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Comment Re:For what, the last 20 years? (Score 1) 194

I have never heard of it happening

Just google. You know google, right? Immediate results include operations like Arthur Anderson ... formerly one of the biggest corporations of its kind in the world. Now essentially dead after the corporation was found criminally guilty in the Enron mess.

Comment Re:It's Sony - duh (Score 1) 461

What matters is the intent, mens rea, the will to steal, and the intent to permanently deprave the rightful owner of his use of the item. This is critical. Without, you could become a thief without even wanting to steal anything, by mistake and accident, and I hope we can agree that this is not the intent of the law!

Unfortunately, we seem to have picked up a bunch of laws where mens rea isn't taken into account. Try looking up mala prohibita. It's far from an ideal situation, but it is the situation as it stands today.

Comment Re:Yes, Because Optical Media Is Durable (Score 1) 382

Except that optical media isn't that durable or reliable. Every DVD or CD I've ever burned has become unreadable after a few years. The inks just don't hold the data for long.

HTL BD-R uses an inorganic phase-change alloy sputtered onto the disc surface. I have media files going back 4 years or so backed up to a bunch of Blu-rays at work, and they've mostly held up pretty well. I recently scanned all of them to see how they were holding up, and out of 300+ discs, 5 had some unreadable areas. They would've been recoverable because I augmented the images before burning with dvdisaster, but it was faster to just mark their contents as not backed up and let them get burned to a newer disc.

LTH BD-R, OTOH, uses the same organic dyes as CD-R and DVD-R, and is just as susceptible to bit rot (though in all honesty, I have plenty of DVD-Rs and CD-Rs kicking around that are still readable.)

Most BD-Rs on the market are HTL. They tend not to be marked as such, but LTH media are. Verbatim seems to be the most prominent of the LTH BD-R brands, though I think I've heard that Taiyo Yuden also produces LTH BD-R. dvdisaster identifies my backup set as a mix of Ritek, Philips, and CMC Magnetics media; they carried a variety of other brands on them (some well-known, some not so much).

If you're not set up for Blu-ray, M-Disc has applied its inorganic recording layer (they describe it as a "rock-like carbon compound") to DVD as well as Blu-ray. You need a drive that can burn them (not just any DVD burner will work), so if you're in the market for a compatible burner, you might as well get one that also handles Blu-ray. Wikipedia says the discs, once burned, are readable in any drive.

Comment Re: Archival grade (Score 1) 382

Leicester (spelling) = lester (phonetic)

That applies to all of the *cesters (there are more than a few...used to live not too far from Bicester, for instance), so at least they're consistent.

You want weird? Try to puzzle through how they say Derby should be pronounced "darby." I don't see an A anywhere in there.

Comment Building a huge-- and legal-- music collection. (Score 2) 382

I still need an optical drive because my latest obsession is buying used CDs for $0.25-2.00 and ripping them. I'm able to get all the albums I couldn't afford when I was a starving single person, and all the ones I missed during the '00s when my tastes were different.

I mostly still use WMP for this, because it has the one neat feature that allows it to start ripping as soon as a CD is inserted without even pressing a button. This allows you to save a minute or two if you have to rip a stack. I'm about to ditch it for Freerip, however, because WMP does occasionally fail to rip a track (which can be missed because the track listing disappears when the disc is ejected) and usually hangs on startup for no apparent reason until the system is rebooted. WMP is discontinued, so these issues will never be fixed.

Comment Re:"More Professional Than Ever" (Score 1) 315

All the things you're complaining about aren't problems, once you know your keyboard shortcuts better.

I didn't say I didn't get around the problems. But saying "it's not a problem if you know your keyboard shortcuts" is ... I dunno, sounds like a Linux-forums response ;) ha. But seriously, I use a lot of keyboard shortcuts.

indows alt-tabs through everything, which doesn't scale well with large numbers of windows. Mac alt-tabs through applications, and alt-backticks through windows within that application

Yes, I am aware that's how it works and that is how I use it. I prefer the Windows way of cycling through windows, actually. I believe Unity also uses something similar, though you can change the alt-tab behavior somewhere in settings. Mostly, it's annoying when switching back and forth from terminal windows and something else... constantly having to cmd-tab and then cmd-backtick (or cmd-left/right to change tabs). Minor whining point.

It's ironic that someone who wants to install Linux, which pretty much entirely consists of little plugin tools to make stuff happen, hasn't bothered to go looking for the little plugin tools that can customise OSX for you.

I haven't spent a lot of time looking, I'll admit that point.

My biggest "technical" complaint is the package management. Say you download a dmg. You install it (which mounts it, which is a little weird). Depending on how it works... you either get an installer (cool), or a big window that asks you to drag and oversized application icon to the oversized Applications folder. Kinda weird. It seems to kinda be the equivalent to script or .bin installers on Linux... which are equally annoying if they don't provide an easy way to uninstall. ;)

And now that I've installed it that way, the accepted way appears to be dragging the icon to the trash. Ok... but that only works if absolutely everything was contained in that single folder. Which may not be the case (e.g., application settings).

And overall, I just find it to be ... kinda clunky. Even Windows .exe distributions tend to be better than that, either with an included uninstaller or using the Windows uninstallation stuff.

Comment Re:Can't Subscribe (Score 1) 204

Er, or a few. 1 gbps ... it's tricky to actually get good wireless speeds that fast...

I would probably use a wired router and setup X acess points, each with their own SSID, for each neighbor. Each neighbor would probably be limited to what, 300mbps throughput or something around there?

I guess modern routers can try to push more using... I forget what, dual band or something where it uses both at the same time, something like that.

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