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Submission + - Google Search now knows where you parked (androidauthority.com)

mpicpp writes: Earlier today, Google kicked off Update Wednesday by bringing separate apps for Docs, Sheets and Slides to the Google Play store. That’s not the only change heading our way, however, as a new version of the Google Search app is also rolling out.

Dubbed version 3.4, the update adds a few new features to the mix, such as a new reminders interface with better arrangement of past reminders, a centralized list for nicknames under Accounts & Privacy and new Parking Location card.

The new Parking Location card is arguably the biggest new feature in this update, but what does it do exactly? In short, Google can now tell when you’ve parked your car and can then save this location as a handy card. When it is time to find your automobile, you go into Google Search, hit the card and it can navigate you there using Google Maps.

Submission + - How to Win at Rock-Paper-Scissors (technologyreview.com)

Uncle Robert writes: Today, Zhijian Wang at Zhejiang University in China and a couple of pals say that there is more to Rock-Paper-Scissors than anyone imagined. Their work shows that the strategy of real players looks random on average but actually consists of predictable patterns that a wily opponent could exploit to gain a vital edge.

Submission + - Samsung Sees $18bn Wiped off its Market Value in Just One Week (ibtimes.co.uk)

DavidGilbert99 writes: Samsung has not had the best starts to 2014. On Thursday, the first day of trading of the new year, the South Korean company saw its shares dip 4.59% wiping $8.8bn off its market valuation. Thursday also however represented the fifth consecutive session of decline for the company dating back to 24 December with a total of $18bn wiped off the company valuation in that time.....which is even more than its huge $14bn marketing budget.

Submission + - Anatomy of Passwords - Redefining Passwords (lightbluetouchpaper.org)

SmartCrib writes: An article at Light Blue Touchpaper argues that passwords are NOT dead and all is needed is to change small parts of authentication systems to improve security without much inconvenience. Interesting is a possible protection of passwords on servers.

It also argues that the future of authentication lies in ownership of objects that can prove user's identity. Well, Google's U2F assumes your laptop is you and authenticates the computer. University of Cambridge's project PICO uses a combination of devices (wearable electronics) to authenticate you and your location.

The bottom line is that the old authentication model has been reduced to "something you have" only. The interesting bit is that it does not necessarily mean replacing passwords. Their re-definition is more likely as we can't remember them any more.

Submission + - Who Microsoft's next CEO will be and why (eyeonwindows.com)

An anonymous reader writes: EyeOnWindows.com has an Interesting take on the upcoming selection of a CEO by Microsoft:

You see I thought that he (Alan Mulally) would be a good selection because Microsoft needs a great business person to run their business.

I spoke about his technology background, business background, marketing savvy and market confidence. All of that remains true but my mind changed for one fundamental reason.

Microsoft is currently a pretty sound business. In fact, they’re doing pretty well and making good numbers. As Mary Jo Foley pointed out in the preamble to her interview with Steve Ballmer, Mr. Ballmer has actually been a fantastic financial steward of Microsoft’s treasures. You can look at any financial graph showing the length of his tenure and you’ll see that it’s been a slow and steady upward ride.

Maybe too slow for some investors but hey, those dudes are never satisfied. Bottom line is, a business whiz is not necessarily what Microsoft needs right now. While the next CEO will need to be somebody who has a grasp on the numbers, business acumen will by necessity have to be a secondary skill.

Submission + - Graphene research heats up in Asia (digitalpc.co.uk)

Taco Cowboy writes: Graphene, the wonder material, has attracted a lot of research all over the world, and in Asia, in particular.

Since it's discovery in 2004 by two Russian scientists Andrei Geim and Kostya Novoselov, Graphene research has grown leaps and bounds in all direction.

In Asia, countries are competing against each others in committing resource and talents into Graphene. In the tiny island state of Singapore, for example, about half a billion dollar worth of resources have been invested to facilitate the R&D of Graphene. South Korea has reportedly invested more than 2 Billion for Graphene research. Other countries such as Japan, China, Taiwan, and India have also joined the fray, in hot pursuit for the wonder material.




Submission + - Finnish HIV vaccine testing to begin (yle.fi)

ultranova writes: FIT Biotech, based on Tampere, Finland, has developed a vaccine it claims will cut the cost of HIV treatment to 1/10th of its current price and might eliminate the virus entirely. The vaccine is based on genetic engineering and will enter clinical human trials next year.

Submission + - Nexus 7 digitizer misalignment - on all devices? (youtube.com)

Al McPhee writes: With everyone focused on the major issues with the new Nexus 7 (multitouch & GPS), an issue that likely affects every purchaser is not getting the attention it deserves.
As a user of handheld devices for 3 decades it was obvious to me that there was something amiss as soon as I started using the new Nexus 7 2013. I found myself repeated trying to select something near the bottom of the screen, and making much more errors keyboarding than I'm used to.

I turned on Developer options (click the Build number in the About--7 times) and selected to "Show touches". The results are documented in the following Google forum entry and Youtube video:



Try it on your device, I'm betting you'll see the same issue.

Submission + - The Lost Players of Xbox One... Our Overseas Military! (armytimes.com) 1

theatrecade writes: Indeed, for many in the military, the next-gen Xbox console may offer more endemic frustration than grand epic gaming, particularly for those deployed downrange, aboard ships and stationed overseas.

Xbox One, Microsoft’s much-anticipated new console, got its big reveal at the Electronic Entertainment Expo gamers’ convention in Los Angeles. Company honchos are confident it will come to dominate living rooms over the next decade not only as the gaming delivery vehicle of choice, but also with a barrage of other content, including a suite of apps, streaming video and music.

There’s one big but, however: To get all this entertainment awesomeness, the console will have to check in online with the Microsoft mothership at least once a day.

“With Xbox One you can game offline for up to 24 hours on your primary console, or one hour if you are logged on to a separate console accessing your library. Offline gaming is not possible after these prescribed times until you re-establish a connection,” an Xbox spokesperson tell Military Times.

Comment Re:digital take over (Score 1) 549

In any case the comparison to Soviet Russia immediately falls on its face. I own my house, I own my business, I own my car and dozens of other things. It is annoying when people try and make comparisons between things when very superficially they are similar but they aren't even remotely close in scale or severity.

He said "when I grew up.." Russia was a completely different country back then. He is referring to the cold war era.

but isn't that at least in part what is supposed to be so great about Linux and related bits?

not everything that is Linux is open source and free. Linux it self yes maybe i should add the word "hardly"

Comment digital take over (Score 5, Insightful) 549

I agree with Woz. Nobody owns anything. Everything digitally is licensed. Even when you hold a physical copy in your hands it's on loan for 60$. You ever actually read a EULA? With the NSA spying on you on everything not only don't you own anything nothing is private anymore.. welcome to the new America! Welcome to the New World... I hope you enjoy your stay and by the way ignore that 4th amendment only the 2nd one kinda counts....

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