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Comment Re:Being a member of a union (Score 1) 594

Now it is true that unions have to be careful not to harm the parent companies, but we are no where near that.

Soooo... you didn't notice that this article is about Tesla Motor's production plant in Fremont.... which formerly housed the NUMMI production plant.... that was shut down due to high union costs? Really?

Comment Re:They changed the title (Score 2) 594

I seriously don't understand how people are so anti-union. I assume none of them have ever been part of a union...

Bad assumption. I am against unions, and I actually worked with the NUMMI union (and even briefly was forced to join their union). The workers were low skilled, but felt they deserved high pay. And don't even get me started on the 'leadership' of the union. The fliers that they wrote for their elections looked like they were written by 5th graders for a class president election.

Comment more or less? (Score 1) 357

UPS truck drivers don't take left turns, and despite this usually resulting in longer route,...after it found that drivers have to sit idly in the trucks while waiting to take the left turn to pass through traffic.... it created an algorithm that eliminated left turns from drivers' routes even if meant a longer journey.

Ah, I see, so they travel farther, but spend less time idling. Gotcha. Wait, wha...

the company said that the total distance covered by its 96,000 trucks was reduced by 747,000km, and 190,000 litres of fuel had been saved.

Soooo... are they traveling MORE miles or LESS miles?

Comment "possessory interest"??? (Score 1) 91

...did not qualify as a seizure...because there was "no meaningful interference" with the account holder's "possessory interest" in the data sought.

I think this judge is sort of missing the point of why people fight against having their personal data seized. It's not that we don't have access to the seized data, it's that other parties have access to something that I want kept private.

I'd like to see this same argument used when I demand a bunch of classified documents from the government:

"No, no, it's OK, I just want a COPY of the classified stuff. You guys will still have your 'possessory interest'"

Comment H-1B = cheap foreign labor (Score 2) 660

We do not produce enough technically qualified candidates in this country

Utter crap. Should I point this guy to the story about how Disney imported a bunch of H-1B workers... and then had their CURRENT EMPLOYEES train them? The H1-B either needs to be shuttered completely, or they need to require that the H-1B worker be paid 50% above the industry average. Take away the incentive to use them as cheap replacement labor.

Comment Back to the past... (Score 1) 108

paving the way for customers of the nation's largest cable provider to watch live programming without the cost or hassle of a cable box.

You mean like they use to, when I could just plug the cable directly into my TV, use just my TV remote AND get HD channels? All without a cable box? Then one day they strangely decided that I just HAD to have a cable box. Which 1) required a fee if I wanted the HD cable box (SD was free) 2) required that I now use two different remotes to control my TV 3) a SEPERATE box for each and every TV I wanted to hook up.

Gee, thanks Comcast. You created an unnecessary problem, and then now offered a half-assed 'solution'. Cable sucks.

Comment Supply/Demand 101 (Score 2) 726


He likes driving, but, he said, “They need to stop lowering their rates.”

They won't until people like you stop driving. If you are willing to drive at X rate, then they lower it to Y rate and you are STILL willing to drive for them, they have zero incentive to go back to X rate. In fact, next stop will be an even lower Z rate.

Comment "Lease???" (Score 1) 726

...when he began leasing a car from Uber and needed to work more hours to make his minimum payments.

These are the people I don't understand. Isn't the point of Uber that you can use your existing car? Don't you already HAVE a car? If not, why would you specifically LEASE one, especially with payments that are so high that you have to drive 24/7 to afford them? I don't have a lot of sympathy for people that took on risk to make an easy buck without doing some basic math on their investment first.

Comment Re:Regulatory Solutions (Score 1) 167

But I'm willing to bet 100% of Tesla owners have flown SOMEWHERE before, where an AutoPilot was used, but never without a PILOT.

Well, no shit. Why would you think there wouldn't be a pilot, even if there was some form of 'autopilot' in use? Even if there was a point A to point B, fully autonomous airplane autopilot, there is still going to be a pilot on board. A pilot still being on board tells us NOTHING about the level of autonomy of the plane.

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