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Comment Re:Apples and oranges (Score 1) 41

"Best at what?"

At allowing the human race to pass down hard won wisdom to the next generation.

" Human development was more or less the same in the last tens of thousands (since the agricultural revolution, which predated religion)"

Actually, oddly enough, no. From the Fertile Crescent (the Garden of Eden) to the Water Goddess of Bali, it is religion that enabled and sustained the agricultural revolution.

"Human progress exploded in those last few centuries."

Depends how you define progress. Those agarian feudal kingdoms were significantly more advanced in some ways than we are today.

Comment Re:Apples and oranges (Score 1) 41

I was thinking more of how *Stalin* treated religious people.

There is a good reason for religious ruling over all- it really is the best model. Freedom and Liberty, as far as I'm concerned, lead only to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump- the freest country in human history, electing two "above the law" elite liberal genocidal maniacs to try to run the place.

Comment Re:Apples and oranges (Score 1) 41

Oddly, that's not how the conversation has historically gone.

You've only got half of it right.

Capitalist: Jesus is a dirty leftist socialist SJW commie! His father was a hard working carpenter, but Jesus squandered it to become a jobless hippie! He just provides bread and circuses... sorry, "miracles" to the crowd!

Communist: Religion is the opiate of the Masses. Belief in Jesus keeps the bourgeois in power, and the proletariat from revolting. Therefore we must burn all the churches and make religion illegal.

Both of these so-called "economic systems", really materialist religions in their own right, see Christianity as a competitor, offering a more complete and all encompassing view of life. Including Economic Life.

Distributism is an economic system that is merely a part of Christianity, but it is dangerous to the con artists of Capitalism and Communism because it would *remove their roles* from the economic system.

Comment Re:same flaws (Score 1) 41

Part of it is that like most Americans today, thanks to the suffragettes, he believes the individual, not the family, to be the basic economic unit.

I was just hearing something about that last night on Al Kresta as to why many Catholics, including Archbishops and Cardinals, back in the 1848-1920 era, opposed the 19th Amendment, but largely supported the 18th Amendment. Both of these at the time were considered feminism- women were the main people protesting for both to be passed. It is a sign that women in the 1800s and early 1900s had a lot more political power than we give them credit for even without the vote that the 18th is about Prohibition and the 19th about voting.

The reason for that power is that the basic assumption previous to the 19th Amendment was *one household, one vote* not *one man, one vote*. Husbands and fathers had a duty of protection over their wives and daughters, and drunkards were seen as shirking that duty. Likewise, it was seen as women actually losing political power over their husbands, was the reason to *oppose* them getting the vote.

It's easy to see why individualism, in that era, after 80 years of nagging, became the ascendent philosophy. It remains to be seen if it will continue to work for much longer.

Comment Re:Offer a cloud virtual machine of the user's cho (Score 1) 141

The people still on DSL are not Joe Sixpack. They prefer a slower line in exchange for the one thing that faster broadband can't give you- a static IP and the right to run a server.

Give them an option that enables them to run their own server, and you'll capture that market.

Comment Re:same flaws (Score 1) 41

The main difference is in the role private property plays, and where it lies on the spectrum.

Ideal Communism the State owns Everything. The People own nothing. Everything is held in common.
Real communism, the Party members own everything and everybody else is slaves
Socialism the state owns about 75% and uses that to manipulate the market, and the State is a minority shareholder in every business.
Fascism the State is a majority shareholder in every business.
Crony Capitalism, the Cronies own everything, there is an allowed middle class, but 50% of the population are debt slaves who will NEVER have positive net worth.
Ideal Capitalism- anybody can change classes with enough hard work, but the poor still exist, and there are still people who have no ownership in their own lives, let alone anything else.
Distributism- Private Ownership is 100%. Everybody owns enough to get by on their own. While there is some common ownership of luxuries like utilities, it's owned as a small cooperative at the lowest possible number of households to make it work. Higher levels of government own nothing, and only exist to serve to mediate between smaller governments. Taxes are minimal and are decided locally. The law of the family is the highest law in the land, and the larger the form of government, the less law it is able to pass.

So on the spectrum of private property ownership, Distributism is actually the polar opposite of communism.

Comment Re:same flaws (Score 1) 41

Actually, the United States is very underpopulated, that's why we don't have a functional passenger rail system.

You could give every current resident of the United States the same amount of allotment of a middle ages English Serf, and still not have filled up Kansas.

60% of the population of my state of Oregon lives on 3% of the land. The freakin' federal government owns enough land in Oregon to give every single citizen three acres and still have land left over- and that isn't even touching privately owned land in use currently.

Overpopulation is such a ridiculous myth.

Comment Re:same flaws (Score 1) 41

At the same time we've been making advances in replicator-like tech, we've also been making advances in off-grid power generators. There's plenty of power if you do a simple environmental ambient energy audit; what mix of technologies you install for generation and storage for ambient energy production can't be centralized at all.

I would point out that the pissing it away is a rather recent addition based on a higher standard of living; even the lowest serf 400 years ago owned his own pitchfork, and ate what he raised.

But I can't find any of them that described their time as "heaven on earth". Different set of vices is all.

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