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Comment Type 50 wpm or 200 scenarios mashed per minute (Score 1) 113

Screw this shit. 99% of PC games are already console games, ported. Stupid button-mashing idiocy.

Who the hell is sitting in design rooms slamming their fists on the table demanding people switch buttons to mash every second, half-second, quarter second? Faster faster faster! Mash, switch, mash!

Comment Re:Comcast good for broadband only (Score 1) 141

I think it's like that everywhere - so I finally gave up spending $80/month for internet (75Mbs with my own modem) and nearly $140/month for DirecTV and combined TV with internet for $100/month from one company. I'm not quite as happy about the TV service, but it's over $100/month - TV's just not worth it.

Comment Re:Six million soon-to-be-unhappy Comcast customer (Score 1) 141

Well, I'd been a happy 25Mbs comcast subscriber for quite some time, but was looking forward to the day that some company would run fiber into my neighborhood. Google announced the Atlanta area, but not in the suburbs where I live.

Then AT&T came through announcing their fiber in my neighborhood, and within weeks I got a letter from comcast telling me I could upgrade my service. Still, I haven't had customer service problems with comcast's internet folks, the uptime has been great. Competition is great. I may switch to AT&T, but I've heard such terrible customer service stories.... and I've heard stories about comcast that don't reflect my experience, so I don't know how much to make out of the complaints. Of course, people don't jump up and down ranting about good service, so the negativity always seems to over represent customer experience for pretty much every company, but I don't see why, with my upgraded speeds and (so far) great service, I should risk change.

Comment Re:I recently switched from DSL to comcast (Score 1) 141

I've got the "boost" service (75Mbs, but am actually getting 90Mbs); I am paying $100 month, but that includes HD cable service, pretty much all non-premium channels. That beats the hell out of paying $80 for the boost service and $140 for DirecTV before I switched. I am also a VERY happy comcast internet user, having had little downtime for years, and upgrades in speeds... I use my own modem and they don't hassle me about it.

On the flip side, their TV people have overwhelmingly been just plain bad. A couple of years ago when I still had a pre-paid cell plan, I used all of my minutes waiting on hold (now they have a callback option and hey, they actually call back). $20 for their missed appointments hardly make up for the day I took off from work. When I recently switched and had problems, they wanted to send a tech out and I just said "no," I visited their store about five times over the course of the week to finally get working equipment, and it still cost me less time (and was more convenient time for me) than waiting for a tech to tell me what I already knew. Terrible, terrible, terrible.... but the internet folks were top notch.

Comment Re:DSL is my only option (Score 1) 141

Because the bundling packages versus single packages make it a horrible waste of money to not get both services from the same company.

In fact, with comcast, I was paying LESS per month for higher speed (75Mbs) - for the first 12 months - by bundling some TV package I never intended on using. The problem was I was paying more than that just for satellite (> $130/month, and that didn't even include premium channels - just HD and DVR service on three TV sets). So recently I sort of cut the cord and cancelled satellite, but I did get the basic cable package with HD from comcast for $20 more than I was paying. Augmented by commercial free Hulu ($12) and I already had Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Point being, if you're going to get both, it's far cheaper to go with one company. For the record, I've had the absolute worst customer service from Comcast for the cable TV service... but over the past year, I've had the absolute best customer service from comcast's internet people.

DirecTV, for me, was the best service to get television from - but it's just television, not worth nearly $140/month just for that.

Comment Re:Nope, no wealth inequality here (Score 2) 169

No, the real problem with socialism is not the harm it does to the economy due to the direct action of taking money from savers and giving it to spenders. That is bad enough, but the true problem is that those transfers due terrible things to the human psyche:

If you change the reward structure of society and make it random, moral behavior stops. If you take from workers and give to non-workers, not only do people stop working they also start stealing, raping, and killing at higher rates.

Socialism is the death knell of human societies.

On a side note, the intuition that transferring money from the rich (or savers) to the poor (or spenders) helps the spenders is false. It seems true because if you personally steal money from someone, it does make you better off. But the fact is that if everyone like you stole a million dollars from the Fed, the number of pizzas you could buy would not change. The number of pizzas being created per year cannot fluctuate that easily, but the price can. So when you take money from savers and give it to spenders two things happen:

1) There is inflation of the prices of things the spenders like to buy in order to soak up the money (you haven't increased supply, you haven't changed demand, so the only thing that can change is the price)
2) There are fewer savers, at the very least because you have confiscated some savings. This means fewer jobs available.

So, socialism is not good for anyone, even those it supposedly helps!

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