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Comment Re: Just another mindless attack (Score 1) 493

Seriously? You're going to go with the "if it's not Brietbart it's fake news" angle? The whole incident was described on a Trump supporter's / Mar-a-Lago member's facebook page, and in a bunch of other sources. Even Sean Spicer didn't try to deny it.

Getting back from your attempt to change the subject, keep in mind that Mar-a-Lago is just a piece of evidence in a longer chain. Trump has spent an entire campaign bragging about breaking rules - there's no reason to believe he'd start following rules about when he can have his phone if he didn't want to.

Comment Re: Just another mindless attack (Score 3, Informative) 493

But if they are whoever tasked at keeping the situation secure should be fired.
Nobody was fired after this:

The president gets to make the rules - everyone else just gets to make suggestions. So if Trump wants to overrule someone who tells him to not bring his android phone into a SCIF, he can. And the Mar-a-Lago example indicates that he might be willing to do exactly that.

Comment Re: Just another mindless attack (Score 2) 493

And within 30 seconds of reading your post, I came up with the idea of storing recordings on a phone, and then forwarding them later when the signal isn't blocked.

Except that I didn't actually come up with that idea, it's how many real world apps work (and how much eavesdropping malware works).

Comment Re:Follow Proper Procedure: Call Company's Legal D (Score 1) 626

Now, slightly different case. Hear me out:
- You work for a FOREIGN gov agency on critical material (say nuclear for instance)
- You are invited to the US for a collaboration, so you take work (encrypted) laptop with you.
- You are not allowed by your gov to give access to anyone
- At US border, TSA asks for access.
What do you do ? What CAN you do ?

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