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Comment Re:You're outsourcing the jobs! Then you complain! (Score 1) 113

"cost of living increase"

The govt have neglected housing for 3 decades, it's a roundabout cause of brexit - cost of living is too much because of stagnant wages, soaring houses prices and rents, both affected by immigration. Funny thing is the middle classes flat out refuse to accept that more people going after jobs = lower wage or that more people trying to rent or buy = higher housing costs, it's a very weird denial of the most fundamental aspect of capitalism which is 'supply and demand'. But hey, easier to just chant 'racism'.


Ontario Launches Universal Basic Income Pilot ( 521

Reader epiphani writes: The Ontario Government will pilot universal basic income in a $50M program supporting 4,000 households over a 3 year period. While Slashdot has vigorously debated universal basic income in the past, and even Elon Musk has predicted it's necessity, experts continue to debate and gather data on the approach in the face of increasing automation. Ontario's plan will study three communities over three years, with participants receiving up to $17,000 annually if single, and $24,000 for families.

Comment Re: DRONE ON (Score 1) 280

I think billions is too many, it would be hard for us to live sustainably with so many people, we're buggering up everything, the from the ocean floors to the rivers, land and air, wiping out species on every continent. Over fishing, 'intensive' farming, too much deforestation etc.

Comment Re:No brainer (Score 4, Insightful) 174

It should be even easier than that. should archive everything, including the robot.txt contents, at each scan.

The content being displayed from the website itself however could then still honor robots.txt at the time of the scan, purely for "display" purposes.

This way changing robots.txt to block search engines would not delete or hide any previous information.
Also the new information would still be in the archive, even if not displayed due to the current robots.txt directives.

Although it would require more work to do so properly, this would potentially allow for website owners to retroactively "unhide" content in the archive in the past as well.
Proper in this case would require some way to verify the domain owner, but this could likely be as simple as creating another specifically named text file in the websites root path, with content provided by the archive.
That can be as simple as the old school "cookie" data like so many other services use such as Google, or as complex as a standard that allows date ranges specified along with directives.

But in any case, this would preserve copies of the website for future use, such as for when copyright protection expires.
Despite everyone having a differing opinion on just how long "limited time" should be in "securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries", no one who wants to be taken seriously can argue that this time of expiration must happen at some point.
Since the vast majority of authors make no considerations to protect our property, that task clearly needs to fall on us to secure.

Comment Re:DRONE ON (Score 1, Insightful) 280

"You simply aren't going to have modern society without billions of people."
I don't see why not quite honestly, a few hundred million could easily be enough.

" You can have 2 people and still produce too much CO2 for the earth to handle "
Now you're being silly.

"And you simply aren't going to revert 7 billion people back to an agrarian economy. "
So what, I've never heard anyone suggest we should do this.

Less people = less waste. The problem is one of polluting less and recycling more, and reducing the human footprint upon the ecosystem. Clean energy is not a problem, we've solved that 10 times over.

Comment Re: Any sufficiently advanced technology... (Score 1) 166

We used Oraquick as part of a study of high-risk individuals, and would confirm positive results. It's also a fairly economic way to do quarterly screenings for people who are in high risk categories. Of course, an individual with the means, would opt for a full screening if they were worried about exposure from a particular event.

It's used in developed nations primarily in the same way it's used in developing nations - for people who do not necessarily have the resources for and access to medical care. Inexpensive and better than nothing.

Comment Re:Any sufficiently advanced technology... (Score 1) 166

In general, people in Africa probably have a lot more understanding of HIV/AIDS and the testing procedures than people in the West do. For example:

You say that HIV testing requires drawing blood and testing at a lab. Nope - HIV testing can now be done with saliva, in a cheap ($40) device, and give you results in about 15 minutes. A person in a country with a high rate of infection would very likely be at least somewhat familiar with such a thing considering that those tests are vastly cheaper than the old blood tests. Moreover, as far back as 2015, there was a smartphone dongle that came out that can test for HIV.

Given that we have gone from tests that required a doctor visit, could take days for results, and required blood to tests that can be done anywhere, require a little spit, and 15 minutes to get results, it absolutely wouldn't surprise me that someone would think that advances made it so that perhaps sweat from a fingertip could be analyzed to give a diagnosis. Given that we have gone from gigantic, hideously expensive satellite phones that didn't do anything but allow you to (barely) make and receive calls, to tiny, dirt cheap, and ridiculously capable smart phones, it absolutely wouldn't surprise me that someone might think that a phone could now be capable of performing that analysis.

And finally, she probably knows many, many, many people who have HIV or have died from AIDS. In many countries in Africa, HIV/AIDS is a common, everyday thing that many people deal with, either as having it or having people close to them who have it. To say someone is stupid because they allow a prank app that's just shy of feasible and that preys on an omnipresent threat - that's not just ignorant, but cruel.

Comment Re: Oh, this is going to be great (Score 1) 250

What part of co2 is a greenhouse gas don't you believe in, its a simple concept that is easily proved in a lab and humans have released staggering amounts of. Co2 into the atmosphere, enough to blanket the entire globe with several inches of co2. If you had a greenhouse with several inches of glass, it would heat up inside substantially., we're very lucky that the ocean's have taken most of the heat energy because if it hadn't we'd be very very fkkd right now, 30deg C hotter iirc. Where fkkn preview gone?

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