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Comment Re:Why is inertia a puzzle to scientists? (Score 1) 532

"Inertia is simply the fact that its not possible to transfer energy at an infinite rate."

No it's not. Inertia is the fact the you NEED to transfer energy at an infinite rate to achieve infinite acceleration. You're starting from the assumption of inertia, then pointing out that given that assumption, everything else hangs together. Which is true. However, the question at issue is different - what is the mechanism that causes inertia to be manifest in the universe. Why do objects resist acceleration?

You can say "why wouldn't something stay moving at a constant speed?" but that's just shrugging your shoulders. After all, you could say the same thing about any physical phenomenon, but that won't lead you to any deeper understanding of the universe.

Comment Drunk posts (Score 4, Insightful) 653

Gopman's first post "my love affair with SF dies a little" seemed ok (although his having "no clue" about why the homeless were there does smack of techie-arrogance). It was the drunk one after that that that did for him.

In times gone by it would've just been shouting in a bar. Afterwards he could've apologised, laughed it off, and put it down to too many beers. Now - it's affected his whole life. For those living their lives online, every utterance is juggling dynamite. It seems to me that this encourages rather a strict, lockstep approach to discourse. No room to blow off a little steam, everything you ever say will be "googled" for evermore. It's a terrifying prospect, in my view.

Comment Re:Supply and Demand (Score 1) 310

"So, there's enough real work that desperately needs doing " ...
"Why are so many people trapped in poverty working in sweatshops producing frivolous luxury items like designer handbags?"

*Jumps up with hand in air* Ooh, ooh, I know! Is it because humans are mostly self-centered, irrational, aggressive large-brained primates?

Why would we expect any other outcome? No-one cares about their fellow man. Plenty of people talk (a lot) about caring, but that's just showing off. If they really cared they'd go and help some poor people in Africa / India etc. But very few people sacrifice their own quality of life to help others, beyond the odd token gesture - which (again) is designed to make themselves feel and look good.

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