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Submission + - Lucasfilm, Disney use DMCA to take down picture of legally purchased toy figure (

think_nix writes: Torrentfreak reports in the awaking of the new star wars film, how Lucasfilm and Disney are gearing up for DMCA take down notices regarding the new film. However, reports have come in when Star Wars Action News posted an update to facebook with a picture of a legally purchased Star Wars Rey action figure, which was taken down through the DMCA. Further abusive take downs have occured, which in turn have caused some fan sites to go down. explained through their twitter account, which had to be taken down simply for reposting the picture from Star Wars Action News.

Submission + - EU Ministers backing GMO Food. Allowing Nation States Approve or Deny.

think_nix writes: As reported from EU Parliament with a controversial follow up at rt . The EU Parliament is paving way for EU Nation States to decide on banning or allowing GMO grown foods within their respective territories. A further article at der Spiegel (German) (google translate) quotes the German Health Minister if countries cannot specifically scientifically argument the ban, this would allow GMO companies to initiate legal actions against the banning ruling states. Furthermore it was noted, given EU Parliaments current stance on not reintroducing border and customs controls between member states, this will make checks and controls of GMO foods between member states even more difficult. Also noting that the recently passed EU consumer food label law has no mention of GMO foods.

Submission + - Is the game publishing model broken ? (

think_nix writes: The first debate at the Dice Summit asked this very question. Analyst Michael Pachter said, 'publishing model today is a broken system that exploits the creative talents of game developers'. Also Ars Technica quotes him again saying, 'The big publishers have mimicked the worst of Hollywood's focus on retreads and sequels'. So is the 'golden age' of gaming finally over for publishers ?

Submission + - DC Comics copyright suit over replicated Batmobile (

think_nix writes: Wired reports of U.S. District Judge Ronald S. W. Lew siding with DC Comics in the federal copyright court case against Gotham Garage owner Mark Towle. DC claims Towle of selling "unlicensed replica vehicle modification kits based on vehicle design copyrights from plaintiff’s Batman property, including various iterations of the fictional automobile, the Batmobile." Lew noted that, "DC Comics pleads sufficient facts to support its allogations. Although , generally copyright law does not apply to “useful articles” such as autos."

Submission + - Stallman, "Android not free software" (

think_nix writes: In an article for the Guardian Richard Stallman arguments the fact that Google's Android is not free software. Stallman arguments, "Combining Linux with code under the Apache 2.0 license would be copyright infringement". He also arguments binary blobs with no source code released, to proprietary firmware drivers and google not releasing the code of the last few versions essentially making Android "non free".

Submission + - RIAA Threatens ICANN with lawsuit (

think_nix writes: A letter from Victoria Sheckler, Deputy General Counsel the RIAA to ICANN threatens to sue ICANN over the future implementation of the .music gTLD if certain "measures" are not met by ICANN in compliance with the RIAA. The letter states and points out such concerns as 'Community Objections', 'Lack of Transparency' , and 'Malicious Conduct' the reasons of concern from the RIAA.

As noted above, we are concerned that a music themed gTLD will be used to enable wide scale copyright and trademark infringment

Submission + - Warrant served to Perfect Privacy admin (

think_nix writes: On Friday a warrant was served to one of the perfect privacy admins in Erfurt, Germany. The warrant was served on the "suspicion" that unknown suspects had routed illegal communications over the privacy servers in Erfurt. According to the source, 5 encrypted computers were taken from the admin although routers and servers belonging to perfect privacy were left intact. Perfect Privacy has estimated damages to be around 6,000k — 6,5000 Euros , and has since contacted an attorney to try and gain access to police records.

Submission + - Fedora 13 Released (

think_nix writes: Fedora 13 has been officially released. Following with the official release announcement email. Fedora 13 includes GNOME 2.30, KDE 4.4, experimental 3D support for NVIDIA video cards, NFS version 4, and a Python 3 stack installed parallel to an existing Python stack, to name just a few. The full Feature List can be viewed here. You can get fedora here.

Submission + - Pirate Bay shuts down tracker (

think_nix writes: The Pirate Bay has shut down their bit torrent tracker. Instead TPB is now using DHT [torrentfreak] (Distributed Hash Table) to distribute the torrents. TPB Blog [thepiratebay] states that DHT along with PEX (Peer Exchange) Technology is just as effective if not better for finding peers than a centralized service. The local (thelocal se) reports that shutting down the tracker and implementing DHT & PEX could be due to the latest court rulings in Sweden against 2 of tpb owners, and may decide the outcome of the case.
Linux Business

Submission + - Virtualization Woes

think_nix writes: With server and application virtualization and the current technologies associated with it becoming more of an issue in Server Infrastructure, I would like to ask what current linux enterprise implementations are others using? For starters we have RHEL & KVM , RHEL & XEN , Citrix & XEN , SLES & XEN , and Vmware ESX & Co. Each vendor's reps I listed here says their product is the best at what it does, question is how is it in the real world ? Who's kool-aid are you drinking ?
The Internet

Submission + - UK ISP disconnects customers for file sharing

think_nix writes: Without any kind of warning, Karoo the only ISP in the area of Hull disconnects subscribers if they fileshare or are even suspected of filesharing. Copyright owners are also working with Karoo helping them identify and report suspected filesharers using their services . In order to get back service the first time subscribers then have to sign a waiver stating they will not do it again to have service restored. The original bbc Article here states that some subscribers have even had their access cut off for more than two years.
The Courts

Submission + - No retrial in tpb Case (

think_nix writes: According to this article The Swedish Court of Appeals found the judge not to be biased and therefore their will be no retrial in tpb Case. Also tpb has been requested to appear in Court in the Netherlands (in german). For some reason the mail couldn't be delivered to tpb in Sweden so the Brein Foundation (english) has requested tpb appearance through twitter and facebook.
Data Storage

Submission + - FBI 2010 Budget Request: Surveillance & Biomet (

think_nix writes: ABC Article here writes:
"The budget request shows that the FBI is currently developing a new "Advanced Electronic Surveillance" program which is being funded at $233.9 million for 2010. The program has 133 employees, 15 of whom are agents."

"According to FBI officials, the program is designed to help the agency deal with changing technology and ways to intercept phone calls such as those used by VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phones or technology such as Skype. The program is also conducting research on ways to conduct automated analysis to look for links between subjects of surveillance and other investigative suspects. "

"Another high-tech program includes the development of the Biometric Technology Center, a joint Justice, FBI and DoD program. Building the center will cost $97.6 million and will serve as a research and development center for biometric technology"

"Eventually, the Biometric project will be a vast database of personal data including fingerprints, iris scans and DNA which the FBI calls the Next Generation Identification (NGI)."

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