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Comment Re:Just click on ADA accessible (Score 1) 325

Now go by some reading glasses.

What good will that do, unless I turn round and go back? Typical millennial - it doesn't matter if your shit is unreadable because it's not worth reading anyway.

Or they were using a touchscreen and it didn't register the 'u' because they were typing too fast. Happens all the time on my slower iPhone 4. Also, the spelling (by vs buy) wouldn't be underlined as a misspelling because it's correctly spelled.

Comment Re:Just click on ADA accessible (Score 1) 325

Now go by some reading glasses, millenials, you're getting old. Stop pretending you're young.

Millenials are probably* going to have poorer eyesight, earlier in life, than prior generations did for two reasons... the wavelength of standard LED lighting (mostly blue ~ 400nm) and the fact that myopia will set in earlier from not exercising the iris enough. *Probably –because they might discover the errors of the previous generations, earlier, and not go down that path!

LED lighting:






Comment Re:Microsoft... (Score 1) 292

Yeah, so the general consensus seems to be that it's MS' fault.

I think it's a problem in Ford's corporate-culture... Just like Samsung, it may be difficult-to-impossible to criticize anything based on the possible loss of one's job.

Regardless, someone's gonna get the pink slip.

Comment Re:Maybe (Score 1) 84

The real problem is greed. You gotta 'keep up with the Jones,' else you're gonna look like a caveman... so go buy all those gadgets now that you have your 2.5 SUVs and .5 Hawaiian bungalow.

Dumb parents just get their kids whatever new device they want –and whatever device they 'think' they need. Then their kids grow up with less imagination and poorer eyesight. Rinse/Repeat.

Steve Jobs was a low-tech parent and there was a reason behind it... he may have been an assh*le, but he wasn't dumb.

Comment Re:The Googleplex is the Surveillance State (Score 1) 61

"Asked about plans to release the national security letter, a Google spokesperson told The Intercept it will release it, though it wouldn't say when or in what form it will do so."

There's this really nifty thing called a Google Doodle... PUT IT THERE!

Transparent and Google are almost contradictory, nowadays.

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