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Comment Re:You're forgetting about new users (Score 1) 388

Yep. And then we end up with crap like the MS ribbon UI. Or the way system administration moves from place to place in Windows, apparently at random.

No, users do NOT want a "modern UI". They want something that is simple, functional, obvious. When you change the UI, you need to be able to clearly justify the changes... not just "ooooooo shiny!".

Comment Re: Hipster Facade (Score 0) 56

I don't think it is accurate at all. The guy spouting hype is the CEO of Textio, which is selling the very thing he is hyping. If any of this was actually happening at scale, productivity growth would be soaring. It is not. It is stagnating.

When I read the summary my first thought was "this has to be an ad for some product of the author's company".

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