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Comment This requires rewriting alot of software (Score 1) 404

To automate all of services would require rewriting ALOT of software which in turn requires years of industry work. For example, I give talks at SpringOne, API World at have had Netflix and other state my work fixes alot of their issues. But they would have to rewrite their existing code... and they invested millions into it. Now regardless that the rewrite might only take a month or so, they want to get their investment back FIRST. So alot of these companies are not going to do that... regardless of the fact that they are LOSING money because they are not automating. Still, at least they are employing people and that makes me happy. To see some of my work on Shared IO state, see my videos from SpringOne on InfoQ (

Comment How much of Swift is based on Groovy? (Score 4, Interesting) 338

Its been commented on that Swift tutorials look IDENTICAL to Groovy tutorials to the point that you even use the same variable names in examples ( When created a Python to Swift converter, I responded 'wouldn't it have been easier to do a 'Swift to Groovy' converter??? To which developers replied, well naturally. So how much of Swift was inspired by Groovy? Both come from more high-end language and look and act almost identical.

Comment Re:I tried to get the patch (Score 5, Insightful) 256

I'm sure some people probably thought their computers were broken and took them in for service,but since they couldn't get on the internet, most people probably called their ISPs, who have technicians in India who have no troubleshooting skills beyond asking them to reboot.

I fixed that sentence for you.

Comment Why are we even arguing about it? (Score 5, Interesting) 395

This is simple. They are ether common carriers or they are not.

If they are common carriers then they can not inspect the content they carry and as such are not liable for that content.

If they are NOT common carriers then they can inspect the content and charge what they like. However, they are liable for the content they carry. Thus if they choose to not be common carriers and someone is transmitting Child porn, threats, selling drugs, pirated music and movies,etc. Then they are liable for the transport of that data and we should prosecute them for it.

Do it just a few times and all the ISP's will be on board with becoming common carriers.

Comment Re:I'm al looking to move away from the Mac (Score 2) 315

I have a great machine from ZaReason in Berkeley CA. Great company, maintains their drivers and THOROUGHLY tests their builds. I run Warcraft and Flash and tons of video and audio on mine and never have issues. Beautiful machine. Going to get another here after this MacBook dies.

Comment Re:It went beyond debunking (Score 2) 121

They harassed him and tried to ruin his life. Hence why there is no more Gawker, the site bullied people...

Oh so it's bullying when its the truth that he doesn't want anyone to hear... but when it's a falsehood that he wants to spread, it's 'news'. Is that how it works??? This is Donald Trump isn't it? Come on... admit it. ;)

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