Fine, make your own.

Comment Re:there's a simple solution (Score 1, Troll) 353

In fact, they lost the grip when they first shipped MS-DOS that was a decade behind other operating systems with its single tasking and lack of memory protection and small memory limits

It's probably time to get over MS-DOS. The unfortunate fact is, if a Unix-influenced OS was ever going to take over the desktop, then a Unix-influenced OS would already have taken over the desktop.

Do not use their OS, if you find it unacceptable. It is unacceptable to me, so I don't use it. Problem solved.

Translation: "I'm either self-employed, retired, or independently wealthy, so I don't have to use Microsoft products. Bwahahaha."

Comment Re:A mystery (Score 1) 115

This is pretty standard on most European cars (and in fact true of all modern vehicles with traction control). The braking system is biased towards the rear brakes, which keeps the car from nose diving during hard braking. Also, in slippery conditions prior ABS/ESP kicking in, it allows the front wheels, which steer, to stay turning longer before locking up (and triggering ABS/traction control).

All of these conditions are a sign that it's time to ease up on the loud pedal. You should not be activating traction control, ABS, etc. routinely on public roads.

Comment Re:A paltry $150 million? (Score 1) 58

ROFL. Modern first-person shooters before Wolf3D? I don't think so.

You are standing in an open field west of a small house.
Visible through the window of the house is a troll, bathed in
the sickly green light of a VT100 terminal. The troll looks up
from his keyboard and glares at you.
There is a mailbox here.
Opening the mailbox reveals a rocket launcher.
Suddenly the front door of the house flies open with a bang.
The troll stomps out of the house indignantly.
The troll roars! Brandishing his spiked club, the heavily-armored beast charges.
What do you want to fire the rocket launcher at?
Who do you want to troll?
You miss.
The troll swings and connects for 3 damage.
You have 97 health points and 14 rockets.

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