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Comment Re:friends, fanbois, what's the difference? (Score 1) 119

It's the solar panels for homes that's really freaking cool, IMO... and that specific product that will translate to more homeowners owning a piece of Elon's Empire well-before they'd be able to own a Tesla. It also has the potential to kill electricity utilities when those panels are combined with the home battery system that Tesla created.

Very cool!

Comment Re:Laugh Test (Score 1) 158

I think we've all forgotten how to laugh, because so many of these fake news stories do not even pass the laugh test.

Not the issue! If you want to laugh, just read The Onion... or /. on April 1...

If I get an inadvertent laugh because of true news, then that's just icing on the bread (bread, since most news sucks and definitely isn't worthy of being called 'cake'.)

But journalists not confirming before they publish is just irresponsible... and could be dangerous.

"...was reported by Fox News, the New York Post,Variety and other news organizations..."

After seeing which news outlets jumped the gun for eyeballs over brains, it's understandable, however. Makes me wonder if solikearose works for Fox News -now that sounds like a (fake?) news story!

The Media

False Porn-on-CNN Report Shows How Quickly Fake News Spreads ( 158

Slashdot reader xtsigs writes: "No, despite what you read, CNN did not run porn for 30 minutes Thursday, as was reported by Fox News, the New York Post, Variety and other news organizations, several of which later corrected their stories," reports USA Today. The story goes on to explain how the story started (a single tweet), how it was quickly picked up by media outlets (without verifying if CNN actually did, in truth, broadcast porn), how it was then retracted by some outlets (but not others).

Other outlets jumped on the story of the story while, as of early Saturday morning some sites are still running the original story claiming CNN did, in fact, broadcast 30 minutes of porn.

Comment Re:Conclusions Can Be Amusing (Score 1) 80

I'm super 'outdoorsy,' but I refuse to use sunscreen.

A growing group of doctors and nutritionists believe the hyper-vigilant attitude to using sunscreen in the USA is actually hurting us more than helping. They cite a lack of vitamin D3 is more dangerous than the damage the sun could/can cause during daily exposure.

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