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Comment Re:Responsibility. (Score 1) 191

Maybe the enterprise of saving lives shouldn't be put entirely on the police? Obviously they have a role to play, but when we are talking about prevention, other institutions also have a huge role to play.

For example, many killings are the result of mental health problems that are going untreated. Part of the problem there is that the necessary care can be expensive. So....let's do something about that. What does the government-funded health care landscape look like these days? And what about educational grants (NOT LOANS) for mental health practitioners?

There is also still a strong social stigma against seeking mental health. Nobody is embarrassed to say something like "My arm was broke so I went to see the doctor," but the moment someone utters the phrase "mental health" everyone thinks of him as crazy, weak, and pathetic. This is ridiculous, and we need to put more social engineering to the task of fixing that (for example, a lot more television and movies can include scenes and dialogue implicating that the popular characters are seeing mental health professionals...and the attitude is that this is just a given that normal people do this sort of thing on a routine basis).


There is quite a lot that can be done, and the police can't be left alone to do it all.

Keep Sound Minds is trying to reduce the stigma of mental health issues and work toward policies that help people get help before damage is done.

Comment Re:Wayland bashing (Score 1, Interesting) 151

wayland initially was infested by the type of developers

Wayland was founded by the X developers who wanted to call it X12 but realized that people would freak the hell out if they fixed it the way that it needed fixing, based on their experience with X11.

Did you know that X11 has no security and that any stupid app running at the same time as your password manager can steal your keystrokes? Wayland fixes that, among other improvements to the 1980's architecture of X11.

Besides that, the baroque layering that means that you don't get good performance on modern hardware (because some breakage is considered unconscionable by the software conservatives). Those people can stay on X11 until they're old and creaky or their identity is stolen and they're too broke to own a computer.

Their kind of thinking is why traditional Linux DE's are stagnant and just adding circus tricks while ChromeOS and Android are the most successful linux distros.

Thank you, FESCO.

Comment Re: Why isn't this configurable? (Score 2) 141

Because the state of the form might be littered with Ajax operations such that simply refilling in the form won't accurately reflect the state of the page before it unloaded.

Right, he's saying that the state should be preserved. And it should be. ctrl-shift-t to re-open a tab can already do this - forward should as well.

Comment Re:So... (Score 2) 100

NSA _and_ Russians had access to to all thus firewalled networks for 3 years... Should Cisco and it's customers start lawyering up?

Are you serious? The entire point of a government is that they can do things that are illegal for everybody else (ostensibly because they are morally indefensible actions) and never face any consequences for their actions. Everything else is just various arrangements of that maxim.

Comment Re:can somebody explain (Score 1) 83

I'd worry more about how to save games between sessions. How can they do that? Without leaving a browser window open forever? These Amiga games...there are a few shoot-em-up arcade style games, but most of them are in-depth experiences that take weeks or months to finish. You need to save your game and come back later.

I think they don't/won't/can't implement this functionality and thus this playable Amiga archive is worthless.

The dosbox emulator they use does save games. http://ascii.textfiles.com/arc.... It might be possible (or is already done!) for SAE

Comment Re:FB should did it (Score 5, Insightful) 447

When she started to resist, the police gained justification in escalation of force.

Only in the legal sense that they won't be tried for murder.

In every moral sense, they had an obligation to deescalate the situation. She was not a threat to anybody but the cops, and the video proves it.

Comment Re:FarmBot (Score 1) 80

I have a 20' x 50 plot and work for a living with kids. Garden maintenance time is limited and sometimes gets skipped.

I have drip irrigation on an automatic timer. It will water in the morning when I'm at work or on vacation. I don't have to remember.

I'd love something automated that could weed, pick off pests, chase away things that eat my plants while I'm at work & at night, tell me when I have to harvest the lettuce before it bolts/gets bitter, wind the tomato/squash/beans/peas/cucumber onto vertical strings.

Comment Re:FarmBot (Score 1) 80

Not at all. The ideas behind farmbot include precision planting, precision watering, and the ability to more easily weed since you know exactly where the plants are. All of these things are increasingly important in agriculture. why are they important? Well precision planting allows mechanical weed control, and it also means water need not be wasted where there is no plant planted. Think of it as drip irrigation without the hoses and a lot more precise.

When it comes to precision planting, that's actually possible on a large scale right now, almost to the same precision the farmbot can do. I've seen 40' wide corn planters that can place a seed to within an inch of the same spot year after year (if that's what you really wanted to do). Rows of corn are perfectly spaced so that the plants are exactly the same distance apart. Automatic section control means there is absolutely no overlap even when driving back across already-planted soil. It's pretty remarkable!

Planting evenly in rows helps at all scales. In a garden, it means you can run a wheel hoe in between the plants and cut the weeds. On a larger scale, you tow a cultivator behind a tractor to to cut weeds. A nearby CSA uses a 1930's tractor & cultivator setup. Farmbot is scaling down from that.

Comment One Size fits all (Score 2) 272

Microsoft decided one UI should work everywhere. WinCE was the Windows desktop put onto phones. Windows 7 was the pinnacle of Desktop UI for Microsoft. Windows 8 was a tablet release, as is Windows 10. No more desktop, they want to compete with the iPad and iPhone.

You know what? The tablet UI works well on a phone. It's great for casual web, email and games. Or really anything you run one at a time like the days of DOS. If you're switching apps or running multiple apps, like the typical office worker, it's not as good. The desktop UI is great there. For a software developer the tablet is going to be harder for most.

Even *Apple*, the one choice no upgrades everything sealed Steve Jobs knows best, offers 2 interfaces. macOS for desktops, iOS for handhelds.

Microsoft needs to stop thinking one size fits all or start offering their core Enterprise apps on other platforms. Outlook (not OWA!), Skype Business, Office and Sharepoint clients for Linux and macOS. Full AD client. If they don't, enterprises will migrate away from AD, Exchange, Sharepoint to something else with a UI that works for their users.

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