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Comment Workaround (Score 1) 105

Apart from the obvious-but-snarky ("Install Linux! hoho I'm so clever!"), you can indefinitely postpone all Windows updates on all versions of Windows 10 by stopping (and disabling if you find a way) the Windows Update service.

Of course, you lose the security updates if you do that too. Whether that's massively important to you depends on how often you run executables downloaded from the Internet, and what TCP/IP services you run on your computer.

Obviously "No security updates" is a bad thing, but if Windows insists on installing an update that actually breaks your PC in some way, no security updates might be the better of two evils, especially if you don't use IE or Edge, run any externally accessible services, and don't run every executable you download from the Internet.

Comment Re: In other words.. (Score 1) 105

W95 OSR2 USB support pretty much didn't work at all, ever. It took about five years for USB support in any OS to reach the level of being a crapshoot -- some stuff working flawlessly and other stuff not working at all. After 2002 or so, USB usually worked in Windows. Persuading Unixes to work with USB was a challenge.for another few years after 2002. Not that it couldn't be made to work ... eventually ... if one was patient enough.

Comment Re:In other words.. (Score 1) 105

Personally, I thought Windows peaked along about Win95 OSR2 -- which was actually quite a good OS for 1997. Fast, compact, ran OK with next to no memory and was very reliable. Pretty much all downhill from there I think.

But what does one do for applications? And I should think the lack of USB support that works might be an issue.

Comment Re:Not sure you have a lot of options? (Score 2) 105

If one has PCs in their care that have minimal/no exposure to the internet, is updating them at all advisable? It's clear that Microsoft can't QA their products adequately. And they are hardly alone in that. IMO, that probably makes updates a greater risk than malware.

Frankly the "cloud" is increasingly like an uncharted polar sea full of icebergs and rocks. Turning your navigation over to pilots who are questionably competent and quite possibly on drugs as well may not be a good idea. May be best to sail only close to home and only on days when the visibility is good and the seas calm.

Comment Re: Echo chamber (Score 1) 825

Obama was hot stuff in 2008 and not so hot today

Seriously, what is your financial situation today vs 2008? I'm really interested in the details here. I'll provide mine in the same way Trump WILL NOT. Provide details of how you were so oppressed over the last 8 years or shut the fuck up.

In 2008 my gross income was maybe ~130K. Last year it was 450K+. What possible fucking reason do I have to regret the last 8 years? I should love Trump's positions, but I have the extra personal burden of social MORALITY. Gotta admit, Obama was a reasonably socially liberal and pitifully financially conservative President. Based on his own statements Trump would be a horribly socially AND financially REGRESSIVE President.

I probably could have dropped the mike there, but can't... I realize I have been extremely fortunate compared to the average in the last 8 years (I am not in the 1%, but definitely the 2-3%) and have donated significantly to various charities. Have you? We know Trump hasn't, outside of his charity that paid for various lawsuits...

Comment Re: Echo chamber (Score 1) 825

We were not discussing getting AWAY from politics, but discussing IT intelligently. To be honest /. is in the 90th percentile in that compared to most other social media sites.

If you want to get AWAY from that, I totally agree to play a game, have fun, and stay off the big boy discussions. Two different things.

Comment Re:So basically... (Score 1) 578

The reason it is so shocking that things are so polarized in this election, though, is not that it's the usual minor distinctions between white conservatism and white liberalism that was the last election - it's that the (so called) conservative candidate has dredged up divisive racial and religious issues most of the first world thought was dealt with - and HE GOT MASSIVE SUPPORT FOR IT.

And further, the Euro-literati who thought this was a local American affectation soon realized it is spreading. Why? Because the distribution of wealth today is moving away from the prosperous 50's-60's and back to where it was in the early 1900's. Why should it be any surprise that those affected are not reacting to that!?

Comment Re:So basically... (Score 1) 578

And sure, it is your right to not to business with someone you don't agree with, but that makes you an even bigger idiot because that's not how a society will function. It's more Kindergarten behavior.

Not doing business with people you don't agree with is childish? If you have absolutely no moral standards, I guess. But if you do, it seems like the absolute BEST way to express your opinion to the oligopoly given voting is practically useless towards government policy unless money is attached to it...

Comment Re:So basically... (Score 1) 578

Picking and choosing has a down-side too.

Absolutely is does. And apparently they decided the combination of morals + market was advantageous to call out their interpretation of hatred instead of staying silent.

VR is currently a self-selecting market of affluent tech-savvy people. I'd imagine that combination is easily 75%+ are against shitposting Clinton (whether they are Democrats or just decent people).

Honestly I own a Rift, and when I heard this story I was basically ready to dump it for a a Vive unless Oculus (or really FACEBOOK) responds to this stupidity very soon. If you are a supporter of free speech I assume you are also a supporter of free market. Piss off your customer base at your own peril.

Comment Re:Anti-Hillary is not Pro-Trump (Score 1) 825

So far, many more people who have supposedly blasphemed Islam have died for blaspheming it than people have died for supporting Islam.

in America (to be clear)

No, NOT in America, that's his whole (somewhat debatable, but possibly statistically true in the short term) point. Can't believe I need to explain *his* point, but it was that Muslims supporting Sharia law (or Taliban/ISIS controlled regions) have killed more people for blasphemy than have themselves been killed. OBVIOUSLY very few people have died in America for blasphemy or Islam.

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