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Trump Calls For Russia To Cyber-Invade the United States To Find Clinton's 'Missing' Emails ( 815

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump publicly called on the Russian hackers allegedly responsible for the recent leak of DNC emails to launch another cyber-attack on the United States, this time to hack emails from Hillary Clinton's tenure as secretary of State, according to reporters who attended the press conference Wednesday. (Alternate source: NYTimes, Quartz, and MotherJones) "Russia, if you're listening, I hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing," Trump said. "I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press."

Clinton came under investigation for her use of a personal email address while serving as secretary of state. After turning over to the FBI all correspondence about government business during her years in the State Department, Clinton revealed at a press conference last year that she had deleted about half of her emails that pertained to personal matters, like her daughter's wedding. Attorney General Loretta Lynch ultimately decided not to pursue criminal charges against Clinton. Update: Here's a video of Trump saying that.

Comment JESUS FUCK (Score 0) 675

A foreign government hacked US political party email in an attempt to influence an election and all people care about are the same old party insider bullshit that has happened forever in party politics. People may not like to hear this but a political party can select or favor whoever they want. People don't have to like it but it isn't illegal. Hell, people didn't even used to get to nominate before. I voted for Bernie in the primary but get over it already. He lost. Now it's time to keep the most unqualified lunatic from obtaining the most important and powerful position in the world. We can discuss how to change the political process later. Like it or not only two people have a chance to be President now. Avoid the potential disaster of Trump and at least we'll still have a shitty political process to fix.

Comment Re:Gaben Ain't Dumb (Score 1) 400

That depends on two things:

The OpenGL stack. AMD hasn't put the same effort NVidia has into making OpenGL fast. At the moment, almost every 3D program on Linux is using OpenGL.

The porting technique. Some of the games are Linux native, while others use an API translation layer, which includes every game coded against DirectX.

Comment Re:Interesting ... but not things I use much (Score 2, Interesting) 365

100% behind you. Did they add what I actually need ?
  • - readable fonts. The current font aliasing is horrible, horrible, horrible. Yes, they provide ways to tweak it, but it's useless gobshite. Even external tweakers can't seem to make them less fuzzy and more readable.
  • - a Win2K theme. WinXP if you want to go extra fancy (not me).
  • - a file explorer window without all the extra shit of 'anything goes' as virtual folders. And with proper indentation of trees, not just 2 pixels. And lines.
  • - actual buttons where there is something to press. Grey on grey without border doesn't fucking count. I have to click at random on your stupid shit of a user interface to figure out where the buttons are and where the comments are yah fucking cunts.
  • - a single button (or a single page) to disable all the spy stuff, instead of having to find 2 page-long list on forums and downloads utility progs to do it for me.
  • - give us an option to get rid of all the ribbons and replace them with old-style menus with accelerator keys, it saves a lot of vertical real estate and your icons look like shit. If I wanted to have stupid looking icons everywhere instead of plain text, I'd learn chinese (no offence to the chinese).

Yes, I hate it. All the good stuff has been replaced with wastes of time and ugly shit. If I hate it so much, why do I use it ? It's in a VM under Linux for the 3 windows programs I still need to use.

Comment Models and simulations (Score 1) 506

I've long wondered why models and simulations aren't used a lot more in economic and political matters. They're used everywhere in physics and engineering, even when there are many unknowns (look at the Lorenz equation of climate models and how much it's improved since then). So why aren't modelisations with positive outcomes OBLIGATORY before voting some new laws that nobody really knows if it'll improve things or not ? Models may not be perfect but they provide a starting point and WILL be improved.

Comment Re:Got that, Microsoft shills? (Score 1) 157

The fact is you're avoiding the point, the point is that to some people privacy invasion is a harm like verbal harassment is a harm. Google are worse in reading peoples personal communications of course but there is better competition in email providers, if you're a PC gamer then there is nothing on a par with windows for the number of games available and at far better prices via seasonal sales etc.

Comment Not hereditary, but can be (Score 1) 93

The Sichuan University trial, it is important to note, does not edit the germ-line; its effects will not be hereditary.

This test run may not be, but this technique can not only be applied to germ-line cells, but also made 'super-hereditary'. When you change germ-line cells, they are transmitted only in half the cases, no matter if dominant or recessive. But they found a technique to have the modifications transmitted every time ! I don't remember the name of that technique though.

Comment Re:Got that, Microsoft shills? (Score 2) 157

The situation is still the same. What is the collected data? last time MS responded, the data collected was no more than what you search engine collects. It was definitively less harmful than the data your GPS or cell phone carrier collects. Christ, your credit card, your bank and your air miles card have far more important data and they use it in whatever way they see fit (within the confine of the law).

I have yet to hear a case where this collection of data was detrimental to an individual

So, you wouldn't mind if we put webcams in every room of your house and streamed live 24/7 because hey, it wouldn't harm you, would it.

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