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Comment Re:As if to echo your point (Score 1) 266

Incorrect. Message queues dont share IO state either. You would know that if you tried to pass back to proxy or api server. They cannot synchronize state and the best people have figured out is to pass a 'state token'. This doesn't work however because IO's central version of truth is where I/O meets and so when proxy sends state token, api server may have different state because they didn't synchronize since last update to api server. Or perhaps MQ has different stae from api server and thus rejects because it didn't synchronize. Yeah so... nothing like MQ my friend. Try to understand I/O before commenting like a monkey behind a typewriter

Comment As if to echo your point (Score 0) 266

Showed this to Netflix once and they stated 'This fixes everything we are currently having issues with'. Apparently the entire industry has implemented API's in distributed architectures in such a way as to create architectural cross cutting concerns...

Comment Re:Poor Governance (Score 3, Informative) 63

That sounds easier than it really is.

I once found a root cron job that ran a script that was about 100 lines long. That script called another script that was close to 1000 lines long. The admin hid a call in that script to call a third script. That third script would check the time and the accounts, if it was between 00:00 and 02:00 GMT and his account was not in the system it would add the account with root privileges. When 02:00 came around it would delete the account from the system.

So basicly between 00:00 and 02:00 GMT he could access the system with admin privileges and do whatever he wanted. I only noticed it because I saw a login at 00:30 by an account that did not exist. I almost missed it because it was called deamon and when scanning the logs you can dismiss it as the daemon account. It took me days to find where the add and delete user account commands were hidden.

Comment Improve The Economy (Score 1) 477

Employed developers make happy developers... and ones with far less time on their hands. Thus they dont spend their time on forums all day. Improve the highly exploited H1B program, make laws that protect employees for unlawful firing practices, etc etc. BUT... since this will NEVER happen, expect those comments to continue. Sorry.

Comment Re:AKA Windows 10 Phone (Score 1) 115

I have a PAAS and a storage cloud that are computers sitting on my desk at home. Both of them are accessible via the internet.

So when I put stuff in my "Cloud", it is on my equipment and not someone else's!

I don't think you can do that on windows so I guess it is not relevant to "Windows Cloud" lol

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