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Comment Re: Macintosh doesn't have apps! (Score 1) 66

The first version of the Macintosh System software had folders, just not folders within folders (due to a file system limitation that was swiftly fixed).

DAs were kind of like TSRs. But I don't remember stickies being among them until well into System 7, at which point they were ordinary applications.

Comment Re:Just like finding a crashed airliner under the (Score 1) 294

Subs are found by the noises they make, not looking for debris in their wake. The US has a vast network of underwater listening microphones stretched out across the Atlantic and the pacific which would be the first indication of a sub of the type NK has. Not to mention that passive sonar is likely already employed (given the nature of the NK threats and US banter) and any NK sub is likely already being tracked so if it moves it would be a lot easier to detect than a crashed airliner.

I'm not going to say it would be easy, but it would be a lot easier to detect than a crashed airliner that went off radar in an area known for strong and unpredictable currents.

Comment Re:/. won't either (Score 1) 447

Maybe the Burger King restaurants in your area operate differently, but in my area, it seems like every sandwich and side has been sitting around long enough to make it luke warm and barely palatable. Even slices of cheese do not melt. It is awful. The only chance at getting something hot and fresh is if you find a bunch of cars going through the drive through during the dinner rush or something and even then, you need to be at the tail end of it.

It is a shame too. Because if you do get a fresh sandwich and fresh french fries or onion rings, they are quite good. IT is almost worth chancing it every once in a while when the lines for the neighboring restaurants are full and there are only a couple cars at the BK drive thru. (a side note, the Wendy's in my area seem to be like that too.) Everywhere else seems to get enough business to either keep the food in the warmers fresh or to be made to order or something.

This stunt by BK- regardless of how stupid it seems, will not impact if or when I go to Burger King in the future. Other factors get in the way first.

Comment Re:Uhm... (Score 1) 566

I find it highly strange that of all the things to be thankful or positive about in this country with its currently divided politicking, you pick sexual behaviors and killing unborn children (fetus if you must but it is the same). I can understand people wanting to get their jollies however they can but killing kids doesn't seem to fit unless you are one of those crazy idiots who think the world is over populated or that certain people are too stupid to practice birth control and need a second chance and not reproducing after the fact. Perhaps I'm wrong and it is just a sexual fetish for you.

Oh well, I think you are wrong about Denmark and Uganda but I guess since I simply do not understand the killing kids thing, I'm probably missing something in your logic.

Comment Re:Brilliant! (Score 1) 360

It wouldn't be an arrest and detainment, it would be an arrest and conviction of using unlicensed encrypted communications or something similar. You see, if they make it illegal to have encryption without a back door, a crime is already committed when they discover it. No need to wait for him to follow through with another crime or anything. When he pops onto the law's radar, they try to monitor him, if they find they cannot because his encryption has no back door, whether he was planning something or not, he has already broken a law (if they get their way).

Comment Re:Amber Rudd is dim (Score 1) 360

I'm sure she is fully aware there are other apps not covered by UK laws. All that will happen is that it will become illegal to use those apps without back doors and anyone suspected of extremist views will eventually be checked to see if they are using them. If so, they will be arrested and charged before they plow through a crowd of people or whatever. It isn't a hard problem to solve.

Comment Re:Uhm... (Score 1) 566

You mean like federalism? You know, with a limited federal government and the states and local governments taking much of the role of governing the people where it is also easier to find like minded people and influence change? And if we limit those to state constitutionally mandated roles, we can preserve much of the liberty for ourselves as long as we do not trample on other people's rights in our pursuit of happiness.

But moving (voting with your feet) is not always an option for some people. Resources, family, and other obligations could prevent someone from seeking greener pastures. So it is important to have a strong federal government in respect to its limited powers to ensure some rights and privileges simply are not trampled on. I would suggest those within the bill of rights and later amendments are a good start.

I'm not trying to toss gasoline into a fire by smaller republics is somewhat how the country was founded. The original federal government superseded a confederation of countries (the original 13 colonies) and took over only the roles in which were seen as required to provide uniformity among the states in trade with each other and to deal with foreign powers.

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