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Comment Re:Music Videos (Score 1) 189

> the world needs a proper replacement of human curated music video content, 24/7 always streaming, no ads. Youtube is not that

well said

MTV had genre-mixed, live curated music's next-level can watch or just listen...

there's got to be a way to do it proper and official and not get overwhelmed by paying rights fees

one thing people forget is back in 1994 you could see a Dr. Dre video then a Nirvana video then a Fugees video then a Tool video...all in a really felt futuristic in that sense

Comment A: Keep dominating. (Score 1) 189

What you, Slashdot readers, think Netflix's next move will be? Or do you think the company will soon become just another name in its respective category?

Keep making billions.

TFA exaggerates the level of competition for Netflix.

HBO Go and Amazon's service are not replacements for Netflix...they are technically 'competitors' but only in the most abstract, finance-major sense of the term.

From a consumer perspective, it's not rational to get rid of Netflix to get HBO Go. They are cheap enough that even low-income people can have both.

So to me this question is a false dichotomy based on the fallacious assumption that over-estimates the threat of 'competitors' in the streaming market.

Comment and what ? (Score 1) 764

Even if it's the russians, or the chinese, or the devil himself - they don't deny that the mails are real, and that is what matters. Who leaked them is an interesting academic question, and it might have influenced the timing, but that's about it.

They are crooked and corrupt and criminals, and no amount of fingerpointing changes that - but given the state of the media and the attention span of the public, it might work anyway.

Someone posted something the other day that was interesting. In essence, the "lesser of two evils" argument doesn't work for Hillary or the Democrats this time.

Comment Re:Duke Nukem Forever Young (Score 1) 297

If we go into more depth on this, I would say that I see self-driving cars more in replacing taxis than busses, but the mental model would need to shift because taxis are considered a bit of a luxury and not public transport.

The point is that a lot of people would consider taking such a system that do not currently consider taking the bus. Especially in cities, where you spend half your driving time searching for a parking space.

Comment Re:never understood (Score 1) 224

Cutting employees doesn't always mean a company is in trouble.

Of course it does. It means either you made terrible hiring choices for a long time in the past, and nobody noticed and stopped it, or your business went down and now you don't have work for people that you had work for before.

Either one means trouble.

Suppose they improved their production process so they are able to be 30% more efficient. Increases in efficiency often mean that fewer people are needed in the process.

You are right, I add a third one: You ran your company inefficiently for a very long time and nobody noticed.

Efficiency improvements in the order of 30% don't appear overnight. They happen slowly and over a long enough time that your workforce can be adapted.

Comment Re:Duke Nukem Forever Young (Score 1) 297

If you give this a moment's thought, you'll understand why it's a bad idea. Everyone needing their own $50,000 vehicle is the opposite of public transportation.

You heard the opposite of what I said. I am talking about self-driving cars as public transport. So instead of 100 busses, you would have 1000 self-driving cars.

So your idea of a driverless car going from "door to door" is a fantasy.

If you think of self-driving cars as a replacement for public transport instead of a replacement for your personal car, initial limitations are absolutely fine. People are used to busses going fixed route, automated taxis driving only a subset of the streets in the city would still be an improvement. The challenge with the Google approach is that it needs to work under ALL circumstances. By reducing "all" to "a defined subset", you make the challenge one or two orders of magnitude easier.

Comment Re:Duke Nukem Forever Young (Score 1) 297

I don't want to see one dollar in public funds spent to develop this technology or to create infrastructure for a self-driving fleet until we've made actual public transportation affordable and viable,

Maybe you got that backwards? Maybe self-driving cars are what will make public transport affordable and viable? The two main criticisms of it are that it doesn't go door-to-door and that you have to share it with other people, not all of whom you want to share it with.

Comment Re:median vs average (Score 1) 622

I completely overhauled the brakes on my '97 rodeo, front and back, for roughly $300. Of course, that was doing the work myself and I have to admit I didn't change out the discs (didn't want to take the hubs off again). I did change out the drums, calipers, brackets, pads, shoes, cylinders, fluid (pretty much everything else besides the hoses). I agree with a previous poster. My Rodeo is worth less than $1000, but spending more than it's worth for maintenance is still preferable to me than buying a new car and being stuck with a 6 year car payment of more than $300/month. My Rodeo is in better condition than most cars on used car lots that you'll find costing $4k or more. Do your own maintenance; drive a reliable car for less money and fewer surprises. I prefer true ownership.

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