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Comment Fake? (Score 0) 789

Setting aside this undoubted idiot with the gun, I see everyone one here laughing at the conspiracy nuts believing Pizzagate - is it now settled that there's nothing to it? It doesn't seem at all clear to me that it can all just be dismissed, if the evidence I've seen and read about is genuine. I'm not saying I know either way, but there were some highly unpleasant pictures from that pizza place, and the emails from Podesta - why is it suddenly considered crazy to think something untoward was going on?

Comment Re:I thought... (Score 1) 711

A scientific law can remain "at the top of the heap" for a long time - Newton's laws lasted hundreds of years for example. But a scientific law is only a model of nature, a set of formulas that predict what see see in nature. Nature is in charge, not our laws. When contradictory evidence is found, scientists must try to find a better model. Relativity supplanted Newton's laws. But nothing is ever settled. For example relativity fails at extremely large scales, and/or extremely low accelerations (the galaxy rotation problem) - it's clearly not the ultimate "code of the universe".

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