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Submission + - Google Voice and Privacy (ub3rk1tten.com)

superstuntguy writes: "I've heard a lot of complaints about privacy with Google Voice. Using it, you're giving Google a lot of control. You're letting Google see all your text messages, all your phone calls, all your contacts and phone numbers... Basically, it's enough to make even the least cautious of the tin-foil hat wearing crowd squirm. However, this is only looking at one small slice of the enormous, privacy invading pie. You're leaving behind a whole trail of records using a regular phone. So, how can you keep all these records safe from prying eyes? Simple. Use Google Voice. This article explains it all."

Comment Re:Why the need for a USB stick at all? (Score 0) 258

There wasn't a massive amount of data stored on that USB stick. It was just an authentication medium for the online government system, which actually stores the data. It's like the difference between putting your key or your house in your pocket. They shut down the service so they could go over their logs and change the passwords, much like I would get my locks changed if I lost my key. Also, to have an encrypted net connection, you have to have some way to authenticate anyways, and then you go right back to problems with storing that stuff on a physical medium.

Submission + - Gmail space usage (its increasing)

Ub3r K1tten writes: "I noticed the space count on gmail is at 2910MB, so I did some horribly inaccurate calculations to determine how long till 3GB and came out with 260 days. So, I was wondering, does anyone actually use all this space? I've been getting 2 /. emails every day for the past 2.12 years, 1532 emails and I've only used 215MB (7%) of my space."

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