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Comment Re:Those that don't study history (Score 1) 113

I find these comments to be utterly stupid. Have you ever worked anywhere before? Can you possibly imagine non-engineers trying to use IRC for a collaboration tool? Even engineers can find the easy to use interface helpful. Look. I love IRC. I even ran an IRC server for a couple of years but insisting it is enough for most people is nonsense or people would have been using it in the office for collaboration for decades and it would be entrenched by now. There is a reason Slack and its competitors have blown up in recent years. It is a necessary niche. Now we are just waiting to see someone perfect the idea.

Comment Re:Because it mostly doesn't matter? (Score 1) 113

Wow. This is exactly the type of attitude that leads to serious data breaches. Not using secure tools for collaboration is increasingly becoming a regulatory risk as well. I need this security for my job and believe it or not most other people do too even if it is just to comply with regulations but also because breaches on smaller companies is becoming more and more common. Just leaking some personal information of one person can be enough to trigger notification laws in some states.

Comment Re:Great! Competition FTW! (Score 1) 113

Teams is actually pretty nice for me. It's different than just a chat app. It is a great tool for collaboration. I am currently trying it out for a few projects where I have to work with a few different people and am loving it. I like being able to assign ToDo lists, integration with OneNote (which everyone on my team uses) and of course the Microsoft Office integration. Combine that with audio/video meetings and screen sharing and it pretty much solved all of our issues with missing software.

So for example we had a kickoff meeting for a project we are working on for a client. I take notes with the OneNote component and everyone on my Team can see it right away. Then someone on my team can start a conversation based on the notes. Maybe I missed something or they need something clarified. We requested some docs from the client. I can upload them into Teams for everyone to access. I also needed to create some procedural documents. I can do that right from within teams or launch Word externally to do it. I could split up the workload and create separate tasks or lists for people on my team to tackle. I just started using it and have only scratched the service but it is exactly what I was looking for. We were doing most of this stuff already but with disparate software and no easy way to correlate all the necessary documents and information to its own channel.

Comment Much ado about nothing (Score 1, Flamebait) 454

Again. This is nothing. She and her aides WERE the State Department at the time. Of course her input was needed. It's amazing how people make so much about boring everyday shit with the Hillary but completely ignore the horrible or completely stupid things every other Presidential candidate has said. She gets shit on for doing her job, or being a politician, or being upset she was cheated on. All normal shit. None of the other candidates know shit about foreign policy in a very delicate time internationally. Trump is a narcissistic sexual assault machine who makes the average bro blush. Johnson is an airhead that looks like a deer in headlights whenever he is interviewed. Jill Stein is an anti-vaxxer, need I say more? How is this even a decision to be made? One person running for President is qualified. I'm sorry you don't lover her but the others are just a complete disaster.

Comment Re:Fuck Off McAfee! (Score 1) 149

You conveniently left out how he plans to:

1. Take power away from and even punish the free press.
2. Allow more countries to have nuclear weapons
3. Cede Eastern Europe to Russia
4. Punish women for having abortions
5. Contest the election when he loses
6. Try to force our ally to fund building a ridiculous wall between our countries

No one who reads Slashdot should be supporting Trump. This is news for nerds, not news for rubes.

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