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Comment Re: The devil needed an escape route (Score 1) 291

Well, one source would be trump's approval rating, which is going down quite steadily. Obviously people who voted for trump because he's such a "straight talker" are being turned off by the constant stream of lies, lies that are incredibly obvious. If you've got even a remotely open mind, the question has to occur to you: if he's doing such obvious, easy to catch lies, what else is he lying about?

Comment Re:inb4 (Score 4, Interesting) 291

Trump? Selfless? Seriously?

No, trump just needs a distraction so he's tossing out a "hey lets go to Mars" statement right now. He's not spending a bunch of money on it. In fact he's cutting money across the board for things like health care so he can waste money on a military buildup. It's just a distraction. And you fell for it.

Comment Re:Well, butt then (Score 1) 419

I use my desktop system when I work from home. Since I develop in Visual Studio, amazingly enough Windows is the best environment for me. The other things I want to do like gaming also are simple and easy on Windows, no need to locate packages or deal with conflicts. I've loaded up Ubuntu under a VM a couple of times, both to play around with and to set up an alternate dev environment when doing RoR. Personally didn't find it easier or more friendly that Windows, but as you say, YMMV.

And yes, if you read the posts on slashdot, few of them talk about ease of use, they are all about that "debble M$$$". It sure sounds like religious zealotry.

Comment Re: tabs4lyf (Score 2) 300

as I said, if the leading space on line is tabs, you are fine, including multi-line statements. I know, I've done it. And if you want to see two spaces per tab and I want to see 4 spaces per tab, we both can get what we want. Trust me, it works fine. Just requires people to pay attention to what the group wants, rather than insisting on going their own way, no matter what.

Comment Re: tabs4lyf (Score 1) 300

you don't have a "tab == x spaces" in your dev environment?

by the way, there's NOTHING wrong with leading tabs... as long as you ALWAYS use tabs. Convenient thing is that if I like 2 space indentation and you like 4 space indentation, we can both have what we want, as long as no one is converting leading tabs to spaces.

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