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Comment FB wants to become the next cable TV provider (Score 1) 189

Remember those media theorists who said that media companies want to turn the internet into the next evolution of television, where it exists for an oligopoly of content creators to sell to a mass of passive consumers? Facebook is at the forefront of this movement. Zuckerberg's vision is for FB to wrest the crown from the likes of Comcast/Disney/CBS and become the next 800lb content creator (with advertisers footing the bill). Notice how they are burying mundane status updates in users' feeds and drowning them out with 'suggested adverts' and 'so-and-so friend likes this company, check it out' and other such marketing drivel? The writing has been on the wall for quite some time.

Comment Re:And at the end of all this hoopla, (Score 1) 501

Maybe that's where Linux will finally have a chance - as a kickass scalable, reliable thin client OS that natively does things the same way as all those servers out there.

The merged product of Android and Chrome OS fits this bill pretty nicely. Chromebooks are already displacing iPads in the educational sector. Can the business sector be far behind? If Google comes out with private-cloud version of its Apps platform, then that provides another nail in Microsoft's coffin. One might argue that we're trading one oligopolist for another, but hasn't that always been the case?

Comment Re:They want the home users off Win7, period. (Score 1) 328

Under the hood without spyware/Cortana/Edge/store, Windows 10 is actually Windows 8.1.

That's actually false. Windows 10 has a streamlined kernel that furthers the work of the original MinWin project beyond what 8.x had implemented (with positive implications both for resource usage and security), and such things as the new Ubuntu environment coming with the Anniversary Update. 10 may have its (grave and potentially pernicious) flaws, but denying that it has some genuinely beneficial advancements beyond 8.x is to ignore reality.

Comment Re: So what happens (Score 1) 254

The answer is universal access to low-cost, reliable contraceptives. Most people (especially women) would rather decouple intercourse from procreation (Roman Catholic dogma to the contrary). They could then knock boots as much as they want whilst practising family planning. Studies show conclusively that women in the developing world favour education and opportunity over being mere baby factories. So the most effective answer to lowering population growth is to empower women and give them control over their wombs. The trick is not to suffer the unintended consequences of China's One Child policy.

Comment Re:Do Something! (Score 1) 254

I could go write a paper and it would all be very structured and take months and be incomplete and nobody would read it.

Don't discount yourself so readily. Why not write the paper and publish it on Medium or some other website? Or a blog? Though it may take time to reach critical mass, if your ideas are truly novel and compelling, someone of influence will notice them and propagate them. You have little to lose in offering a structured, well-written position piece.

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