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Comment Even worse than that (Score 3, Insightful) 203

Of course they care if net neutrality will kill off 800 startups. The government loves to kill off small corporations, small business, etc. Big corporations lobby for laws which benefit them and harm new players. These 800 startups would have better stayed quiet, because all they've done is just give just one more reason to kill net neutrality.

Only a total cuck dumbfuck could believe that our government supports free trade.


'World's Most Secure' Email Service Is Easily Hackable ( 77

Nomx, a startup that offers an email client by the same name, bills itself as the maker of the "world's most secure email service." The startup goes on to suggest that "everything else is insecure." So it was only a matter of time before someone decided to spend some time on assessing how valid Nomx's claims are. Very misleading, it turns out. From a report on Motherboard: Nomx sells a $199 device that essentially helps you set up your own email server in an attempt to keep your emails away from mail exchange (or MX) -- hence the brand name -- servers, which the company claims to be inherently "vulnerable." Security researcher Scott Helme took apart the device and tried to figure out how it really works. According to his detailed blog post, what he found is that the box is actually just a Raspberry Pi with outdated software on it, and several bugs. So many, in fact, that Helme wrote Nomx's "code is riddled with bad examples of how to do things." The worst issue, Helme explained, is that the Nomx's web application had a vulnerability that allowed anyone to take full control of the device remotely just by tricking someone to visit a malicious website. "I could read emails, send emails, and delete emails. I could even create my own email address," Helme told Motherboard in an online chat. A report on BBC adds: Nomx said the threat posed by the attack detailed by Mr Helme was "non-existent for our users." Following weeks of correspondence with Mr Helme and the BBC Click Team, he said the firm no longer shipped versions that used the Raspberry Pi. Instead, he said, future devices would be built around different chips that would also be able to encrypt messages as they travelled. "The large cloud providers and email providers, like AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail - they've already been proven that they are under attack millions of times daily," he said. "Why we invented Nomx was for the security of keeping your data off those large cloud providers. To date, no Nomx accounts have been compromised."

Comment Re:This is retarded conservatism to help 'coal' (Score 1) 469

The advantage for Americans is we expend our labor making other things,

Except we don't. That's partially automated, so we don't need as many people as before anyway. It doesn't help preserve jobs, so/because it doesn't require more labor.

That is to say: the import of cheap goods from China has made every single American--from the poorest class to the richest class--more-wealthy, improving our standards-of-living immensely.

CO2: 410 PPM

Comment Re:We already had this sales pitch... (Score 1) 144

It seems fairly limited to me. Only Intel CPUs, only Windows 10, special drivers needed.

And only worth the money, I presume, if you have a HDD. If you're building a new system, which is highly likely given all the required specs, it seems unlikely that you would spec one. I'd much sooner get a slow-by-SSD-standards SSD.

If only they had developed a product which would somehow work with any system with a M.2 slot (which by extension could be slapped into PCI-E) then it would seem there would be a lot more potential takers.

Maybe Intel developed this product in response to a specific customer's demand, and commercialized it in an attempt to recoup R&D costs?

Comment Re:The view fails to account getting &*#@ed (Score 1) 534

lol, it's the internet bro, i am entitled to be a nutty shit.

I didn't say you weren't. Just don't expect anyone to think anything should happen to you other than scraping you off of their shoe.

Even if true, how does that help anyone younger fix those issues?

They are still here and still voting for things which will actually hurt them too.

LOL, yes, they are cucks for profiting from the times they were in as opposed to the person that hates the country and prior generations because their retirement outlook isn't as good.

They're hurting now too. Lots of them don't actually have a retirement outlook. The last few big bank scandals wiped those out. Now they're [barely] living in a shit hole. That's why they're cucks. Instead of supporting social programs upon which they depend, like say social security, they've been shitting on the whole idea of socialism as if it were stupid. Well, it ain't. It's what makes a society.

Comment Thanks AC (Score 2) 165

Thanks for that, AC. You would think that on a site supposedly for nerds that the residents would know how to use google by now, but apparently that's a little too complicated for some of these right-wing cucks. (Yes, I'm planning to use that word on them until they're tired of hearing it. All others are encouraged to join in. And that's precisely what someone is when they repeat bullshit talking points which were old when the Puritans picked them up and ran with them.)

Comment Re:TFA ignored obvious facts (Score 1) 190

Let me use a Basketball analogy. Linked in believes that anyone can be Shawn Kemp, or another player that never played college ball and was not highly educated. In reality, the Shawn Kemp like people are extremely rare. About 1 in a billion.

A better sports-related comparison might be Daniel Tosh's joke-not-joke about Babe Ruth playing before they let black people play, and before they were testing for juicing. It's a whole different sport today.

Comment Re:What's the immigration status of these families (Score 3, Insightful) 165

The risk of accidentally helping some homeless children that also don't have the right papers is an especially dumb reason to not help homeless children.

You misspelled "evil" as "dumb" there. Because we all know what this is really about: finding excuses not to help anyone else under any circumstances which are avoidable. This attitude was ingrained during the great depression, in which people mostly told everyone else to fuck off while they were trying to take care of their own shit, and it was hammer home during the baby boom, when everyone felt like they were the shit and didn't need help from anyone in spite of the fact that American prosperity post-WWII is the result of the rest of the world getting the shit bombed out of it.

Comment Re:The view fails to account getting &*#@ed (Score 1) 534

lol, good god you are a spiteful shit.

You're just shit.

inaction of government in disagreement is a feature not a bug.

Then why do we have a government? Why do you like wasting money?

looking for blame on a huge demographic does nothing except make you look like a resentful asshole.

They profited from the situation and now they are telling lies about how it's not their fault. It is their fault, and fuck those stupid fucking cucks who fellated the government right up to where we are today.

Comment Re:There's a fine line between helping and enablin (Score 0) 165

You're right. This is enablement. They're being enabled to sleep through the night without being attacked, or freezing to death. They're being enabled to get clean and get to a job interview, if they can even find an opening. They're being enabled to live like human beings.

How terrible.

Comment Re:The view fails to account getting &*#@ed (Score 1) 534

When you say "continue to gain more ability to fuck up the world" is an dumb way to say; technology marches on.

You do not get to say I said something in a dumb way while using incorrect punctuation, son.

Are you a Luddite?

Are you a fucking moron? I didn't say smash the machines. I commented on a fact.

Do you think we should artificially limit the advancement of technology as to slow down this ability to fuck up the world?

Did I say that?

Or maybe just maybe, every generation faces different challenges and their ability to overcome those challenges is what defines that generation.

Or maybe just maybe you're trying to discredit my comment by attacking straw men, because you're a stupid douchebag.

Obviously, the "greatest generation" would have been much better off and more respected by bitching about how their parents created WW2 with the Treaty of Versailles and the Great Depression.

And then we dicked around and didn't bother to enter the war even after we knew the holocaust was occurring because we were still profiting from the murder of Jews and the bombing of Hitler's neighbors, to say nothing of actively selling war supplies to the axis. At the end of the war, America was not only sitting on a big pile of Nazi money, but it also had the advantage that everyone else had been bombed a whole bunch, but it hadn't. Suddenly America was in the best position in the industrial world, and it took advantage of it, exporting goods to everyone. Of course, the so-called "greatest generation" also paved the way for the trade agreements that resulted in moving all the production (and thus jobs) to China, exporting the pollution so that America could have gewgaws at the expense of the future.

We all know that "make america great again" means "make america great for spoiled white people again".

Maybe I have it wrong and I should blame all my problems on boomers.

They didn't cause all the problems. They mostly did nothing to fix them, and profited from the sweat of the greatest generation and the took credit for it.

Each generation has a legitimate gripe with the prior generation, which as a rule tries to retard progress for their own comfort. The baby boomers deserve more blame than most, though, as a group. Most of the time the people are no more responsible for what happens in their government than a tree is responsible for what happens deep in the forest. With only the most peripheral influence there, there is little ability to initiate change, at least on the part of the individual.

I don't count our leaders as part of any generation. Wealthy people live in a whole different world.

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