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Comment Re:They agreed to the cards (Score 1) 405

I expect the casino to be a little more savvy than the average rube.

If I walk into a baccarat room and complain that they aren't using my favorite Frobozz Magic Playing Cards with an official Frobozz Magic Card Shuffler and dealing them from a certified Frobozz Magic Baccarat Shoe, I expect to be unceremoniously thrown out.

But I guess I'm naive when it comes to the world of high-stakes gambling, huh.

Comment Re:Why they are slow? (Score 1) 766

Unless the site doesn't need to be looked up at all because it's already cached.

What you're describing isn't a cache, it's just a local static copy. If the file is cached, then I have to look up the originating server and initiate a two-way conversation with it before I can use the file, in order to make sure my copy isn't obsolete.

Comment Re:Article disagreement (Score 1) 274

Agreed, Delevan's explanation is BS. But it's interesting to consider how often this sort of thing will happen when we're all using voice recognition on a day-to-day basis. The difference between "This is a legitimate email" and "This is an illegitimate email" can be very subtle depending on the speaker's accent, background noise, and any number of other factors.

If Delevan were the sort of person who thinks on his feet, he'd have blamed voice recognition instead of a typo.

Comment Re:-1 Overrated (Score 2) 289

The engineers pointed out something that is well-known in the industry, but that was evidently ignored by Samsung: batteries need room to expand.

It doesn't matter if this fact is pointed out by hardware engineers, software engineers, or used-car salesmen. It doesn't matter what degrees or professional certifications they hold or don't hold. It's a consequence of fundamental physical laws, and it's very likely to be the root cause of the problem. Your arguments, on the other hand, amount to puzzlingly-irrelevant ad-hominem rants.

(The interesting question, by the way, isn't the fact that a few phones caught on fire. The interesting question is, "Why did Samsung see no alternative but to kill the entire product, bulldoze the factory, and seed the ground with salt?" That's really what the Instrumental engineers set out to answer, and I believe their conclusion is probably correct.)

Comment Re:All it will take . . . (Score 1) 215

He's technically wrong but spiritually correct. The Republicans under Bush 43 were neocons who would be dismissed as RINOs today. They were more like the current Democrats in many ways. Their line is extinct. The people Trump is surrounding himself with are power-mad Jesus freaks and Tea Party fellow travellers.

The Republican party as we knew it before, for better or worse, is as dead as the Whigs. There has never been a time when people of this particular caliber have controlled the executive branch and held sway over the legislative (and soon enough judicial) branches.

Things are about to get extremely stupid.

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