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Comment Welcome to the business world... (Score 1) 436

Those who have taken on debt to finance their vehicles feel trapped and have little choice but to work unsafe hours to service their loans and feed their families, it says.

This is where you learn to figure out what your costs are vs. your revenues, and then see if you make a decent living. Doing so AFTER you've already gone into debt for your business model is always a bad idea. Also, wasn't the point of Uber that you could use your existing car that was just sitting around doing nothing? Why would you finance a vehicle?

Comment I'm confused (Score 1) 340

Renewables Overtake Coal As World's Largest Source of Power Capacity

Although coal and other fossil fuels remain the largest source of electricity generation

So, renewables are the largest source of power... except for the fact that coal and fossil fuels are the largest source of electricity generation? WTH? Is there a difference between power capacity and electricity generation?

Comment And if I do? (Score 1) 305

What, exactly, would they do if I did dare go against the wishes of Elon Musk and (gasp) use the car the way that I want to use it? And also, how would they even know if I was 'auto-driving' my friend around town or 'auto-driving' an Uber customer around town?

Elon can go suck it. I'm really getting tired of his attitude on a lot of things.

Comment Teslas are doing just fine killing people (Score 2) 270

Call me about your 'kind-of-autonomous-vehicle-but-not-really-but-I-want-to-sound-cool-that-we-have-autonomous-vehicles' when they don't do stupid shit like run smack into a giant semi-trailer in the middle of the road. Until then, stop saying you have an autonomous vehicle.

Comment Was there really any other option? (Score 1) 367

Who is going to buy a car that puts the life of somebody else above your own? How would that conversation go at the dealership?

Salesguy: Yeah, the autopilot is great. Especially for pedestrians.

Buyer: The autopilot sounds gr... wait, what? What was that about the pedestrians?

Salesguy: Oh, if it thinks it is about to run over a pedestrian, it will swerve off of the road. Possibly off a bridge or into a solid object like a tree or something, possibly killing you in the process. Makes thing safer for pedestrians.

Buyer: Well, what about me? Why am I being sacrificed? Shouldn't it just come to a stop as fast as it can and try to save us both? After all, I'm the one that paid for the car.

Salesguy: But it might not stop in time and kill the pedestrian. We can't have that.

Buyer: I'm, uh, going to go check out the next dealership. Bye!

Comment Re:I won't trust a Telsa autopilot for a long time (Score 1) 160

You're assuming that the human would have made a better decision.

I think most humans would have NOT kept driving at full speed into a giant tractor trailer. But that's just a guess.

Now, don't think that I am against self driving cars. My post specifically mentioned Tesla's autopilot. In the long term, I think self driving cars will prevent many, many more deaths than they might cause. My issue is that the very first thing any self driving car should be able to do is know if something is blocking it's path. Literally the first thing it should 'learn' to do. Given that it failed this test (spectacularly, I might add), I wouldn't touch a Tesla autopilot system for a long time.

Yet here we have a case where in the future this accident won't likely happen.

Really? Why would you think that? Tesla didn't properly program/test this scenario the first time. Why do you think they would get it right the next time? See my examples of other, similar modes of failure that could cause this.

Assuming any system is perfect on day one is asinine.

I'm not asking for perfection. I'm asking that an autopilot system deployed to consumers can do the first, basic task of any autopilot system: Know if something is in your way, and stop if there is. If it can't do that bare minimum task, I won't use it.

I will happily tolerate many deaths...

Thanks for offering to Beta Test the Tesla autopilot system :-)

Comment I won't trust a Telsa autopilot for a long time. (Score 2) 160

When I found out the cause of the fatal wreck (the sky was cloudy white, and so was the trailer!) I couldn't believe it. You would think that the FIRST thing you do with an autopilot program is to make sure it can see properly in front of the vehicle. Or combine it with radar. Or... something. But an autopilot that runs full speed into a giant truck/trailer without even realizing that it is even there is a complete and utter failure. What would happen if there was a blue trailer that was a similar color of the blue sky? Or an empty flatbed trailer. Would it run into those as well?

Comment Re:Numbers Are Easy (Score 1) 224

I question your definition of 'perfect sense':

So, the 325i is a 2.5 liter? OK, sounds good.

So the 2.7 liter should be 327i, right? Oh, no, wait it's 325e?

Oh, there is ANOTHER 2.7 liter model? THAT one must be the 327i, correct? What? It's the 528e? Where did the 8 come from?

You already lost me.

Comment Confirmed? (Score 1) 314

Now officials at the local record office say they have finally been able to confirm that remarkable date as genuine.

Really? There were no details given on this. Did they find his original birth certificate? I didn't realize Indonesia had such great recordkeeping that long ago. Frankly, I find this whole story as BS. Dec. 31st, 1870? Sounds like somebody just filled in a random date because they had no idea how old he was.

Comment California not experiencing climate change? (Score 1) 448

I'm curious. When there is flooding due to heavy rains, it is because of climate change that makes the oceans warmer, etc. Does that mean that California (in a severe drought for the last several years), is NOT experiencing climate change? We would kill for some flooding around here.

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