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Comment Re:Russians didn't cause Hillary! to lose (Score 1) 307

>Hillary! might have had a chance had if she weren't an unlikable corrupt harpy and if she had some accomplishment to her name other than marrying Bill. You're right. If she had accomplishments like, say graduating from Yale law school, spearheading the clinton health care reform effort, surviving 30 years of ruthless attacks by conservatives, being a senator, being secretary of state, running the Clinton foundation which helped to lower HIV treatment to affordable levels among whatever else it does, and winning the democratic primary by a large margin, she might have, I dunno, won millions of more votes in the presidential election!

/s Seriously? Lack of accomplishments when compared to Don Trump? +4 insightful? "Unlikeable harpy?"

I think it's wildly optimistic to suggest that Russian propaganda is driving this unfortunately. I would prefer to think there weren't people out there this badly deluded, but I can't, Americans really are so stupid they think the DNC rigged it against Sanders and the electoral college overturning the vote is totally 100% fair.

Comment A little honesty, finally. (Score 1) 212

a new global study has revealed that the many CEOs now value technology over people when it comes to the future of their businesses

They're now in the process of figuring out how to program an AI to buy their products.

Personally, I'm betting that we'll soon hear about a Guaranteed Minimum Income for robots.

Comment Re:The survey between the commercials. (Score 1) 82

Score isn't everything. Sometimes there are especially good plays. Other times, the way in which the final score was reached plays a factor -- if there was a last-minute turnaround, for example.

To me, the same rules apply as with spoilers for movies. Personally, I really don't care about spoilers. If the "surprise twist" sounds really dumb, I guess I'll save some money. If it sounds good, I'll see the movie even though I know how it will end, because there's more to the experience of watching it than just the summary.

Comment Re:Unclear (Score 2) 276

Provable, eh? So, tell me how a middle class white guy is more privileged than Obama.

Obama's successor is the best proof of white privilege.

Or is the NBA and NFL just a bunch of racists because of black privilege in sports.

That has been the argument of racists since Jesse Owens won four gold medals in Berlin, 1936 and shattered the notion of white superiority. Well done.

Comment Also nothing supports it (Score 3, Interesting) 59

I mean the newest devices support it in hardware, but it has to be a very new chip to have H.265 support. The vast majority of devices in use don't. For computers you could do it in software but that isn't ideal, since H.265 decoding is rather heavy so you'd hit the CPU pretty hard, whereas hardware accelerated H.264 would hit it almost not at all. For mobile/embedded devices though it just won't work. Too CPU intensive to do in software, so people need a new device.

Comment Re:Unclear (Score 2) 276

You should judge people as individuals, not simply based on their race or gender.

Privilege is not an attribute of an individual. It is a status that society proffers based upon an attribute or set of attributes.

I do not blame you for being elevated beyond your abilities or innate qualities. I blame society. You're just the lucky beneficiary who otherwise wouldn't be able to cut the mustard. And yes, I mean you as an individual. Now I might blame you for lacking the awareness to recognize the benefits you have been afforded, however. Again, I mean you personally.

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