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Comment Re:Anti-Russian space program propoganda (Score 1) 93

Huh? Jeez, all Nasa can do is reliably land rovers on Mars... something no other space power seems to be capable of. Oh, and send space probes to every planet in the solar system. Orbit the gas giants. Build enormous space observatories. But yeah, right, that's all "trumped" by not having a taxi service to low earth orbit.


Comment Re:Yes. No. Maybe. (Score 1) 399

Just look at the last 24 hours of news... Trump claiming that even though Hillary won the popular vote by over 2 million votes, actually HE won, because of millions of fraudulent votes... but he provides no evidence. Listening to Trump is like watching Downfall, the movie about the last days in the Fuehrerbunker with Hitler ranting about miracle weapons and counting on divisions that don't exist anymore to launch counter attacks. You cite Obama's peace prize - a trumpism would be trump claiming that really, HE had won the peace prize, the media just announced that Obama got it.

Comment Re: Great for China! (Score 0) 600

Economic activity has been decimated in many sectors and restrained at best for the last eight years through government intrusion picking winners and losers, then by overreaching taxation and finally subversive regulation. What are you talking about?

uh... remember the Great Recession under Bush? The problem is that people have such short memories they literally don't recall how bad it was before Obama. We've been recovering, and now that economic growth is going well, unemployment is down, inflation is nil, people vote to go back to that... actually, to go to worse than anything Bush ever conceived of. Oh well...

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