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Comment Re:AIDS in the 1970s (Score 3, Insightful) 257

Science you say?

Are the two samples (and statistics derived from them) comparable? (92% of the OkCupid userbase is straight, only 8% are gay).

Are the samples drawn independently from the population? We don't know why people choose to sign up for OkCupid so we cannot say if they are representative of the general population. Possible bias skews in the sample (depending on the observer's prejudices) could include: only slutty people, only people who are not getting laid enough, etc etc.

Is your primary source peer-reviewed, or is it a marketing piece?

Comment Send new password to manufacturer? (Score 1) 54

If they have access to the internet, couldn't manufacturers setup an API endpoint that accepts a serial number and a password... so that the password could be changed and the manufacturer could be sent the new one?

The owner, when locked out, can call the manufacturer, they can look up the password, etc.

Not totally sure how one might secure said API so it doesn't just get spammed as well, but... :P

Comment Re:We Were Attacked! (Score 2) 76

Sure do.

It spreads out the attack value over multiple targets. It is not about whether a set of smaller replacements for Dyn could withstand 1tb/s, it is about whether an attacker could muster n tb/s to attack a whole set of smaller providers at once in order to create the same amount of widespread damage. Do you think it makes sense to put all the eggs in one basket?

Comment Re:We Were Attacked! (Score 1) 76

1. System is designed with a decentralised resource to prevent single point of failure / target for attack.
2. Company wants to monopolise resource.
3. Spreads fear of attacks for reason to buy hardened service.
4. Gets rekt by a bunch of kids who have hacked cctvs.
5. Tries to use it spread more fear / downpkay own incompetence.
6. ...
7. People realise that running their own DNS is more resilient?

Comment Block It (Score 3, Informative) 60

The Feds should block this one if it ever comes close to being attempted. We have an absolute dearth of competition as it stands now. I looked at moving from Time Warner for my internet and found AT&T is the only option in my area. TW is okay, but overpriced and I have never heard a good thing about AT&T. Allow the two to combine and I get the worst of both worlds.

Comment Re:Who would buy a smart TV? (Score 1) 59

The "Smart" part is just an integrated way to potentially display what you want to throw at it (youtube, amazon video, whatever). At least on my integrated-roku tv, I can still plugin other stuff. I have a cheap Matricom Android thing for stuff the integrated roku doesn't do. But it's nice having the TV remote also be the Roku remote (although it's not as nice as the separate Roku remote, sadly... e.g., no headphone jack :) )

Comment Re:Who would buy a smart TV? (Score 2) 59

Why would someone by a Roku? For internet? Doesn't almost everybody have a PC or tablet nowadays anyway?

Without the snark ... :) ... I actually bought a "smart TV" (where the "smart" is just a builtin Roku). I still have a little android box plugged in for Skype and stuff... but I'm pretty sure the reason I got the "smart" one is the same reason someone else might - one less box to mess with cables, figure out where audio goes vs. where video goes, Yet Another Remote, etc.

I don't think the point is that you can't do the same thing with a dumb TV + some sort of computer (roku, whatever). But sometimes, having it integrated is nice.

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