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Comment Re:Parts (Score 1) 365

I read the 1st volume when I was a high school student in the 80s. I knew Basic and Assembly and some Forth at the time. Book 2 and 3 weren't available at the library at the time so I never got around to read them. Anyway, my question is: what is MMIX, and how does it differ with MIX which was rather limited, even for the 6502 programmer I was at the time ?

Comment Pretty much anything nowadays (Score 1) 278

I have recently installed several Dell and HP pro laptops with kubuntu without a hitch. For family, friends and work colleagues. Everything worked out of the box and if you install from a USB key, it takes about 10 minutes to install, reboot, aptitude update and full-upgrade, reboot, done.

On the other hand I tried a CentOS install, but the kernel was so old (3.10 for crying out loud) that it didn't recognize several recent hardware. I saw that and installed kubuntu over it.

Comment Re: Going to be dead on arrival (Score 1) 104

gah, I thought fuel cells held enough hydrogen to do the job. Still I don't see why trucks can't carry hydrogen containers.. but they don't make sense unless they are more energy dense / cheaper than batteries in this case. Upside of hydrogen is it could be created from renewable energy when that energy is in over-supply and cheap.

Comment Re: Going to be dead on arrival (Score 1) 104

1. And? You forgot the minus signs for F and C.
2. Are you telling me they can't put it in a tank designed to store liquid hydrogen?
3. OK.
4. So what, it's not like having a 4x bigger tank is a problem, or by factor of 4 did you mean 1000x as it could be read.

Your post seems to be trying to say it's not possible without actually having any good reasons why.

Comment Re:Bad for the UK, but good for the world (Score 1) 394

I was just looking on how to get my entire household onto a permanent VPN, since a yearly VPN account is now only a few 10s of dollars. Checking into the ADSL modem deep option, I see a very convenient VPN client mode. No need for an extra router to act as VPN client between local network and ADSL modem. You just tell the ADSL modem to put all traffic through the VPN. Bang, done. If Estonia or wherever that comes out today wants to spy on it, fine then.

Comment Re:About to be excited (Score 3, Interesting) 193

"There are indications that it is possible to find parts of both rhinoviruses (which cause cold) and flu viruses that are sufficiently stable to allow us to develop vaccines against all of them"

Ahh but if that were the case I wouldn't still be getting colds because I'd have developed a natural immunity against them, I haven't, we don't, vaccines won't work.

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