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Comment Re:Journalism (Score 1) 187

If real journalism is dead, then how can we rely on "journalists" us what's fake?

Does nobody see the fundamental flaw here?

Look at the amount of establishment MSM pandering for Hillary Clinton during the election. We're supposed to trust these same journalists to "protect" us and highlight... pro-Clinton news as staged, fake news? Likewise, for any other conflict-of-interest. The MAJORITY of media companies are owned by a few multi-billion dollar corporations. Are we going to take their word on whether or not multi-billion dollar corporations are corrupt and ruining the country?

Comment Re:This makes sense.... (Score 0) 487

What the hell is a troll anyway? The news uses it so often now to basically mean, "Anyone we don't like."

It's like when these rags go to write a story they just roll a die full of meaningless words "Troll. Nazi. Misogynist. Sexist. Racist. White Supremicist. Deplorable. Rape apologist." and whatever word comes up, they just throw it out and expect nobody to question it. "They used Nazi to describe this person, so I'm pretty sure they're talking about a bad guy!"

Comment Re:Fake movie (Score 1, Troll) 487

Seems like a great strategy for gaining power. Promise liberals feel-good utopia to get their votes and money, and then as the other poster said, "drag them behind the shed and shoot them."

Like did you know Al Gore, Mr. Inconvenient Truth? While I'm NOT debating the validity of global warming, it's pretty alarming that Al Gore just-so-happens to own and run companies that directly benefit from green energy grants, including IIRC, one where polluting companies "buy" pollution credits from his company who gets the credits from companies that don't use their full allotment of pollution. So he's actually ENCOURAGING pollution by allowing shitty companies to buy the excess "not pollution" from actually green companies.

Comment Key point it logic (Score 2) 74

It should be read as: of people who were UNSATISFIED with their first doctor to the point they got a second opinion, were correct in their belief.

Not that 88% of doctors visits are wrongly identified. 99.999% of people who get a cold, and get some antibiotics, and feel better in a couple of days, aren't seeking a second doctor.

Comment Re:America! (Score 3, Informative) 341

Maybe after you twats realize Democrats also voted for the bill, you could stop letting them get away with goddamn murder while you scream "REEEEEEEEE" at only half of the problem.

Facts? Get those goddamn facts out of here.

Comment Key information... (Score 1) 316 often does the software actually break?

Once a year per vehicle? Once every ten years per fleet?

And I'm ALL FOR Right To Repair laws, and have spent literally hundreds of hours this year alone tearing apart things from vacuums, to computers, to synthesizers.

But before I can just give this guy my vote of support, I need to know what the actual stakes are.

The article doesn't provide any more details. Though, the quotes from the manufacturer already make me lean toward him. The manufacturer is trying to "protect pollution controls" (my ass) and "ensure resellability"... how does software impact vehicle wear? A vehicle hits a pothole, it breaks a rim. You check the rim. An engine blows, you replace the engine. What the hell could the software possibly touch that isn't also a part that could also mechanically fail?

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