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Comment Re:who knew (Score 1) 232

The thread is full of excuses.

Most people can't afford to live closer to work. They wouldn't save enough money to live closer even if they didn't commute by car. That is in fact the primary reason they live far enough away to where they can't bike, and have to commute by car to begin with. It's all well and good to snark about "excuses" but some of these things are explanations, not excuses. Our whole society is designed to be self-deflagrating, and calling it "excuses" when people complain about that is, in short, a dick move that won't win you any friends.

Note that I have never had a commute longer than about fifteen minutes, so I'm not making excuses for myself, either. I'm trying to help you understand how the world works, even though you're willfully ignorant.

Really? So it's too expensive to get a train and then commute by cycle from station to door then?

In this country (where the study was performed) the driver is almost taxed off the road by MOT, Vehicle Excise Duty, fuel duty, insurance then there's the car parking fees in the cities after that (assuming you can park freely at home), plus running costs, all of which would include VAT at some stage also. You could negate just the vehicle excise duty with the cost of the bike alone, before you start talking all the other costs. It's not much more expensive to move a little closer to work or even cycle one or two days of the week and leave a car behind for just those couple of days. You wont save much money doing just that, perhaps move the insurance down one bracket at most.

Or of course, don't be so picky about your work and find something closer to home, then you don't have to re-mortgage and pay the stamp duty just to move premises.

Comment Re:It would be... (Score 1) 232

Most non-motorways predate the car, so in fact they were "made" for horses and bikes and foot traffic.

Modern roads (as you call them, motorways) were in fact made for cars. Here's a hint: if it's paved, and it's got road markings for cars on it, it's designed first and foremost for cars. You don't need as wide a way for cycles, and paths for cycles are usually fairly readily recognizable.

I am generally in favor of adding cycle paths to the world, but in many cases, mixing bicycles and automobiles is insane.

Nope. You're wrong. Most roads pre-date the automobile. They were initially designed without cars in mind. However, most people wish to use their cars on them. Hence car tax was brought about to pave them.

Comment Re:who knew (Score 1) 232

This. The thread is full of excuses. To make matters worse, the excuses for doing nothing to help ones own health means that people are happy to run the risk of earlier than needed death whilst also adding to global warming. Also, with that shorter life, you're spending the majority of the working day couped up in a car.

Using a bike to work is a great way of turning that commute into exercise, you arrive on the premise with a better level of dopamine and adrenaline, but that time went towards extending your pension years.

Comment Re:Always pointing at hardware (Score 1) 168

Yep. Stuff is meant to get better over time. It does mostly with Linux stuff if you look at good WM's. Libreoffice is pretty nippy too. We forget that the OS is a tool to do a job, it should be working for us, not the other way around. We also forget that MS s a company which likes money. They employ the cheapest to give the share holders ROI. You don't get features quickly without cost. At least with GNU there's some chance of code getting vetted. When tickets need to be resolved quickly at MS I doubt there's any consideration towards quality of code.

Comment Re:This is only half the problem (Score 1) 124

For example, if you subscribe to Xfinity Internet at home, your "legitimate email service" has an address ending in @comcast.net.

Sadly ISPs don't let you take your email address when you switch provider, hence anyone who needs to remain in contact with people will have to use something independent, such as outlook or gmail. They could set their own up at cost of course and hope they don't forget to renew their own domain. The easiest and most natural solution is to use a free provider who has been in the business for decades.

Comment This is only half the problem (Score 3, Insightful) 124

The majority of malware and spam come from botnet controlled accounts on valid domains. Most of the 419 spam originates at gmail. Not because gmail is worst, but it's because it's a trusted source of mail.

The reason I say this is not going to work is that you will get spam on any popular communication mechanism. Facebook gets quite a bit now, that's not email, and they control both the sender and the receiver, the spam could be zapped before you know about it, you're just seeing that which got through the filters from a sender that has not been reported.

Comment Re:Decent case (Score 1) 97

Really? I blame the filmmakers for neglecting the fact they need to take into account that a portion will be pirated. Was the movie just rotten and did not make any sales? Was it a hit at the cinema and a flop on DVD, or were the two release events too close for people to bother watching in both formats?

Sounds to me like an excuse to release crap and blame someone else and still make a profit.

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