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Comment Re:Why would you want tech companies in the downto (Score 1) 218

As far as offices go, there is a great length along El Camino Real that they can have offices - or even on Oregon Expressway: I hardly see why it has to be in University Avenue

It's because all the startups want to be there (within walking distance of caltrain). The only other Palo Alto corridor available is probably California Ave (where they also have a restaurant row). I suspect too many rich property owners with multi-million dollar houses live along the Oregon expressway corridor for the politicians to even proposed that...

If you haven't been following, El Camino Real through Silicon Valley is slated to become apartment/express-bus row. Nearly all stripmalls tracks along El Camino Real are being purchased by large developers like Pegasus and torn down for apartment complexes. Pretty soon there won't be any small-business/retail/restaurants on El Camino Real and you'll have to go to the various downtowns along the Peninsula and suffer their overpriced concept restaurants (because they are the only ones that can afford enough rent to avoid becoming office space).

Comment Re:Girl Power! (Score 0) 39

I couldn't give two shits about who is at the helm if that's what they're promising.

Do you care about accuracy? Because Theranos apparently doesn't and just makes shit up wholesale.

So if not - Let me save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and a painful blood draw! Just send me a dollar, the test you want, and your return address, and I'll send you back a random number for whatever test you've requested! Win-win, if price counts as your only consideration!

Comment Re:Lol (Score 1) 218

Increase the density allowed and allow building of mid and high rise appartments inside of SF and other bay area suburbs. Not an instant fix, but it would fix it over a decade.

They do build high-rise buildings in SF and SJC, but sometimes it does not all go as planned...

There are no "simple" solutions to this problem.

Comment Re:Translation: (Score 1) 178

Music ... Between all the online streaming sources available, why? Eclectic tastes? Online Streaming has really opened up my sources considerably, something a stock library cannot do.

Photos? That's what my Camera is for. I don't take a lot of photos with my phone, because it is really inadequate compared to a real camera.

Videos? Same as Photos. My Camera does way better video than my phone. In the times I do need to snap a video, I live stream it in case I get arrested for video taping it .. and SD doesn't cut it for security.

Comment Re:No they didn't. (Score 2) 39

If the validation was done wrong, then the test isn't valid until the validation is done right.

If the validation was done right but the patients' privacy was breached, fine them under HIPAA and if the company isn't bankrupt, let them do their testing.

Comment heat (Score 1) 405

While there may be no mass escaping from this device, it absolutely is consuming energy. Where does that go?

In most of the mundane pursuits we understand, it goes to producing heat. In physics, one fairly valid viewpoint is that heat is motion, in that a "hotter" result has more motion activity going on at the particle level.

One of the reasons that perpetual motion is impossible is that within a closed system, we can't make anything 100% efficient. Typically the lost percentage wanders off in some fairly easily identifiable thermal guise.

The first thing to keep in mind is that not all energy expended does useful work.

But that's not really the problem here. the problem is that motion in space, as we understand it, depends entirely on imparting momentum to something. The only way we have practically been able to do that is to send stuff out one end of a spacecraft, which causes, due to the equal and opposite rule of newtonian physics, the spacecraft to go in the opposite direction.

But it's not really about "where does the energy go." This thing is being sold as "doesn't send stuff out one end of spacecraft" and "imparts momentum." The physics folks are looking at that claim very dubiously, because so far, there's no generally accepted science that could account for such a thing.

If it turns out to be a real effect (and I'm not saying it will), then we're going to have some new science to learn.

Comment science fiction, fantasy, etc (Score 2) 405 fiction I read when I was young ... violates laws of physics big-time.

Then you were reading (very likely mislabeled) fantasy. The whole point of science fiction is to embed a story within the context of plausible science. Nothing wrong with fantasy, but it isn't, and never has been, science fiction.

Between the "speculative fiction" rendering down of that specific distinction, and the marketing-driven labeling of fantasy as science fiction, and the tendency of bookstores for decades to lump fantasy and science fiction together, your experience is the rule, rather than the exception.

But there's still science fiction being written. The trick is finding it.

Comment Re:Could you gush a little more? (Score 1, Informative) 380

The incredible -- or just-precious -- part of it is that InfoWorld believes there is enough of any critical mass of programmers or software industry decision-makers who still frequent Slashdot to make this a worthwhile media buy for them.

Well, I'm both a programmer and a decision maker, and I really wonder about the motivation of someone who would pick Java for a new project. Oracle is beyond toxic.

I'm a certified Java Programmer (1.4) and really don't advertise it any more. Oracle's Java is dead to me.

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