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Comment Re:Sad to see Trump... (Score 1) 286

You mean other than Obama pulling us out of the disaster of the Bush years and steadily growing the economy. Not to mention getting health care for millions of people. Oh yeah, and getting rid of the "you were off insurance for a day, sorry, that's a pre-existing condition" BS. But other than that, what did the Romans ever do for us?

Comment Re: Sad to see Trump... (Score 1) 286

If you want to see an oligarchy, just watch trump. He's not going away after 4 years. He's not going away after 8 years, either. He's going to build a small ruling class with him and his family pulling the strings, forever. This guy is really, really, really dangerous. If he does fail, as he undoubtedly will (trade wars aren't going to benefit the middle class) I'm sure he will do anything to maintain power: from an escalation of the "alternate facts" campaign we're already seeing, to rigged elections, to elections "suspended for the duration of the emergency after a "terrorist incident".

Comment Re: Sad to see Trump... (Score 1) 286

Uh... and that's exactly why we want Trump to fail. He's going to squeeze the middle class to benefit his cronies. Is that so hard to understand? What baffles me are the people who think that a self-centered sociopath who has gone bankrupt multiple times and made money by screwing the the people who did work for him is suddenly going to boost the middle class. You'd have better luck studying meditation with Darth Vader.

Comment Re:They took the worst part of Python (Score 1) 190

I really don't like the modern tendency towards dropping syntactic markers like parens or braces. We aren't writing the Torah on lambskin, where every scrap is precious, we have as much space as we want to make the code legible. And if typing the braces is a measurable percentage of the time you spend coding, you aren't thinking enough.

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