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Comment Re:DRONE ON (Score 1) 159

It isn't actually. The amount of CO2 being released makes the number of trees required basically impossible.

And then at some point within 100 years or less you aren't saving any CO2 anymore because the trees die and release their CO2 again.

Growing, turning to charcoal and burying is slightly better and the best bet of all is simply not producing so much CO2 in the first place.

Comment Re:DRONE ON (Score 1) 159

The problem is not over population. It's the pollution that comes from the energy they need. You can have 2 people and still produce too much CO2 for the earth to handle or 10 billion and not produce any above the natural norm. Same for waste and trash. It's not the number of people, it's the amount of output.

You simply aren't going to have modern society without billions of people.

And you simply aren't going to revert 7 billion people back to an agrarian economy.

So working to reduce our waste volume is the only realistic plan.

Comment Re:Libreoffice is a thing (Score 2) 125

This is about Microsoft's non-subscription version of Office being able to access the corporate version of OneDrive, so LibreOffice won't help here.

It'd be interesting to see the FOSS community come up with an equivalent to OneDrive (if we could somehow do it without needing a central server, that'd be a major step forward) but a FOSS office suite isn't going to help.

Comment Re:Time to switch (Score 1) 125

Those will still work with the business version of OneDrive after 2020? Or did you misunderstand the summary and think Microsoft is deactivating Office 2016 in 2020 completely?

What Microsoft is announcing is relatively obscure and probably won't affect many people at all. Home users will be completely unaffected. Businesses are largely moving over to Office 365 anyway, the combination of "Corporate OneDrive + non-subscription Office" is pretty unusual.

Switching over to the Mac (or, more easily, to LibreOffice/OpenOffice) won't help in the slightest.

Comment Re:Why would he care? (Score 4, Informative) 145

Note that $400 is the price to consumers, of which I suspect there aren't many. The real value of the machine is in hotels and other hospitality businesses (they like it because it's easy to clean and maintain, and everything arrives ready chopped), and that's where they're selling. To businesses, the machine costs a cool $1200. The articles I've read suggests that there's no difference between the commercial and personal versions of the machine.

So yeah, I think they're making a huge profit out of the press.

Comment Re:Ugh spreadsheets (Score 1) 168

"You can't tell whether the results are correct in any more than trivial cases."

In most cases, I think you can safely assume that non-trivial results are probably mostly wrong. Coding a spreadsheet correctly is no easier than coding the same logic in FORTRAN, Python, or any other relatively sane programming language. Which is to say -- it's damn difficult.

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