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Comment Re:Lovely (Score 1) 75

>unique 14+ char completely random passwords

loln00b. ;)

I use 64-character passwords generated using openssl SHA-1 being fed with /dev/random.

I'm not even kidding. After the FIFTH GODDAMN WEBSITE LEAKED MY PASSWORDS IN ONE YEAR, I became outright furious. I'm still waiting for Congress to stop sucking corporate dicks and pass a law making it explicitly illegal to lose a MILLION user accounts, let alone a fuckin' BILLION like Yahoo did.

Comment Re:They get you off your ass (Score 2) 93

You missed the point entirely.

10,000 steps is a huge amount for some people. I'm disabled, I can't make it most days.

Setting the number at 10,000 _implies_ that everyone should be doing it, which implies that everyone should be ABLE to do it.

To cut to the core of what I'm saying here: Many people see that number, see they NEVER meet it, and feel LESS motivated. People don't like failure--even if it's just a lack of "star" icon appearing on their app to remind them of their perceived failure.

Applications should stress IMPROVEMENT over previous results NOT achieving an arbitrary number. (And what if you achieve that number? Now you don't feel motivated to SURPASS that number.)

It's the damn GPA grading system all over again. (And everyone has glowing reviews of the education system, right?) Once people get an "A" on a test, _they_ _stop_ _learning_. Kids who don't have that arbitrary system never know when to stop learning (because there's nobody telling them they're "done") so they just keep going. Also, kids who never meet that "A" on the test feel demotivated into not even trying. "I've never made an A before, why should I even try?"

We're dealing with people's most subconscious habits. You can't treat this problem like a logical problem. You have to treat this like a PEOPLE problem, where people often don't make choices that are in their short or long-term best interest.

p.s. Another related topic to read up on is "point systems" for driving infractions. Researchers have shown that when people have the "count down" system (You have X points and lose them for infractions), they feel like they have "Free points" and only worry when they get close to zero points (suspension of your license). However, IIRC (it's been years), with the "rising points" system people feel better about being at, "Zero failures." And when they add points there is no "ceiling". Just like how kids at schools with fences will play AT the fence, but schools without fences, the kids play much further inland / away from the street. Working out is a psychological, motivational problem. Don't try to reduce it to mere logic.

Comment Re:I'm not surprised. (Score 0) 904

You mean a bunch of a smug anti-social virgins, and super-jock 1980's Wall Street-esk managers might be sexist? Nah.

The bullshit is when you extrapolate these assholes to somehow mean the rest of the staff.

We're not supposed to generalize against all Muslims, but somehow when one man does a shitty thing ALL MEN deserve to be reprimanded. That's a great way to create animosity. Force a man to be punished for something he didn't do.

You folks also love to forget that women can be sexist too.

And when you do those things, you're not doing ANYONE a favor. You're not improving the workplace or the world when you shit on innocent people. You're creating a bunch of people who are rightly bitter about being scapegoated by "the system." You're literally becoming the very systematic toxicity you claim to be fighting against. All you've done is taken the heat off of one group and used it to crush another group. Guaranteeing another generation of resentment.

Comment uhhh... (Score 3, Insightful) 103

If they're removing them "now", what the hell were they doing before? Results are already riddled with DMCA takedown removed results. Google has been publishing the list of these removed URLs for years:

Also, FUN FACT. They're not doing what they say because they never do what they say. If they REALLY went after copyright infringing websites they'd take down:

  - Google+
  - Facebook
  - YouTube
  - Reddit
  - Twitter
  - Imgur

Those places are FULL of copyrighted information and nobody bats an eye.

Comment Fundamental problem with this project... (Score 1) 170

While I'm sure he'll find plenty of mistakes. There's one kind I don't see mentioned anywhere in this thread.

How is he supposed to KNOW that the bits in the cartridge are correct?

Radiation and high-temperatures still effect ROM memory. Otherwise, why would we need rad-hardened ROM memory on satellites? And what is space? Just a more dangerous version of what we have on Earth--but Earth still has some radiation. Now add DECADES of sitting around absorbing background radiation, with periods of sitting thrown around on top of someone's table under hot sunlight.

There's a reason super-long-term storage is not as simple as burning a CD.

Now, yes, yes, the practical cure of things like boot loaders, ROM hacks, poor early dumps, and all that crap. Sure. I'm clearly NOT debating that. But tiny artifacts in sprites? Single bit changes in code? Maybe not so much...

Comment Since nobody else has discussed it yet... (Score 2) 159

.. If I were to take a gander. I would say that 30 second unskippable ads and the like were HarassWare/AnnoyWare. Basically, they wanted non-YouTube Red to progressively become more and more intolerable thanks to the ads, so people would be encouraged just to get them away.

The problem is, we've been using YouTube for YEARS with almost no ads, so we're not going to just magically take a "worse" version of a service and PAY to get it back to normal. And even then YouTube Red doesn't remove ALL ads.

And that doesn't even begin to address the worst feature. YouTube Red costs a ridiculous price while having BARELY any content. Yes, yes, there's tons of content but it's not curated. You have to SEARCH for it and keep sifting through the crap. Netflix came to the game so much later and blew YouTube out of the water.

Netflix's price feels like a steal. A no-brainer.

YouTube Red's price feels like a rip-off.

Supply and demand. "The consumer is never wrong." (If you want to make money, and you're not making money, it's YOUR fault as a business--not the consumers.)

So back to the topic at hand. With these supremely annoying ads (which I would simply hit the mute button on my car and enjoy 30+ seconds of silence, because "screw you"), either accomplished their target to gain more Red exposure into the common place, or they completely failed.

Maybe I'm far out in left field and missing another key aspect. It's possible. It's possible advertisers thought the option was good at first, but thanks to people like me (and everyone else!) hating them so much (causing NEGATIVE brand reception), they're removing them. That is, they're removing them simply because it doesn't help advertisers or YouTube, compared to the cost YouTube is charging to run those ads. Someone else will have to chime in on that aspect.

Comment Re:ads on youtube (Score 2) 159

I know you're kidding but adblock doesn't always work on embedded videos. Facebook videos still show, and some (all?) embedded ads on other websites.

But man, trying to use YouTube on my phone for music when I'm driving? GOOD LORD there's a ton of ads. They're so annoying (1 minute ad after a 45 second YouTube video? Suck my balls.) that I go out of my way to mentally make a note to think less of whatever company is advertised. Like that stupid mobile game that looks like a cartoon age of mythology. I'll never buy that just because I saw those damn ads so many times inbetween what I actually wanted to watch.

SUPER BONUS POINTS are applied to any ad that is:

  - Played WAY too many times in a row.

  - Uses LOUD NOISES or other distracting sounds.

Submission + - SPAM: Designer Babies on the way! 5

wisebabo writes: Looks like genetically editing human germ line cells is not longer completely verboten (yes the allusion to German Nazi era eugenics by use of the word "verboten" was deliberate). A National Academy of Sciences panel has approved, under narrow (for now) circumstances, genetically modified children. Now with CRISPR-cas9, it has become easier to precisely edit the human genome.

Even if they manage to keep the circumstances "narrow" it seems obvious that other nations will not be so cautious. For example China where they've created genetically modified "super dogs" [spam URL stripped]... and you can even buy genetically modified "micro pigs" that don't grow big! [spam URL stripped].... Of course China is not the only country doing this, New Zealand is pursuing an audacious project to use genetic engineering to WIPE OUT entire species (as I submitted earlier in slashdot).

Anyway, if you're bothered by the "narrow circumstances" clause in the NAS recommendation, go to Vietnam (or another one of many countries) where there are no particular regulations regarding genetic engineering.

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