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Comment Re:Free market unleashed (Score 1) 365

That's pretty bad, considering there are only 50 states.

It's not that bad. States have multiple state universities. Here in Texas, you have University of Texas, Texas State, Texas A&M and then individual branches of those schools in various places, all which rank independently.

Comment Re:Wind and Solar are Environmental Disasters (Score 1) 489

You misunderstood my point. It's still radioactive and could be used as a terrorist weapon even tho the fatality rate is low (I think under 100 since 1950). It doesn't have to be at instant death levels to pollute areas so throughly that they are considered uninhabitable. So you have to protect storage well.

Comment Re:Free market unleashed (Score 1) 365

UTD for instance has some top 1-2% graduate programs of ALL out there

I can't take your word for that. Do you have some citation for that? Which UTD grad programs are in the top 1-2%? I know for sure it's none of their STEM programs. The MBA program is good, but MBA is kind of "grad school lite", if you know what I mean.

Comment Which won't happen, they aren't a monopoly (Score 1) 201

All the monopoly regulations on them expired and with Apple and Linux where they are now, you'd have a lot of trouble convincing a court MS is a monopoly. In the desktop market they are still the big dog, but Apple is a major competitor. Macs are all over the place. In the server market MS is a big player, but so is Linux. I don't know what the split is, but it wouldn't surprise me to find out Linux is on top. In the mobile arena MS is a nothing. Linux (in the form of Android) is by far the biggest with iOS coming in #2.

Thus there's no argument to be made for a monopoly position. When there's very real competition out there in all segments of your market, you aren't a monopoly. Well if you aren't a monopoly, then anti-competition laws don't apply. Companies are free to lock-in their own solution. Again for a great example see Apple, who (tried to) lock their software to their hardware and puts everything in their own controlled ecosystem.

Sorry, but the MS monopoly ship has sailed. Unless the market changes significantly, they are just another player, which means they can do this kind of thing.

Comment Re:Sad to see Trump... (Score 1) 365

Given Trump's buisiness acumen, no, I don't believe we CAN work out a deal now with better terms. Given his choices in cabinet positions, I can't see his negotiators being effective at anything other than giving Trump money and saying whatever nonsense he tells them to say. Given his statements on free trade, I don't see free trade being an issue. Given his insistence that America comes first in all things, and failure to identify the real causes of job losses among the flyover states, I don't see his priorities being at all aligned with what America should want. Given the fact that he tore up the hard work of the diplomats on both sides, I can't imagine any countries being interested in wasting much time negotiating with him.

Finally, absolutely nothing the man has said makes me think that any of the issues that concern intelligent people about the TPP will be addressed.

So, you're right, I guess we can feasibly work out another better trade deal, it's possible he'll grow an inoperable brain tumor that will suddenly turn him into a rational human being, but realistically, no, Obama's TPP was better than anything we're going to get in the next four years.

By the time a sane president is elected, I expect it will be too late to get control over the Pacific. China doesn't suffer from uninformed white trash idiots weighing in on foreign policy with countries they can't locate on a labeled globe, so they aren't going to suffer a similar setback. They will set up deals that will cement China as the major power of the area for the rest of our lives. Which, given the idiocy of voters here, might be a good thing.

Comment Re:That's great.. (Score 1) 92

Luckily, we have a fair number of historical examples drawn from the lower-tech world of competition for the water of a given river between multiple parties that live along it.

Atmospheric moisture flows require more sophistication to track and exploit; but conflict patters should be pretty similar. Good thing land wars in Asia never go poorly!

Comment Re:Before you think about this, answer me that: (Score 1) 343

Please point out the differences. Please do!

I got told time and again that Ds and Rs are so vastly different, but in the end what was eventually touted as the huge dividing topics was petty, insignificant bullshit that may actually affect people on a personal level like abortion or gay marriage, but that has neither any impact on 99% of the population nor on their economic situation, their chances or their prospects.

Comment Re:Free market unleashed (Score 1) 365

Seems in Texas, "other people's money" hasn't been an issue. But we do not just hand out "welfare" to everybody who asks here...

Texas throws around a lot of other people's money to corporations. In fact, they lead the nation in giving other people's money to corporations.

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