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Comment Re:This is only half the problem (Score 1) 124

For example, if you subscribe to Xfinity Internet at home, your "legitimate email service" has an address ending in

Sadly ISPs don't let you take your email address when you switch provider, hence anyone who needs to remain in contact with people will have to use something independent, such as outlook or gmail. They could set their own up at cost of course and hope they don't forget to renew their own domain. The easiest and most natural solution is to use a free provider who has been in the business for decades.

Comment This is only half the problem (Score 3, Insightful) 124

The majority of malware and spam come from botnet controlled accounts on valid domains. Most of the 419 spam originates at gmail. Not because gmail is worst, but it's because it's a trusted source of mail.

The reason I say this is not going to work is that you will get spam on any popular communication mechanism. Facebook gets quite a bit now, that's not email, and they control both the sender and the receiver, the spam could be zapped before you know about it, you're just seeing that which got through the filters from a sender that has not been reported.

Comment Re:Decent case (Score 1) 97

Really? I blame the filmmakers for neglecting the fact they need to take into account that a portion will be pirated. Was the movie just rotten and did not make any sales? Was it a hit at the cinema and a flop on DVD, or were the two release events too close for people to bother watching in both formats?

Sounds to me like an excuse to release crap and blame someone else and still make a profit.

Comment Re:PasswordSafe (Score 1) 415

I wonder about the desktops and phones being subject to swap reads. At some level the plain text will be in memory, forcing the machine to swap (does it use hugepages?) would then lead to possibility of something with privilege reading swapped data. Firefox wouldn't be a memory hog now would it?

Comment Re:Easy solution. (Score 1) 114

I can confirm this on both points.
My former employer maintains a blacklist and a very dark grey list. I am on the latter, which means an executive VP or high can still auth my hire (very unlikely), while on the former list you are *never* working there again, all the way to the point of if a company you work for gets bought by them, you're fired on the spot.
I have witnessed said terminations.

There is also a clear back channel communication as it is possible to as a referrals rehire status from some former employers, if they say anything but "yes" or "we don't release that information" then it's a negative and you will not be hired. My former employer may or may not release said information depending on who and how you ask.

Isn't this getting rather close to a cartel?

Comment Re:Easy solution. (Score 1) 114

Wouldn't that just lead to some enterprising company hiring "blacklisted" candidates at reduced salaries? Knowing a candidate will not get hired at companies X Y and Z, then company A can make an offer for 75% of the actual salary.

I think you're right, it's a market after all. Worst case, the employee will just wait it out a little longer and keep looking, for perhaps four months until someone really wants the skills he has and offers the standard market rate.

Comment Re:Easier solution. (Score 1) 114

I doubt the large outsourcing firms would want to keep someone on after they give three months of notice. It would be far too embarrassing for them to have you accidentally make a "mistake" during that period (if you don't want to be there, the chance of you not paying attention to what you're doing goes up). Better to let them leave without (accidentally) destroying the contract.

Comment Wont last (Score 3, Interesting) 134

Important things wont get done if you get reminded all the time to go back and fix all the perfect world problems that you promised yourself you'd do. Unfortunately life gets in the way and the important things quickly take priority. Being reminded to go and correct the whitespace in a random header file isn't going to help anyone.

Comment Not my cup of tea (Score 1) 182

I don't like facebook at the moment, I think it's too focused on a novelty market, which isn't my cup of tea, sadly this is what happens when something grows too big. Too many smilies for my liking. When it was plain text I was ok with it. Anyway, that's just my disagreements.

Mark built the company. What gives anyone the right to put someone else in his place? If you want to be in the facebook club and buy shares, then play by the rules of the club when you joined, don't go crying because you've not seen the big ROI that you expected, pays your monies, takes your chances. Mark's club.

Comment Personal choice (Score 1) 489

As a heavy linux user, I will chop between two UI's, for the desktop where there is more space I use ratpoison, it allows for fast switching between programs and can shift the desktop around accurately and consistently. For the systems with smaller displays that I have around netbook size I use evilwm.

Both are fast and easy to control. They're both very stable and do not take long to learn. Both give back nearly 100% of the screen real estate and have next to no clutter.

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