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Comment Group Depression (Score 3, Insightful) 257

When I worked as an engineer at McDonnell Douglas and things were spiraling down... I watched as the energy required to do a small task seemed to require a herculean effort to complete... Seemed that each day there was less employees to do the work... and each of them had less energy to "make it happen"... I have been fortunate not to have to experience this over and over like some individuals have. My heart goes out to those who suffer with depression and with those who struggle maintaining ... whether it is maintaining a job or trying to maintain consciousness to man up and get by.

Comment Re:this is going on right now (Score 1) 597

What you say is all well and good; however, we may eventually have to put our actions where our mouths are... and most will not be willing to stand behind their threats... some will though and whether they will be the heroes or not remains to be seen. Names like Jim Bowie, Davie Crockett, and William Travis all come to mind as well as Patrick Henry.

Comment Re:It's contagious, all right (Score 1) 627

"it involves fucking, and fucking is ruled by emotion, not logic."

I can tell you never have been involved with a Pleiadian woman.

Being involved with the female space beings is like making love with a playboy bunny... perfectly formed and eager to please and yet it is not really fulfilling for you lack the free will to choose whether you want to participate or not. It is mandatory and you WILL do it.

Comment Re:Hmmm. (Score 1) 698

I had my ears damaged by guns in the military and am close to deaf however I can also hear lower frequency sounds better than high (women and kids).

When the ear test is performed it measures each frequency range and then the hearing aid is programmed to produce a flat response based on each frequency range. As an example if you have a hard time hearing 8kz then that frequency would be amplified more by the hearing aid.

The newest hearing aids are very small and fit entirely in the ear (some even permit you to shower with it in). The technology has greatly improved as far as battery life, ease of programming, and as far as size decreasing so I realize that the cost needs to go up... but my last pair were $5,000 each

In actual material value there is probably $20 worth of material in it so there is a huge profit going to the company and the audiologist... but then there are not all that many people who are hard of hearing.

Comment Re:Thanks for everything Rob (Score 1) 238

I agree... I lurked since day one and decided to get a UID instead of remaining anonymous after a couple of weeks. I also have had tremendous fun, learned a great deal and recognize the talents of the designers here and the contributors of comments and topics.

Taco is ascending to 5th dimension in October and this is why he has turned the reins over to others. He will still be here... we will just not be able to see him or hear him (unless you channel of course).

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