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Comment Re:Most likely explanation (Score 1) 248

First, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. This is a pretty extraordinary claim.

Second, what's the big deal about asking someone who claims to have invented a revolutionary new form of propulsion to... use it to propel something? Is that asking too much?

Third, if the evidence that this drive works is so conclusive, why isn't Elon Musk camping their doorsteps trying to hand them a billion dollars to buy it up?

Comment Re:Oh yawn... (Score 2) 238

It sounds very, VERY theoretical. Particularly since they'd have to show that YOU had access to THEIR work. Not to mention why are they bothering to track the people whose work they are using in order to sue them? It's a bit like saying that every 60 million years a killer asteroid shows up, so we better spend our days looking up at the sky, just in case. There are more worthwhile things to worry about.

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