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Comment Re:Save 30%, retire early (Score 1) 533

I recognize that it's silly, however I didn't create the conditions for this silliness - alimony and child support laws did. Before you get up in arms over 'not supporting your kids' bear in mind that by law support only needs to get paid to the woman. What she does with it is largely, or entirely in you're in CA, not their worry. So in essence kids often don't get the support anyway. I estimate on a good day my kids might see $.25 on the dollar.

If you are concerned about your kids not getting support, why not seek full custody? I understand this isn't always feasible (and doesn't totally eliminate alimony), but you gotta do what you gotta do for your kids, right?

OTOH, I realize the not every couple is cut-out for marriage, and probably someday the US will be more like some European countries where getting married is becoming less common (even with kids), but I for one will be sad when that day comes... I know a few couples that did it that way (mostly for marriage tax penalty reasons), but it seems to me that it really puts a big barrier in their relationship to continually have to sign contracts/agreements/documents to remind them of their status and shared responsibilities (kids, mortgage, insurance, etc) year after year. Maybe I'm a hopeless romantic that's gonna get screwed some day, but at least for now, I can enjoy the fiction of assuming most of my fellow men/women would share a general sense of equity and reasonableness. It's a world view that I'd hate to lose. I'd rather just get a prenup/postnup than be reminded year after year...

Comment Re:Fingerprints of the Gods (Score 1) 224

"Members of the scholarly and scientific community have described the proposals put forward in the book as pseudoscience and pseudoarchaeology"

Quackademics have years invested in their thesis, they don't want their investments disturbed by new evidence.

And Carl Sagan didn't have much positive to say about the second one

Well he was dead for 15 years before it was published, so maybe he hasn't had a chance.

Comment Re:Why is it wrong to care? (Score 1) 147

Hasn't the most militarily aggressive country done most of the Moon exploration to date?

Yes, but do you want the militarily aggressive that is for free speech and human rights or the one that is against it?

Though frankly the U.S. has toned down from the age of military drone strikes on weddings.

Also it's not like we mounted any weapons on the moon whereas the Chinese certainly would. Do you truly doubt that?

Comment Not any more (Score 3, Insightful) 147

I'm quoting you: "...repressive government and the wrongful imprisonment of dissenters".

As I seem to have to continually remind people on Slashdot, Hillary is not president.

Who exactly has Trump imprisoned wrongfully? Or are you saying it is wrong to imprison people who set cars on fire and loot shops? I know many on the left bellive this to be true but I had hoped that rot had not spread to the more rational denizens of Slashdot.

It's just their sheeple, drink the Kool-Aid given to them and think the other is more evil.

While that is indeed true of many Statists, it's not really true of the other more libertarian side of that equation - which only makes sense as the larger a government gets, the more unfeeling and cruel it becomes... so you can imagine what happens in essentially a world-wide government.

Comment Each of those lags in real value (Score 1) 189

So, if a CS degree is overrated

Which it is to some extent (I say that as a CS major).

I did find it useful and still find many of the concepts useful, plus I really enjoyed the courses. But the degree to which CS majors seem worshiped seems overmuch, or at least the degree to which non-CS majors are thought not to have the same skills seems overwrought. Non-CS majors can easily learn the aspects of CS that make a CS degree useful and give you a real-world advantage in the workplace. Think on it, what aspects of a CS degree are not able to be learned outside of college?

why isn't college in general overrated?

It is vastly overrated. If I were at an age to go to college today, I would elect to spend four years focusing self-study on a primary topic along with some kind of apprenticeship approach, or perhaps deep contribution to a set of open-source projects.

You could easily add in other aspects of study for rounding and spend vastly less than you would on a "real" college. Get a dirt cheap apartment around a college of your choice and you can enjoy all the social benefits with none of the massive debt.

why isn't high school overrated?

Public high school is not overrated, because the ratings are already horrendous. It certainly is not worth much currently, it serves mainly as a way to keep most kids off the streets for a number of hours per day. Far better to either go to a private school, some kind of charter school, or be homeschooled.

What you're saying is that education is pointless,

The actual thing he was saying is that EDUCATION is valuable, but you are only getting a real education to varying degrees from each of the steps you outlined.

Comment Re:Oh, this is going to be great (Score 1) 248

. I am sorry if that makes you uncomfortable but you can't wish away reality by calling people names.

You mean like calling people "chicken little" because they disagree with you?

Real observations don't care for politics.

No, they don't, but do you even know what a "real observation" is? Because all I've seen from you is personal attacks and (ironically) references to the entertainment industry. The amount of hypocrisy you are capable of displaying is truly amazing.

Comment Why is it wrong to care? (Score 3, Interesting) 147

Trump, if we don't fund science, China will be #1 in RD

How is it not a problem if a repressive government gets ahead of the west in R&D? Do you like more, or less repressive government and the wrongful imprisonment of dissenters?

Trump, if we don't fund NASA, China will own the Moon!

Again, would you like a militarily aggressive force controlling the moon? That seems like a pretty valid concern for real, not just "a way to get Trump interested". In fact it's why Trump is already pretty interested in continuing NASA's work and why NASA didn't face any major budget cuts, in fact they increased planetary science spending, which is what you would hope from any rational president. We are all better off if a number of nations have operations on the moon, so we should figure out how to get more U.S. presence back on our nearest neighbor.

Comment Re:My BS detector is going off like crazy (Score 1) 259

Gee, without a stent I would be dead since your coronary collapses and without it your heart dies.
So I guess I and other stent recipients are alive for some other reason such as __ fill in the blank.


Unfortunately, a stent is often kind of a stopgap which can be used in some situations to attempt to avoid bypass surgery. Your cardiologist should have told you that stents are primarily inserted to provide symptomatic relief from angina and chest pain related to coronary artery disease and blocked arteries. Medical studies like this one have not shown that they actual reduce the rate of Myocardial Infarction (aka heart attacks).

Also, long term studies of stents show that 35-40% suffer restenosis (a bit better with a drug-eluting stent). The jury is out if a stent will actually save your life in the future or not relative to this risk.

Comment Re:Michael Phelps diet (Score 1) 259

It really doesnt matter what you eat. All diet fads are bullshit.

The important thing is burning off what you consume. Farmer John could eat lots of fat and meat then work the fields for 12 hours, and be thin and healthy. But if Desk Jockey Julie does that she'll weigh 400 pounds and be sick.Common sense.

Swimmer Michael Phelps ate 12,000 calories a day, consisting of fried-egg sandwiches, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, fried onions, mayonnaise, coffee, omelets, grits, french toast, powdered sugar, pancakes, pasta, ham, 2,000 calories worth of energy drinks, and pizza.

I'm no doctor, but he seems pretty healthy.

Maybe Michael Phelps' isn't the best example here.

As to the extreme nature of his diet, he's a known pot head and has been diagnosed with ADHD so who knows what part of the calorie consumption is cause and effect (some drugs that are used to treat ADHD are basically stimulants)... As to "health", he also is a recovering alcoholic and likely suffers from Marfan Syndrome...

Of course he does burn a lot of calories, but most people aren't training for the olympics (nor does Mr. Phelps eat that much anymore since '08 and now that he is older, and he never at that much unless he was actively training). Given all that, I don't think he's anywhere near the center of any bell curve that is relevant to other people's metabolism...

Besides, the relationship between weight and calories is complex. What specific foods you eat and the schedule that you consume food can greatly effect this relationship (as with the standard obvious stuff like metabolic rate)...

Comment Re:Knee-jerk Reaction (Score 1) 46

Microsoft Office is commercial software, if you're not paying them to keep the software up to date, then what are you paying for?

Open Source Office products, are generally gratis, and are patched in a more responsible manner. AND you have access yourself to patch it ... yourself, unlike ... Microsoft Office.

Comment Re:We scientists must improve our reliability. (Score 1) 259

The saturated fat thing was started as a response to the big Malthusian freakout of the early 1970s. The science was settled, according to Paul Erlich, author of The Population Bomb, and many others, we were all going to starve to death. Something had to be done to convince people that eating meat was terribly unhealthy in order to save the planet. So what's in meat and not in a vegetarian diet? Saturated fat! So the science was constructed by Ancil Keyes with the end in mind and all the data points that didn't fit the narrative were dropped from his correlational studies and the guy who wrote "Pure White and Deadly" warning about the dangers of sugar consumption was blackballed. It's as simple as that.

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