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Comment Re:Three Space Indent! (Score 1) 523

Turns out that as long as you use tabs *consistently* to indent code, they're fine. And it's also handy because for us older devs, we can set the indentation the way we need it. I've dealt with code that has a 2 space indentation and I find it virtually unreadable. But if you use tabs for the indentation, you have 2 spaces per tab, I can have 4, everybody's happy.

Comment Re:I agree with Linus. (Score 1) 523

That seems to be the modern style: "my code is so clear and self-evident it doesn't need comments". Except it isn't. I couldn't count the number of hours I've spent decrypting what some chunk of code does, or worse, figuring out why something that looks obviously extraneous or even wrong is actually necessary. My attitude is that if you don't have time to write the comment, you shouldn't bother writing the code. And if you have trouble writing the comment, the code is probably wrong.

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