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Comment Re:But what would the adapter connect to? (Score 1) 495

Normally, I'd concur with that assessment of Apple's pro-user base, but not anymore.

Apple has been slowly killing off their pro and power user-base for just a little over a decade --the exact time that the iPhone came out.

Their desktop OS is a joke, anymore. It doesn't even tell me how fast files are transferring from disk-to-disk in the Finder.

Apple stole the Premiere coding team from Adobe back in 90s to make FCP. Those same employees left Apple after the abysmal FCP X release only to revive the Adobe Premiere codebase.

And why did Apple discontinue Shake?? Seriously, this company cares NOT for pro/power users, anymore.

The decision to remove the 35mm jack isn't like the one when they removed the floppy drive...

Comment Re:I mean, c'mon (Score 1) 85

Alibaba confirmed it fired the four this week, after they hacked into the internal website that allows employees to purchase the company's signature mooncakes, with an orange fluffy Alibaba mascot inside.

No no no.. Alibaba hacked the website "with an orange fluffy Alibaba mascot inside."

Hacking websites is an interesting use of a mooncake, I'd say!

Comment Singularity Sky, perhaps? (Score 1) 78

"as an unprecedented technological revolution sweeps over the world..."

I'm wagering ($0) it's something like this book.

Charles Stross writes a good book, for sure, but it's a little slow... too slow for how this amazing tech could/should be used, by the general populace) to make it more exciting.

Comment Descriptors make no sense (Score 1) 84

"Increased hue, along with decreased brightness and saturation, predicted depression,"

hue = saturation

How can I increase hue while simultaneously decreasing it? Even the dictionary gets hue wrong...

hue |(h)yo| - noun - a color or shade

A color, yes, but not a shade... shade is when black is added to a hue; tint is when white is added to it.

Comment (sorta) down to socioeconomics (Score 1) 194

Put your money where you feel it's best-served... giving your money to companies that support (possibly) repressive and/or un-environmental policies need not be given more strength.

If you're an older person that feels companies routinely practice this policy, then don't buy their product.

There's more than one reason I don't shop at Wal-Mart... Whole Foods just made my shit-list.

The worst part is, and I understand this all-too-well, how does one get internet without supporting Comcast, AT&T, etc.?

Comment Re:Another reason (Score 1) 360

I thought the same, yet when that's done here, especially to the youth, it's seen as some sort of 'corporate indoctrination' that ends up locking people into a specific ecosystem.

Perhaps if they taught the main, two OSes -- I believe Swift is the new language Apple is pushing..? -- then maybe they'd get a little more respect. But, simply teaching how to code isn't teaching good design. UX seems to suffer, as well as privacy of app users.

Comment Re:more gifts from the party of small government.. (Score 0) 174

"Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) is the main co-sponsor of the legislation."

That's depressing, considering her fairly-progressive stance on many social issues. Again, you just can't seem to rely on anyone's history --with the exception of Bernie... It appears he's reaching some compromise to endorse Hillary. So sad.

Comment Re:My tax dollars at work, coming to arrest me (Score 5, Interesting) 174

Unfortunately, in this case, Republicans and Democrats wear the same stripes.

What they're doing is called 'overcriminalization' - an effect of people NOT breaking the current laws enough to continue making a profit incarcerating law-abiding people.

More at the (I know... I know..) Heritage Foundation:

Comment Re:They overcharge by 100% (Score 1) 101

The gross profit analysis ignores the cost of cable infrastructure.

I call shenanigans!

Not a convincing argument when the telcoms graciously took $200 billion of taxpayer money to build the infrastructure via the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

We're now called the 'broadband backwater' of the world when compared to S Korea, Japan, etc. who had less time to build faster and cheaper access to the internet.

Also, not convincing when these clowns were recently found by the U.S. Senate of overcharging their customers for years amounting to millions of dollars.

They're all crooks looking to protect their monopoly... mainly by suing community-funded-and-controlled networks from ever being created citing 'unfair' competition!

Comment Re:They overcharge by 100% (Score 1) 101

There's one easy solution. Competition.

Unfortunately, the cable companies own more than enough politicians to prevent that from happening.

You use that C-word like you've never heard of muni-wifi. You do acknowledge the seemingly-utter fruitlessness of trying to compete against companies in established industries. Yeah, it's a shame that communities are hamstrung by their state's congress critters when they try a DIY approach.

Comment Re:They overcharge by 100% (Score 1) 101

Corporations are not people, therefore crime is not criminal

Lie, Cheat, Steal... Corporations are sociopaths defined by their very mission --profit!

After SCOTUS declared corporations have free speech (Citizens United) regarding political spending, they're getting closer-and-closer to the legal definition of a 'person'.

+ First National Bank of Boston v. Bellotti (1978) cleared the way for massive increases in corporate corruption of politics. Spending money to influence politics is now a corporate “right.” Justice Rehnquist’s dissent here is a recommended read.

+ Austin v. Michigan Chamber of Commerce (1990) Upheld limits on corporate spending in elections


Individuals within a corporation, however, can still go to jail if they were found culpable.

Mark Kasky alleged five (5) high-level Nike employees knew about poor-to-unsafe working conditions in Nike's overseas factories when he filed his complaint to the court in 1998 --and what did SCOTUS do when that case got to them...? **Punt**

Comment And what about marijuana?? (Score 1) 71

The Nixon administration systematically-destroyed the commissioned-study by the Medical College of Virginia that showed Delta-9-THC killed many cancerous cell-types, both benign and malignant. From that study:

Delta-9-THC, delta-8-THC, and cannabinol (CBN) all inhibited primary Lewis lung tumor growth, whereas cannabidiol (CBD) enhanced tumor growth. Oral administration of 25, 50, or 100 mg delta-9-THC/kg inhibited primary tumor growth 8, 72, and 75 percent respectively, when measured 12 days post tumor inoculation. On day 19, mice given delta-9-THC had a 34 percent reduction in primary tumor size. On day 30, primary tumor size of 76 percent that of controls and only those given 100 mg delta-9-THC/kg had a significant increase in survival time (36 percent).

In Feburary 2000, Dr. Manuel Guzman, et. al., of Complutense University found that THC killed 'incurable' brain tumors --emphasis added, as they're not as 'incurable' as once thought. The main findings:

Delta-9 THC, the main active component of marijuana, induces apoptosis of transformed neural cells in culture. Here, we show that intratumoral administration of delta-9-THC and the synthetic cannabinoid agonist WIN-55,212-2 induced a considerable regression of malignant gliomas in Wistar rats and in mice deficient in recombination activating gene 2. Cannabinoid treatment did not produce any substantial neurotoxic effect in the conditions used. Experiments with two subclones of C6 glioma cells in culture showed that cannabinoids signal apoptosis by a pathway involving cannabinoid receptors, sustained ceramide accumulation and Raf1/extracellular signal-regulated kinase activation. These results may provide the basis for a new therapeutic approach for the treatment of malignant gliomas.

Source for both studies is at:

Apoptosis is the key word here. Everyone has cancerous cells most of the time in their life, yet our immune system should be capable of taking care of the problem. The main problem is that too many people are fat, sick, and tired from too many toxic 'hits' from the environment, e.g., pollution, off-gassing from the many plastics in our house and car, like carpet and dashboards. Not to mention that you can't have clean food without clean water and air...

It's been shown that The Gerson Therapy (Max and Emily, his daughter) can give your immune system that boost it needs to put cancer back in remission --remission is a weird word, as a healthy person is constantly in remission, as their immune system is working properly. These mainly-raw food diets have also been shown to reverse Type-2 diabetes, as well as help Type-1 diabetics use up to 60% less insulin.

Let's not forget about stem cells. They can do soooo much if only we could get over the concept that 'viable stem cells' need to come from fetal-only sources. A clinic in Broomfield, Colorado was having amazing results with cloning individuals' adult stem cells and injecting them, directly, to sites that were damaged; like torn tendon and ligament. In post-Jesus Bush's world, stem cells get the short shaft because of religious fundamentalism while researchers in Europe, China, etc. get to have all the fun.

So, why the hell is CRISPR getting human trials before mice, chimps, etc?? It's an amazing piece of technology that was bound to come along, but it's potential for abuse is probably being studied as I write this... The Pentagon wants super-soldiers that can heal like Wolverine/Deadpool, y'know. We all know what trouble that led to the crew of the Enterprise... KAHN!!!!!!

And, I can't help but remember that Star Trek:TNG episode where the researchers discovered that they were being sickened by the genetically-enhanced children, of whom they modified their immune system to perform at peak-operating level.

So, to cap it off, THC is good, m'kay..? Technology isn't bad, but the ethics of its use need to be properly discussed.

Comment Re:appeal (Score 2) 309

If you must assign labels, you have them backwards.

"If this case make it to the current SCOTUS, it will probably end up a 4-4 split, with the progressive side saying, "If you want the data, get a god damned warrant," and the conservative side saying, "Give us all your data, you have nothing to hide, right?"

Progressive = Liberal = Bernie Sanders (but !Hillary--she's a vote for status quo, unfortunately)
Conservative = Scared/Reactionary = Nixon, Reagan/Bush x2/yes, even Bill Clinton and Obama --I'm not bashing the Democratic party's political agenda, but they party has done the exact opposite thing they're supposed to be doing, which is address the multiple reasons income inequality has eroded the strength and size of the middle class.

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