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Comment Re:I'm not sure whether this is good news or bad.. (Score 1) 255

With the precedent of this case, If you had the skill to do something the FBI needed for an investigation they could simply compel you to do so under the all writs act and if they refuse you could go to jail until you comply.

Sounds like a modern version of the Quartering Acts:

Comment Re:It is Not DDoS (Score 1) 423

Imagine if there was a really obnoxious person who thousands of people spontaneously disliked, all at once. And each one, without an autodialer, called just a few times a day to ask the person to stop being obnoxious. Is that/should that be illegal?

Interesting point. In fact, doesn't this happen all the time? For example, when activist groups organize 'call-ins' or 'fax-ins' to a company/congressman/government office, with the goal of both voicing their displeasure and jamming phone lines?

The Internet

Submission + - Digg selling out to Microsoft?

An anonymous reader writes: I am serously surprised that the story about Digg switching to Microsoft for all advertisements hasn't appeared on Slashdot yet:

(For me, Digg is now permanantly blacklisted as I try to avoid rewarding Microsoft for screwing the technology world for the last 20 years.)

OpenBSD Foundation Announced 151

OpenBDSfan writes "KernelTrap is reporting on the creation of the OpenBSD Foundation, a Canadian not-for-profit corporation intended to support OpenBSD and related projects, including OpenSSH, OpenBGPD, OpenNTPD, and OpenCVS. The announcement explains, "the OpenBSD Foundation will initially concentrate on facilitating larger donations of equipment, funds, documentation and resources. Small scale donations should continue to be submitted through the existing mechanisms.""

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