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Submission + - How to Win at Rock-Paper-Scissors (

Uncle Robert writes: Today, Zhijian Wang at Zhejiang University in China and a couple of pals say that there is more to Rock-Paper-Scissors than anyone imagined. Their work shows that the strategy of real players looks random on average but actually consists of predictable patterns that a wily opponent could exploit to gain a vital edge.

Submission + - Anatomy of Passwords - Redefining Passwords (

SmartCrib writes: An article at Light Blue Touchpaper argues that passwords are NOT dead and all is needed is to change small parts of authentication systems to improve security without much inconvenience. Interesting is a possible protection of passwords on servers.

It also argues that the future of authentication lies in ownership of objects that can prove user's identity. Well, Google's U2F assumes your laptop is you and authenticates the computer. University of Cambridge's project PICO uses a combination of devices (wearable electronics) to authenticate you and your location.

The bottom line is that the old authentication model has been reduced to "something you have" only. The interesting bit is that it does not necessarily mean replacing passwords. Their re-definition is more likely as we can't remember them any more.

Submission + - Who Microsoft's next CEO will be and why (

An anonymous reader writes: has an Interesting take on the upcoming selection of a CEO by Microsoft:

You see I thought that he (Alan Mulally) would be a good selection because Microsoft needs a great business person to run their business.

I spoke about his technology background, business background, marketing savvy and market confidence. All of that remains true but my mind changed for one fundamental reason.

Microsoft is currently a pretty sound business. In fact, they’re doing pretty well and making good numbers. As Mary Jo Foley pointed out in the preamble to her interview with Steve Ballmer, Mr. Ballmer has actually been a fantastic financial steward of Microsoft’s treasures. You can look at any financial graph showing the length of his tenure and you’ll see that it’s been a slow and steady upward ride.

Maybe too slow for some investors but hey, those dudes are never satisfied. Bottom line is, a business whiz is not necessarily what Microsoft needs right now. While the next CEO will need to be somebody who has a grasp on the numbers, business acumen will by necessity have to be a secondary skill.

Submission + - Finnish HIV vaccine testing to begin (

ultranova writes: FIT Biotech, based on Tampere, Finland, has developed a vaccine it claims will cut the cost of HIV treatment to 1/10th of its current price and might eliminate the virus entirely. The vaccine is based on genetic engineering and will enter clinical human trials next year.
Technology (Apple)

iPhone 3GS Finally Hacked 376

Well, the inevitable hacking of Apple's latest flavor of iPhone has happened. Named "purplera1n," the tool will only allow installation of unauthorized applications instead of a full unlock. "The purplera1n jailbreak will free your iPhone from the limitations imposed on it by AT&T and Apple. After jailbreaking, a user will be able to customize the iPhone with home-screen wallpapers and third-party ringtones. But the biggest advantage of jailbreaking is the support of unapproved apps such as iBlackList (blacklists and whitelists for contacts) and many others."

US Open Government Initiative Enters Phase Three 572

circletimessquare writes "The Obama administration opened a discussion forum in January of this year which has become an electronic suggestion box. It is now entering stage three, following brainstorm and discussion phases: the draft phase, in which the top subject matter is codified into suggestions for the government. 'Ultimately, the visitors advanced more than 3,900 ideas, which in turn spawned 11,000 comments that received 210,000 thumb votes. The result? Three of the top 10 most popular ideas called for legalizing marijuana, and two featured conspiracy theories about Mr. Obama's true place of birth.'"

Submission + - IIS 6 Attack Could Let Hackers Snoop On Servers (

snydeq writes: "A flaw in the way that Microsoft's software processes Unicode tokens has been found to give attackers a way to view protected files on IIS Web servers without authorization. The flaw, exposed by Nikolaos Rangos, could be used to upload files as well. Affecting IIS 6 users who have enabled WebDAV for sharing documents via the Web, the vulnerability is currently being exploited in online attacks, according to CERT, and is reminiscent of the well-known IIS unicode path traversal issue of 2001, one of the worst Windows vulnerabilities of the past decade."
Hardware Hacking

Hacks Allowing Disabled Gamers To Play Guitar Hero 94

angrymilkman writes "Here are two interesting new approaches where researchers modified the popular Guitar Hero game so it can be played by gamers with disabilities. Air Guitar Hero modifies the Guitar Hero controller so someone without limbs can play it by using electrodes attached to the user's residual arm. Blind Hero is a mod for Frets on Fire that uses a haptic glove that can turn visual feedback into haptic feedback, allowing blind gamers to play Guitar Hero songs." There have been a variety of Guitar Hero hacks in the past, including a custom drum pad for playing the guitar part, using the plastic guitar as a real instrument, and rocking out with your bike, but it's nice to see some more serious modifications showing up.

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